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  1. When the entire sea turns into a see of lanterns. #JustVersion9Things When Valarie turns into a door. #JustVersion9Things
  2. Approved! I think that Buzzwole is probably the best we're going to get. It looks great too and I am SO sorry you had to deal with that sprite. Though in hindsight I'm glad you were the one who took care of it because if anyone could pull it off it would probably be you. Excellent job!! Tbh I forgot the pebbles on the base changed color. All you need to do is that and then you're done. I think the blue/purple eyes work the best imo. Blue bits are better. The green is a little bright, but the blue compliments the reddish/orange well. Thanks! Golis and Vikavolt are approved, though I had already done the whole line already (That's what I was talking about when I posted the junebug vikavolt) But this shall suffice.
  3. Oh right, sorry. The second one! Also what was the throwback? I feel like I'm missing something lol. I warned you. It's the worst one.
  4. Let's just go with this and never look back. I legit tried so many color combinations and they all looked really gross to me. I don't even like Yungoos. Least favorite Gen 7 Pokemon. Bye. Never editing this thing again The shading and raw colors were a little still too harsh. Something around this may be better: As for Araquanid, that looks pretty good! Still waiting on Korv's Ninetales, but these look pretty nice! Yep... We're almost done! I have words but I'll save those for the end. As for the popplio line, I'm really happy with how this came out. It looks really really nice to me! Approved! Just a few color edits, but the rest were fine. Nice job! I actually do like these Golisopod. Backsprites pls. As for Vikavolt, I actually went with Desaya's version but changed Vikavolt to keep the blue color scheme, because although regular vikavolt is blue, we can make it a darker (junebug) kind of blue- But also keep the red from previous There's actually quite a bit wrong with Dewpider's outline and colors. There's green outlines around the orange. you want the outline to be the same color as the body. Something like this may be more suitable? You can see the differences with the outline in this sprite. Sometimes sprites require you to do a little more editing because a lot of colors are re-used. Additionally, the saturation is a little all over the place. One thing is bright, and then the next is dull. It's better to keep it consistent. The only colors that I think really need huge saturation changes are Red, Yellow, and maybe purple. There may be others but I can't list them off the top of my head lol. Got them all! They're looking good! Approved! I honestly really like how this looks. It looks out of place but that's exactly what Necrozma is supposed to look like. Nice work! Approved and thanks for the edit! Yeah, we're almost done aren't we? It's been a wild ride full of joy, improvement and tears. Lots of tears.
  5. Approved! Looks good to me. Backsprites pls. C A R R O T line. I like it a lot tbh. Approved. This looks really good. Nice job! Don't worry about it. It's a group effort anyway. All are approved! I'm going with Might Gai's Incineroar so you're good. The colors for pyukumuku aren't bad tbh. I really like how this came out tbh. Backsprites whenever you ge tthe chance! I really like the rainbow Necrozma, but I think the colors need to be a littttttle more unsaturated. It's a tad bright. Gonna go with the Meowth Hycrox mad, but the purple one is pretty nice tbh. I think this is a little bit -too- red. May I suggest Terajuma colored sand or Valor Path? Hm, I didn't think the last one looked bad tbh. I don't think the hair piece and the hair itself should be the same color because it doesn't really make sense for it to be that way. This is silly lol. I like it though. RIP Might Gai. You were a noble warrior. I'll be using Wimpod and Litten's line. Thanks for all your help! Raft Spider sounds fine. Don't worry, like I said to Sceptilespy it's a group effort so it's all right in the end. Mrrrrrr. I'm almost convinced this thing looks bad in every color scheme possible. It's just... I dunno. I'll try to make something later and see if that works but this thing is so ugly. I hate yungoos. Going to go with Might Gai's. This was a nice attempt, though. Approved! I like the red pyukumuku. Approved! and no hard feelings, It just caught me off guard. Anyway these look pretty good so this is good. Popplio + look pretty good and you don't have to worry about Incineroar.
  6. Aaaaaaaa, It's because I reply to things in my head and think that I already replied to this when I clearly didn't. All are good. I like the Primarina, The Ganonhorse is perf and approved. I don't hate you, I promise ;~;
  7. I think the first one looks pretty cool. The one with the cola has some spriting issues that are probably not worth to fix. I actually like this a lot! Approved. Something happened around Type Null's neck and it looks pretty weird. I went ahead and fixed this The first Meowth's colors are far too harsh so it all blends together. As for the normal meowth colorings, it would be fine, but Reborn already did it. Tapu Bulu is approved. I'll take care of Pheramosa. Dw. Lurantis is approved. Hm... I dunno about these colors. They don't blend with each other well enough. I have no idea what to suggest either because it's so simple. Anyone else have any suggestions? I mean... I was only editing your colors and they don't look that different, regardless the one Zumi made looks really nice so I may go with those. As for the bears, they're approved! Approved! There were a few errors on the back of the Wishiwashi sprite. You have to look out for minor details and some sprites may require precise editing (Like the green outline around the rim of the second part of the body.) Also for the normal wishiwashi, I went in another direction because of the white eyebrows on schooling Wishiwashi The crystal Necrozoma's have weird outlining problems around the arms. It's because of how the sprite was done. It's hard to edit because the shading is basically reversed. Alolan Exeg is approved, but for Persian, I like the idea, but the stripes aren't following the body pose, so it looks weird. I like this quite a lot. Approved! Yeah the colors don't really work here at all. Since we went with Mareanie colors for Corsola, how about corsola colors for Mareanie + Toxapex? Tapu Fini is approved! Approved! Hm... the colors here are pretty weird too. Honestly, I think I'm just going to take these two for know because the way they were sprited makes it very hard to edit them and have it look nice. Really like how these came out! Approved! Hm. Dunno if I'm really feeling this color combination. I don't really know what to suggest here either, tbh. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone. If so, just @ me as usual. Still a bit sick so replies will still be sparse &_&
  8. Nah, follow your dreams, fam.
  9. The brown looks fine tbh. I actually kinda like it in comparison to the dark blue. These two are approved. Approved! Well, we can do a little bit of both. We can take the first one you did and add the gradient parts Alex did. (Keep the shoulder pad white) Edit: Also have Malachite Alolan Geodude +
  10. Mimikyu is approved! And I am at a loss of which one I like better for Lycanroc. Which one is yours? I'm leaning towards the first one, but the mint one also isn't bad. Also Xurkitree is yours! It's my favorite Pokemon in 7th gen too! Besides a few others, I just like Nihilego lore and design wise. Anyway, Magearna is yours!
  11. You can catch both of them. They work like forms pretty much. They also have different evolution conditions, just like in Sun and Moon.
  12. The second one looks good to me! (Green w/ red.)
  13. These look GREAT. YOU DON'T KNOW how much I was hoping someone made a dark Nihilego. This honestly looks so amazing. I love it! Approved x2x3x4. As for me, I decided I'd claim something since it's the last thread and all. Building off an idea Alex came up with, I created these.