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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😉🍰

  2. K_H

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Nope. Noobly?
  3. K_H


    Banned for Necro’ing this thread.
  4. K_H

    Eeveelution Hurt/heal

    Based on points, I'd say that it has more than a chance of doing so. And I'm good with either winner in this case.
  5. K_H

    Eeveelution Hurt/heal

    Early vote because I sleep in a lot, but oh well, and no vote for me tomorrow. Espeon: 3 Glaceon : 5 Sylveon: 3
  6. Haleluijah, the worse of the two remaining grass-types is gone! Now, it's kinda regrettable that Cyndaquil went down as well, but there's only so much you can do.
  7. K_H

    Eeveelution Hurt/heal

    @Chim Espeon's the killer, so you know where to direct your anger.
  8. K_H

    Eeveelution Hurt/heal

    We can, and we will. @Amethyst You seeing this sh#t?
  9. K_H

    Eeveelution Hurt/heal

    A'ight, time to make Espeon pay for being the one that took out Vaporeon...
  10. Wrong one, @Thundermaze. This is why you can't trust a Bulbasaur fan. Here's the actual current standings. Bulbasaur: 4 Cyndaquil: 7 Totodile: 9 Piplup: 11 Chespin: 12
  11. Not if they ally to take out the non-cynda/bulba Starters...
  12. You take out Cyndaquil, and Bulbasaur goes with it! So leave Cyndaquil alone!
  13. Bulbasaur: 6 Cyndaquil: 7 Totodile: 9 Piplup: 12 Chespin : 16 Time to new Target Acquiry: 3 Bulbasaur Hurts
  14. K_H

    Eeveelution Hurt/heal

    Time to do my part in this for today. Vaporeon: 6 Espeon: 4Glaceon: 8Sylveon: 12
  15. And so Rowlet will suffer the same fate as the one it killed... Good riddance.