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  1. screw anybody who thinks rejuvenation sucks
    if you don't like it don't play it
    this game is probably the best pokemon game I've ever played(coming from me that actually out of a lot of games)

    please continue on your work it's absolutely amazing


    1. Trooperk


      Damn straight! No doubt in my mind that this is my all time favorite Pokemon game! The story in itself is magical! Not to mention the EXCELLENT route and city designs, awesome creator and kindhearted community. Can honestly say I couldn't be happier to have found and played through this game many, many, MANY times. :)

  2. why can't I find gible on route 1 in rejuvenation, this game is garbage.

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    2. Trooperk


      Did you search hard enough Jan? I found a shiny one after a good 10 encounters... Or maybe that was a Rattata......Bah I don't remember. Same difference right?

    3. DreamblitzX


      There isn't even any legendaries as starter options SMH

    4. Hycrox


      Bullshit. Just, bullshit. Is it too fucking much to get an Arceus within the first 10 seconds of the game? Just... wow

  3. Are you sure you patched correctly? It's working as intended for me.
  4. 10th and (hopefully) final patch is out. Has a lot of fixes and I -think- it takes care of most, if not all of the game breaking issues found so far. Those experiencing the keta glitch will no longer need to post their save in the thread. This patch should take care of that for you. Speaking of the Save File Troubleshooting thread, this isn't that. Do not post your saves here unless stated otherwise. This thread is already clogged with duplicate reports etc. All other bugs will be fixed during v10's development!
  5. Can you help me fix my game? I'm stuck in scene and I can't move at all that I can't even continue the story and upgrade my version. :(


  6. Jan I found a glitch that I did put on the bug reporting thread but no one answered so I thought that the creator possibly could answer this problem when Alice ate everything in the freezer and the dialog started I somehow glitched it and now I am saved in a frame between dialog and the dialog isn't continuing so how can I load an old save to solve this issue possibly?

    1. Another Retired Shipper

      Another Retired Shipper

      you know how to find the back up save files right? they're right above the game.rxdate (your save) tale the one just before your save and name it Game


    2. Another Retired Shipper

      Another Retired Shipper

      name that file Game.rxdata and it should work

  7. What‘’s the name of the eight chapters?


    (⊙o⊙)And this have a look  http://www.bilibili.com/video/av11360967/?t=694  I start transel it to chinese

  8. ICSW is correct. Just fixed it on my end. I have tried many things to reproduce this last time it was reported, but it works fine for me everytime so I don't really know what to tell you. Put your save in the troubleshooting thread and it will be fixed for you as soon as it's possible to.
  9. 1. Sure, I'm not sure if I'm doing anything with them yet either, but I'm just setting it up now just in case I decide to do something. 2. The Rose Theatre will probably be the best place. As for Rorim B.'s music... Which I've gotten so so sos sososoossososos many messages about... I didn't remove it because I hated it or anything, I just had to cut down on songs because the file size was becoming way too large. If people miss it that much I'll just put it back in V10.
  10. Too late, this one's been reported quite a few times already ^~^.
  11. Yeah, this is intentional. In normal gameplay, the player is still unable to go back to Sheridan at this point and the end of V9.
  12. When my computer broke, it seems I lost more files than I thought. Some things were corrupted and didn't transfer over. The Gen 7 shiny thread has been reopened for this reason.
  13. Found the issue. It'll be fixed in the next (and last) patch. Ah, this was reported but I've neglected the list as no on seems to read it anyways lol. But I've noted it now. It's fixed on my end. Yep, this has been reported already and fixed on my end. A patch will come out soon. Are you loading the game directly from V8? If so then you loaded up in an unsafe area.
  14. Download the latest patch and it will be fixed. It's located on the first post of this thread and under the main download on the V9 thread.
  15. In that case, I'll leave the sprites here for anyone who wants to help. I'd like to get these done by sunday so I'll do some myself.