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  1. I cant find my save file, is there another way?

    1. seki108


      Did you use this method of searching, just substituting Rejuvenation for Reborn?


    2. ragingphoenix123


      do you know why my games keeps crashing on the penthouse when the red hair guy talks to me

    3. seki108


      Off the top of my head, no.  First, I would recommend patching your game with the latest patch (found on the main Rejuv V9 thread).                                                                                                                                               (Details on patching here, if you can't figure out how: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28933-fatal-game-flaw-infinite-loop-and-locked-in-dimensional-rift/&do=findComment&comment=681249  )




      If that doesn't fix it, then you can go to Rejuv's file fixing thread and inquire there.

  2. Hey Jan, I'm a huge fan of this game, I think it's absolutely amazing. However do you think you could have characters bring us around cities like GDC more-or at least have the option to go instantly-because personally, I just got lost literally every time I tried to explore that damned city lmao. Anyway, keep up the great work, can't wait for the announcement! n_n

    1. Filthy Casual

      Filthy Casual

      I think there's a subway you can take to each location. Having said that, perhaps a map at each subway station could help.

    2. Jan


      Yeah, I plan on making a separate map for the city at some point. This shouldn't be too much of an issue soon. The announcement has been pushed back a little due to things out of my control, but it should be up within a week or so!

    3. Filthy Casual

      Filthy Casual

      That's fine. I didn't mean to sound petty there. Sorry about that! Hope everything goes well!

  3. Hey guys, I'm going to be posting an important post/announcement sometime this week. Sorry for my absence, but I'll be back more often soon!

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    2. DreamblitzX


      No need to apologise, you definitely deserved the break! that said, it's always exciting to get new news/announcements


    3. ShadeStrider


      A new announcement would be very welcome indeed. 

    4. SukaiChris


      Take your time fam

  4. With the Sarcastic manner of the Grand Dream City Daycare, I am surprised and slighly disappointed that you didn't include any commentary on the disturbing implications, like treating our dittos like sex slaves and Parental Incest in order to get egg moves.

    1. Jan


      I think that would've been a little bit too out there, haha. 

  5. So I was doing and I got stuck on the Blacksteeple Castle  stairs glitch and saved like an idiot thinking it would help, and no have to idea what to do. I'm on the newest patch and was wondering if there was anything I can do beside restarting the game. 

    1. Njab


      post zour save file in and it will be fixed asap


    2. LuciValentine


      This is going to sound stupid but I'm not sure which of the files is the save file that I should post


    3. Njab


      it is explained in the first post of the thread

  6. Hello Jan. In V9 of Pokemon Rejuvenacion there are the legendary?

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    2. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      You can get Type:Null fairly early, but that's it.

    3. Tores42


      At the time how many gyms you can challenge in version 9?

    4. Ice Cream Sand Witch
  7. Hi, 


    You are the creator of the game? 

    Can you tell me where can I find absol? 

    I assume it will be available in the late game? Is there a chance you can give me one into my save file since it isn't a OP pokemon or anything, I would just like to have it. 

    I played Rejuvenation from the early versions, but I lost my save file during windows update and now I started a new game. 

    1. Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      Sorry to interrupt, but there is a thread where you can ask this and people will help you

      Jan is taking a break iirc, so please use this thread

      As for absol if you want i'll put one in your save if you so desire

  8. Jan Can you maybe help i get at the moment script 'Interpreter' line 517: NoMethodError Occured Undefined method 'unlock' for nil:NilClass this error all the time and i'm in version v9 it keeps crashing my game so i can't continue :(



    1. Jorisz1994


      By the way it's in Pokémon Rejuvanation, and sorry for bad english. I'm at the Chrysalis Courtyard.

    2. Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      Hi, did you make sure to install Patch 10? that error might've occured cuz you dont have the latest patch

    3. Jorisz1994


      I think i Did, i just downloaded Pokémon Rejuvanation v9-1, is there a way to check wich patch I use?

  9. Can there be a suggestion topic?

    Feel free too! I love hearing suggestions and if it is in within my power, I'll most likely get to them. (They'll most likely be low priority though)
  10. It's definitely a problem, and one that I acknowledged. I already had two people go through the game for me and scavenge the game for every typo they could find. They were pretty thorough and I think we honestly found most of them so I won't put up a whole new thread just for that. I won't be releasing any new patch until V10, though. So they'll remain in the game until then.
  11. It was intentional. There was too much exp being given out and it was just too loaded of a fight for that point in the game. But this isn't the first time this has been brought to my attention. If people want it, I can restore his old team for intense mode, but normal mode will stay the same.
  12. Hello i have been playing your game and there is a glitch stoping me from progression. Any Help?


    I was in Terajuma Jungle when i decided to talk to the captain and go to Gearen city. (I was in 8.1 version) When I try to go back the captain or the ship is not there, so i decided to download the new version (9.0 and i have downloaded the patch) but it was still the same.


    Any help on how i could fix this?

    1. Jan


      I recommend posting your save file in the Save File Troubleshooting thread. Someone will work to fix your issue ASAP.

    2. Quintin


      Thank You!

  13. Hi, I am a fan of your game, Pokemon Rejuvenation and find it and enjoyable experience, while a bit challenging at some points. While I do enjoy the game, I must report a bug (that you probably have been told more than a thousand times). There is a portion in Black Steeple Prison where after Emma finds Aelita in a cage, your character is, I'm guessing supposed to use their Mining Kit to take down on obvious cracked spot in the wall. But, and I would think this would only be apparent in V9, there is no way for you to get the Mining Kit. This leaves the player trapped in the cage, without any way of escaping. Now, I don't know if this is a bug, or you left something out, or the player was meant to be trapped, but I thought I'd report this. 

    (sorry I couldn't provide images, my computer sucks)

    1. Jan


      You'll need to download the latest patch (patch 10) and then go back to a backup save. The patch is located underneath the main download. Sorry about that!

  14. I'm alive.

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    2. Dynamo


      welcome back :)

    3. BRS swag

      BRS swag

      YEAH!!!!!!!!! JAN'S BACK

    4. ShadeStrider


      Return. A move that has a base 102 power based with max happiness. We are happy to see that Jan is back.


      Amusing on two levels.

  15. Going to be taking a break from the forums for a few weeks. Need a refresher and a break in general. So I'll be back in a few weeks and then the v10 status thread will go up. See you then o7. 

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    2. Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      you deserve a break d00d, enjoy ;)

    3. Dynamo


      Enjoy your break! Thanks for all the hard work :)

    4. sapphiet


      Have fun! :)