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  1. I finally updated the status bars, lol. If I'm honest I forgot it existed. Nevertheless, they're updated. I decided to put the ??? bar on its own for reasons. Reasons I shall not talk about here. At least not yet!
  2. Just wanted to drop by and say that even tho I only just officially joined I have been following your game for a couple years now and LOVE and enjoyed every minute of it and that I enjoy it more then the official pokemon games

  3. Happy thanks giving 

  4. Sorry, I've barely been home lately to do any work. That's why the progress bar has barely made any jumps. Things should pick up after Thanksgiving is over.
  5. Enjoying Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, Eh, Jan?

  6. I just thought about this but I was thinking Iike future versions you should have story events play out that causes the player to leave the group but that's just my thought

  7. just gonna drop by to say that i have played Rejuvenation and i enjoyed it a lot. Version 9 really lived up to its name that is The City of Mystery for it got me very excited and intrigued for what is to come(is that correct?). Hope that you have a good day.

    1. Yagami


      You should check this topic(which is basically like V10 status thread):


    2. sosobean


      i did but i didn't comment on it.

  8. Alright, the Dev Team and I are in a bit of a situation. You could say that our opinions are split right down the middle. Therefore we need a tie breaker. (Technically it wasnt a tie, but I still want outside opinions. Sue me. Nintendo do not interact 🙅🙅🙅) So back to the protagonist sprites. I've come up with a couple of possible variations: Currently, the two that are in heavy combat are 1 and 5. Personally, I'd rather not sprite -another- blonde character in this game, but if that's what ends up being the most popular then whatever....... it's no big deal........... Since there are a combination of answers, the combination with the most votes will be what will be Aevis' official sprite. Second place becomes the outfit later obtainable. Sound good? good. ok. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😡Vote now😡🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Poll ends on Tuesday!
  9. I read all of your criticisms and I'll be working hard to improve on both Aevis and Aevia's look! Thank you guys~
  10. Post #2 | Player Character Updates - 10/20/2017 | 20/10/2017 Almost a month since my last post. Oops. Oh well, better late than never. So I've been wanting to show stuff for a while now, but due to Player Character updates, it's been a trial. I can't really show things without showing these first, so here we are. There's nothing really to say here because the title is pretty self explanatory, tbh. Old designs were really outdated and uninspired, so I decided it's time for the crew* to have modernized gear! Out of all of them, I think Axel got the most changes. His design was pretty bland and a blatant male copy of Aria's. I think his character needed the update the most, but in the end I decided, if he's getting an update, the rest probably should too. *Alain and Aero are not included because things have not been finalized for them yet. I'll get to them -eventually- **Please note that these are not finalized and are still under a WIP status. Certain things may change before the public release of V10. Now, I pose a question for all of you. Would you like the old designs to stay in the game as some sort of easter egg that can be switched to? Pls answer below! 🎊🎊🎊🎊 http://www.strawpoll.me/14191116 🎊🎊🎊🎊 Overworld Sprites [Together] Aevia Aevis Aria Axel
  11. Andrew, Xia, and Entertainment


    Together, they spell "Axe". Considering Karen's Murderous personality, this makes too much sense.


    1. Jan


      It's also an inside joke. "Axed" is the term for Pokemon that has been removed from availability.

    2. Autumn-Rose


      Lol what if she killed her parents I mean she talks about it as well 

  12. I can't tell you how you'll get Fly, but you won't be able to fly around like Melia does. As cool as it would be, it's not practical to code, and also it would just be a faster bike at that point, lol. It won't be removed. You'll be able to use it at your leisure!
  13. I can't get gale wings fletchling at the beginning of the game. Therefore, this game is garbage.




    Oh wait...

    1. Jan



  14. I wasn't actually aware that levels were present in the manga. That's interesting... Well since you asked so nicely, I'll do it just for you. ❤️
  15. Not entirely wrong. The level 100 cap will probably be increased during the post game. Not everything needs this huge explanation, imo. I'll probably just tell the player how it works and end it at that. In the concept of the actual show, levels don't exist. It's just a frame made to create gameplay progression. Also that shouldn't have been green, lol. It's been corrected. Alsox2 quoting now works??