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  1. Hey! I love Pokemon Rejuvenation, and I was wondering if there was a Discord Server for it or something like that where players can talk, so that I can ask questions like "Can I get a Riolu from anywhere?" or something like that. 


    Thanks :)


    Edit: I've noticed that nobody else has posted on Jan's page, so I apologize if we're not allowed to. I'm new here. Sorry if this caused any trouble 

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      I'm unsure if Rejuvenation has its own discord server, but there's a Pokemon Rejuvenation channel on Reborn's discord. 


      To find Reborn's discord, hover over the "Social" drop down menu at the top of the forum page and click Reborn Discord image.png.4d6ffa6c5acd88460b13d3f0effdcd69.png

  2. Beta Applications are up! Will probably let them run until this Thursday. Then we'll actually begin the testing on Friday! Like last time, the beta testing requires Discord. It's the easiest way for me to manage things. (Easiest way for some of my team too!) Beta Testing: 🎊🎊🎊🎊APPLICATIONS ARE HERE 🎊🎊🎊🎊
  3. I think the status bar says it all. Correct!
  4. Well, if there's one thing I've learned while doing this it's that you can't please everybody. However, like I said in the reply post to Commander, it's a WIP and nothing is set in stone.. Things can still change and they most likely will. Also no, ??? is not achievements. I haven't forgotten to update it, it's just not a huge priority right now and hasn't been worked on. I'll talk about that later though.
  5. 1.) There are no missable achievements. 2.) Pokemon aren't prizes, and never will be. There will be exclusive items, however. Achievements aren't the only way to rack up AP, but that's an explanation for a different time. 3.) It is not possible to fail an achievement. All the achievements can be completed at -any- point in the game. You could ask the same question in reverse. Why give something with no purpose? The amount of pressure you put is completely on yourself. No one is chaining you down to complete them, especially when there will be other ways of racking up AP. Achievements are just one way. Technically, that's new information, but it's still relevant. Plus, the system can be tinkered and improved on as new versions come out. So if there are any rough spots (Which I'm sure there will be) we can smooth them out. It's all a WIP. But, really, we can go in circles with this one so I'm just going to leave it at that.
  6. One has to wonder, when the story is all said in done, who will be the true loser in the end? The protagonists, team Xen, or car senpai man, who's probably got gas bills coming out of his butt from how much he drives me around Aevium... I hope it's not the last guy. I'll pay him back one day... maybe...

  7. Is Erick Pansexual?


    He says the same thing when you fight a rematch with him as a girl, as a boy, or as a non binary. Something about us coming to Seduce him, because he's beautiful. And Him being flattered.

  8. You know, with you being both a league of legends fan as well as a Pokemon fan like myself, i expected more league of legends references in your Pokemon game. All I wanna hear is some random ass trainer tell me the joke poppy tries to say. <3 Love ya Jan

  9. I was confused on your location and didn't know it was supposed to be a new location in game and just letting you know Hospital of Hope is the name of an actual hospital and I was worried that you were injured.

    1. Jan


      ...Maybe I should change it then, haha.

  10. i love the fact that your "location" is always somewhere from the next episode of rejuvenation

    1. Jan



    2. shadowhollow4


      I was confused on your location and didn't know it was supposed to be a new location in game and just letting you know Hospital of Hope is the name of an actual hospital and I was worried that you were injured

    3. NarutoK



      Smart guy. ;)

      We love you Jan!

  11. Who knows? Maybe you might just get your wish...
  12. Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎄🎄

    1. Xukai


      Merry Christmas Jan!

    2. Layback80


      Merry Christmas!

  13. I finally updated the status bars, lol. If I'm honest I forgot it existed. Nevertheless, they're updated. I decided to put the ??? bar on its own for reasons. Reasons I shall not talk about here. At least not yet!
  14. Just wanted to drop by and say that even tho I only just officially joined I have been following your game for a couple years now and LOVE and enjoyed every minute of it and that I enjoy it more then the official pokemon games