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  1. Well, firstly, most RPGs (namely JRPGs) introduce core mechanics even during the last parts of the game. That much is common. Secondly, Sun and Moon gave you the Mega Ring after the game is done, where there's nothing left to do. Rejuv is not going to hold off megas that long. There seems to be a misconception on why I hold the Mega Ring back. It's not because I don't want to be generous, or "omg too op, can't let the players have that". The #1 reason I'm holding off Megas is because there needs to be some sort of progression when it comes to power. Rejuv is a long ass game. Sure, there are already strong mons in the game but unloading everything on the player at an early point is a no-no because it just makes everything stale. Things need to be trickled in or a lot of the game just becomes boring because you have everything. It's also bad practice, imo.
  2. It's not about trust, it's about manageability. Having larger betas is just overwhelming for me, personally. I prefer having a smaller group. What is a Cetra?
  3. I'm sorry! I nearly received 100 applications for a beta of session of about 20. I like to invite newer people each time so you have a better chance next time!
  4. Beta applications are being locked and looked through today! So if you want to participate, remember to submit your application before 8pm Est!
  5. Yeah, you need to apply again. I handle each of these betas independently.
  6. There once was a progress bar named Misc Chan. Misc Chan was slower than the other progress bars. She tried her best, but no matter what happened, she couldn't make any progress. People used to say... "Jan what the fuck. Why is Misc Chan still 0%" or "Misc bar means nothing xd. Jan doesn't know what he's doing" Little did they know... that Misc Chan was a secret agent hired by the secret organization, Center Soul. To watch and record the progress of all the little progress bars in the land. Misc Chan's true form was... Beta Chan. But attention, all Rejuvenation Gamers, Beta Chan is in great danger and she needs your help! To finish the beta and release V11, she's gonna need your beta testing application. BUT you'll need to hurry before Beta chan is defeated and Rejuvenation is destroyed! Beta Apps
  7. I suggest reading the actual text a little more carefully:
  8. Yeah but this isn't Desolation, lol. Also no shade to Deso, but Rejuv is under the spotlight quite a bit more and has a higher chance of getting C&D. I'd like to keep the risks to a minimum. Hmmm, I wonder?
  9. Hm... Okay, but this is the last screenshot! ;D
  10. Zumi


  11. @Commander I usually stay quiet about this thread because I believe anyone can critic/say what they want about the game, whatever, but this post gave me a serious migraine (As I'm sure my game has given you plenty). So here I am. "I think it's an insult since these people struggle and it's not just a simple happy ending." ...You know at least half the dev team is LGBT+, right? God forbid some LGBT characters have one happy ending. The only thing that's insulting here is this comment. I don't understand that, out of the whole game-- a game about magical creatures and "dinosaurs that can control time and space", you point out this as being unrealistic. It's fiction. So what if it isn't realistic? If you want some realistic in depth game about struggle and bad endings LGBT/minorities experience, please look up other titles. I assure you there are thousands of them. I didn't do it to be political, or to put myself on a pedestal and say "Look how progressive my game is, you guys". I did it because I'm gay, and -because- I understand the struggle we go through. It's always the ones who aren't in that situation who think that they can speak for others. Before making a statement about issues you know nothing about, to rephrase, "try to make sure you know what you're talking about."
  12. They're here to stay. Don't worry.
  13. You wouldn't complain (probably), but I certainly would. To myself. It has my name on it, after all. Also there's no way in hell I'm leaving Rejuv unfinished after how far I've come. It's just not happening, lol.
  14. I've answered this before, but I suppose there are new people around so: I'm not changing them for my health, that's for damn sure, lol. As I continue to make the game, my skills improve and I see many (Huge) flaws with maps and events, so I go back and apply what I've learned. During a game's dev life, locations are altered all the time. But usually you never see those because those types of games aren't episodic. And since this is my first game ever, it's going to have some rough edges that need polishing. Short term, I understand that it may be frustrating or annoying to deal with, but the long term benefits outweigh the short. tl:dr I am not a professional mapper/game developer etc. I'm constantly learning as each episode goes out. I use what I learn each episode to improve old things. Short term it's annoying, but long term provides a more quality and polished product.
  15. I totally would, but there isn't much left to show that's not a blatant spoiler. Sorry : (. Happy belated birthday tho!