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  1. A new drug for Migraine prevention was released.
    People complain because it was tested in 666 patients.

    Then they tested one more. Research went back 3 months.
    People stopped complaining.


    source: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/897461?src=WNL_infoc_180713_MSCPEDIT_TEMP2&uac=223711AN&impID=1683226&faf=1

  2. NickCrash

    PokeNations 3: Week 4: Blasts from the Past

    II. ECLIPSE v/s POLARIS Gen 5 UU Ody vs Personthing It's Ody. He'll hax Pt to 2-6 and then lose Lía vs Njab Lia doesn't play by the rules. She demanded Njab loses or she'll reveal about a video or something... Commander vs Cyanna Some people you just want to see win. Then there's Commander. Rock Eater vs Riku It's obvious, isn't it? They'll have to battle without Rocks for the following weeks. DeeEmZee vs BigJRA Eeeehhhhhhhhhhh. Maybe BigJRA will throw. Maybe Sail will throw harder. Let's see. SUBS: Kamina, Bibs / Blackpoi, DarkMaster 30% Bibs gets in and Kam drowns in a pool. If that's the case, then the 2-3 remains. III. SUN VALKYRIES v/s ZODIAC Gen 6 UU Bazaro vs DW DW doesn't lose. He allows you to beat him. Ghost vs Bagel Ghost has shown some potential. Bagel's still rusty. He'll manage enough to ultimately misplay to a 0-1 Infernape88 vs GoldenVeggie IP88 is always the answer. Even if he's lost to Bean of all people DemICE vs Sceptilespy Demice is Ice type, and thus they get an extra type this week. Zodiacs have to do a 0-10, so there's also that. Filthy vs HUEnd Filthy should have been with the other team, based on their types. soo.... SUBS: Epic C, Yinyang / Leonvermillion, DiamondTiara Call them only if absolutely necessary.
  3. NickCrash

    The Truth about PokeNations Week 3

    Week4 has been canceled. We go straight to Week5.
  4. It's probable Marcello's programme was semi-brute forcing it (meaning he gave the basic commands), but usually all non-tedius puzzles require some thinking outside the box. I can't wait to make a new playthrough during the beta and try it myself.
  5. NickCrash

    The Truth about PokeNations Week 3

    This just came in. Zahk might not be available to battle for week 5, because of unforeseen circumstances regarding his health. We do not have further information, as of yet. We only hope he recovers soon. We will keep you posted in case anything new comes up.
  6. NickCrash

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 6)

    It was the Mysteries that made me the Cultist. The old maid list was just a red herring, and it worked quite well in the end. I believe Paul never gave the Old Maid away. @Filthy Casual I was still a good boy when you gave me your knife. @everyone (<-- this never gets old) It was certainly an exciting game, and no matter the result, people played very well. Good luck in future games!
  7. NickCrash

    The [Jury] System

    The jurors have their own chat while the game takes place. They discuss the good and bad plays of each player, usually after the day phases.
  8. Dive, apparently now you have to say #no-homo.
  9. @Mr. Knightly Nah, it was only the 66th wing that was decimated. Free space.
  10. DAY 5 - OVER People were indecisive. Some knew what was happening. Others didn't. Some were random. Like, really random. Well, they agreed that Nicki was scummy and she must have been the final mafia. She was just desparate because nobody else talked. I almost laughed. Almost. Well, ok I did laugh. Someone even exclaimed "Hey, the new girl BOI can't be mafia on her HIS first game, right? It's not like Nick was mafia in his first game here!" Anyway, Nicki was lynched. She was... Selena Mirage Paul committed suicide over the guilt. Unfortunately he couldn't decide between the red pill (cyanide) and the blue pill (viagra). He took the blue pill. He got... happy. Then Zero killed him. He was Barry Cade Zero went back to her HIS stash of money. She HE has earned her HIS freedom. She HE was Heinrich Geld If you missed it, Mafia won. I couldn't let Heinrich run free. He had already called a limo to pick him up. He gave some cash to Lykos before exiting the premises, and looked at my watchtower. His face had such a smug expression. He was mocking me. Laughing at my expense. But he who laughs last, laughs the loudest. As soon as the limo was parked, Heinrich fell on a security check. We had to routine-check him for anything missing. At the same time, Evi was going close to the driver. Maybe he was cute, I don't know. She talked with him a bit. She seemed like she was interested in the trunk of the car. Well, I wouldn't know how women think. Heinrich cleared the check, entered the limo, and they drove away. 2km away, some incident was reported about a car in an accident, some explosion. Unfortunately, dear old Heinrich didn't make it. What a pity... PLAYER LIST 01. Paul25 - Vanilla Town [Survived The Game] 02. Alistair --> Cataline - Vanilla Town [D2] 03. Corso --> L'Belle - Vanilla Town [N1] 04. Purplecicada - Vanilla Town [D5] 05. Walpurgis - Vanilla Town [N4] 06. Psychic Sheep - Psychologist [N3] 07. Mazino Divergent - Mafia Goon [D4] 08. Andracass - Hider [N3] 09. Candy --> Sailboat - Vanilla Town [D3] 10. Alaris - Vigilante [N2] 11. Bok Choi - Mafia Goon [N2] 12. Mr. Knightly - Vanilla Town [N1] 13. Zero Passion - Mafia Goon [Survived The Game]
  11. NickCrash

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 6)

    @DigitalAmber What are you waiting for? DO EET!!
  12. A day has passed. Nicki needs 3 more posts. Zero and Paul need 4. I need some tea
  13. DAY 5 The night was a bit weird. We found someone buried under a ton of cash. How this amount of money managed to enter my prison remains unknown. I don't mind. I have been digging for hours now. It's quite a lot and I suspect Lykos has stolen some. It's all mine dear. Give it back. Or you can take the body I found under it. It's a blonde. Walpurgis was killed. She was Demmy Eanor This is yet another LyLo! Weee We're making big numbers boys and girls. Big numbers. You have 47 hours.
  14. NickCrash

    Wonderland Mafia(Day 6)

    Ugh, you're both in the cult, aren't you? I thought you said your role gives you 2 votes for the day. How's this a double lynch then? It isn't. Such a strategy would never work. As town, you would never expect people to co-operate in such a way, because obviously the cultists would never follow the plan. You will change your votes in the last minute.