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  1. Mafia Championship Season 5 Voting Phase

    Heh, true. destroyed. Even though I'd love to see Bean bamboozle all of them, my vote is on my nomination and (like you Dive), I stand by it. Now, if he declines, all I have to do is travel to France. I will look for him. I will find him and I will kill him persuade him.
  2. Mafia Championship Season 5 Voting Phase

    Honestly, nobody can read Bean. In a tournament where everyone will be super serious, they'll need a Bean.
  3. Mafia Championship Season 5 Nominations

    I'm nominating Alistair.
  4. @Walpurgis I'd like you to add a category for "Events" because the story behind what's happening before the murder might be important. On N1 I received the info that "Quinn had written an invite to host an event in her mansion" and real!Quinn said it's about the events prior to the murder. The idea of finding rusty metal everywhere points towards the Morningstar and the Battered Machette. Circular links could drop from both, given they have a hilt. If we are to believe all hints given to us so far, I have concluded that a chase happened inside the house. We know of the invite Quinn sent about the event. The dance lessons book in the Library points us towards a Ball being organized. The shoe in the Trophy Room tells us Quinn was an excellent dancer. The murderer was obviously a guest. We know he was close to her and she trusted him. He might have been much closer, or trying to be given "that personality of his". So, he might have used it, in order to lure her into the bedroom for sexy time. I don't know of Quinn's fetishes, but they probably include Pumpkins. If a chase happened inside the house, then the Morningstar being flailed and hitting everything around it could leave shrapnels behind. The Machette not so much, given it's a weapon used more closely, thus the failed attempts probably cut through air. As for where it started and where it ended, it's being hinted by the "invitation" Quinn has sent. We don't know what else was happening during that time, but all rooms bar the Ballroom & Library should be solitary and there were more people in there, who should have been witnesses to the event. We have 3 locations where combat has ensued: Basement, Laundry Room, and the Kitchen. Since the Laundry Room is a secondary room, it's instantly excluded. So far, I believe the initial attack happened in the Laundry Room, where we found a shrapnel with blood, meaning she was surprized and hit. At some point, she fled to the Kitchen where she picked up a knife to defend herself. She either managed to wound her opponent, or he used it against her. Then we have the rusted metal in the Basement, which appears to be everywhere. This can't have happened after the events in the Kitchen (given she hit him), so I'm inclined to believe the final hit was in the Kitchen, at least with all the given information. [Killer] Venus [Weapon] Morningstar [Room] Kitchen [Nominee] Alistair I ask you support this vote. If it's correct, well... we're hella lucky and solved it. If not, at least we've eliminated a possible case.
  5. That's what I meant when I said you wouldn't find a rusty bullet. Well that's unless it has been fired ages ago. I mention the room because you said you found info in the Ballroom, as opposed to the Basement. So far we don't have enough clues. All of those could be red herrings, and Quinn could be setting up the events that happened prior to the murder. Perhaps the story is more convoluted that we'd think and the hints aren't pointing towards the specific culprit but the whole frame the murder took place in. That said, a party, pumpkins, rusted metals, shoes and whatnot may describe multiple things happening in the house or a series of events that led to the murder. Allow me to present an example: We know that someone tried to lure Quinn "in". The wording hints that they failed. So this is not necessarily our murderer. Yet the clue that she trusted him somewhat points towards Venus, only if we use our meta skillz. In-universe Quinn could have a different relationship with people, than real!Quinn does. But if we disregard the point above, and go for our meta-knowledge, that should exclude Bean. Nobody trusts Bean.
  6. @Alistair Weren't you and the healer supposed to go to the basement? I told only you 2 to go there, in order to make certain you'll be healed.
  7. Well I found a pumpkin under the bed covers in... the Master Bedroom talk about odd...
  8. Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet [Voting Phase]

    You are probably the person in this club that I know the longest time, ever since the Goomy fixation was real. I have to ask, why Goomy? Is it because it's cute, or does it signify something more for you? Sometimes I see you refer to yourself in the 3rd person. Care to elaborate on that? As you must have seen, it's not common. Do you get a kick out of it, or do you consider Amber and 'You' to be different people, possibly in the form of a persona? Then again, I've noticed you're quick to make decisions on the spot. Does that characterize you in real life, or are you more of a planner out there? How has this personality trait affected you? Is there anything you'd wish you've done differently in regards to that? Not in regards to that? Your introduction gave away no personal information. Why not? Are you shy as a person? Would you reconsider and provide us with a small paragraph? Who is "Amber" when he's not "Digital"?
  9. riddle mafia (day 4)

    OBJECTION! The defense wishes to present the following: Every country that dons an army has two flags: the ground forces typically use the national flag, while the navy uses their own, which typically is somewhat different. While the Japanese national flag is symmetrical, the naval flag is not. The sun is skewed towards the hoist. Further evidence from my client's medical history reveals a not so recent diagnosis of OCD-like personality disorder. He is a well-known and respected member of society who happens to be more meticulous about his duties. The defense appeals for a re-evaluation of all testimonies. Our opinion is that... Jonathan, the armourer, is innocent. this is the correct solution to the riddle, but what if the riddle is false to begin with? what? this is my death message
  10. Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet [Voting Phase]

    1. Kiet 2. Amber 3. Bazaro
  11. Hurt and Heal: XY Megas

    Mega Aerodactyl: 9 Mega Ampharos: 8 Mega Houndoom: 9 Mega Aggron: 6
  12. Decision-making in games

    The most important thing is whether the choices actually matter, and secondly if they are realistic. In most games, the "good" and "bad" options are too obvious. Others that try to mask them simply don't reveal the whole choice. For example some choices seem to be the "good" ones, but their continuation is the "bad" one, which in my book is quite a cheap way to do things. Then there are those games where choice is nonexistent or false, meaning things go one way whatever you choose to do. Which... might sometimes work positively by immersing you into the game and giving you the illusion of active participation in the events to come, but other times it's blatant mockery, similar to when you are forced to do actions where unnecessary eg press f to show respect. As Mael pointed out, realistic routes are somewhere in the middle. It's understandable that taking too long to create meaningful paths for most choices is either going to take a long time to code or won't actually provide a change in the story that diverges enough to be called a different choice, but when it's there, it's certainly appreciated. In games like Skyrim you do have a choice, and it actually isn't good or bad by conventional standards, because neither faction is objectively benevolent or evil. Heck you can even disregard both if you want to, and that's a great way to organize the "path of the pc". In games like VTM-Bloodlines your choices start from the very first encounter you have with the other characters and the factions you choose. Then there are those like Mount & Blade where your whole path is your personal choice (from whom to recruit to what your end goal is). Sometimes choices are the main focus of the game, and you can exploit them to their fullest. Other times the game doesn't need you to make a lot of choices, and that's also fine. In hindsight, it's not the existence of choices that rates a game, but they are one of those factors that when true, then they should be done at least with moderate care, in order to "feel" as if the pc's actions matter. All that said, I don't usually have a standard way of playing. Usually I'm just taking care of myself, analyzing which choices will benefit me more in the long run, and in general disregarding "good" and "evil", unless I absolutely have to. The main point is to have fun and not be restricted to such rules. It's a fantasy world and you are roleplaying as a character. So, if I have to kick a baby every now and then, so be it. At least I won't use an excuse that "I wouldn't do X in real life".
  13. Hurt & Heal: Fossil Pokemon

    What are you doing there, using revives? We already blacked out. I'll be at Joy's if anyone needs me.