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  1. Lost Lore

    Refresh my "Memory"

    I have it noted as being down a waterfall near the Glass Workstation, if that helps any. And yes, it's obtainable before Hardy.
  2. Lost Lore

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    ...I actually forgot this topic existed for a while, I've been super frazzled lately. But I must. It counts as cuddling if you belieeeeeve... But I'll approve at the very least of not wanting to hurt it. You gave Whiscash a higher rating than this despite it probably feeling similar? It's a fucking fish. It can't even hug you. How very dare. This, though, I can agree with. Absolutely please do cuddle the soft pineapple. Aside from Lombre's I can mostly accept these. I'll spare you for today. ...These give me concerns about your ideas for cuddling, though, for the record. (Also you question cuddling a stomach and then... give a higher rating for cuddling a bigger stomach? I am even more concern.)
  3. Lost Lore

    [E18] Minor Errors

  4. Spoilered for the TM's availability. Also sorry if this isn't the right section, was not 100% sure if this is Misc errors or Battle Errors, since it involves learnsets and not necessarily a move's in-battle functions.
  5. Lost Lore

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    Acceptable, will maybe not have to fight you. We'll see what happens when you get to Lotad line, tho. Strongly disagree with this, though, Typhlosion is large, warm, and soft, absolutely perfect for cuddling. Maybe a bit grumpy about it but obviously needs the cuddles all the more because of that.
  6. Lost Lore

    [E18] Minor Errors

    Ah, I was just thinking of the abbreviation as-is, but looking at it like that, grow is indeed correct. Whoops!
  7. Lost Lore

    [E18] Minor Errors

  8. Oh damn, that banner. Now you have my attention, to be sure.

    1. ZEL


      I don't even know what to say here besides that you're in for a ride
      Personally I enjoyed the hell out of it, though~

  9. Lost Lore

    Found something about Teknite Ridge

    The wild Talonflame and Pidgeot in Teknite Ridge can have Tailwind, as it's one of the last four moves they learn via level up, so that was probably it. This does mean that you don't have to bring Tailwind yourself, though, indeed.
  10. Someone please knock me out, all I want is to sleep...

    1. ZEL


      I can try to gently whack you with a pillow? :')

    2. Lost Lore

      Lost Lore

      I don't think that'd be enough force to knock me out, but, hell, try it anyway.

  11. Disagree strongly with Shade not being romance-able. Let him take the player on a hot date in the void. ...Okay, in all seriousness. Speaking for myself, the only characters I have any form of attraction to whatsoever I can't see sensibly romancing the player character. It's not realistic, and despite this being a game full of magical elemental monsters, I do like some degree of realism. This is of course not accounting for other characters who have other reasons why they really shouldn't be. (Eg. being underage.) Also not a huge fan of forced romance to be honest, even if realistic, so unless I can avoid it, I don't really want to see it. Now, if you'll let me romance the ringmaster or that one move tutor lady on 7th Street, on the other hand... (...Look, I didn't say the post would stay serious.)
  12. I'm not feeling very merry as of late, but I guess I can still say Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas.

    1. Kamina


      merry christmas! hope you feel better


    2. ZEL


      Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to you, too ♥
      I wish you all the best, love ya!

  13. Current mood: Screaming externally

  14. >Lord of D

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    2. Lancer


      she knows.

      in fact theres no reason to ever use lord of d without the flute.

    3. FairFamily
    4. Lancer


      ...oh dear


      I apparently hadnt watched enough gx

  15. Happy belated New Years from here because I slept through the countdown. Hooray?

    1. ZEL


      Happy New Year to you, too <3
      I hope you'll have a great 2017, just as you deserve.

    2. IntSys


      You had one job, lost.


      Happy new year~