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Pokémon Rejuvenation - Permanent Mega Evolution

Ultra Zero

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2 hours ago, Ultra Zero said:

Good morning all,


Any way to make Pokémon mega evolutions to remain permanent without reverting back to their original form?


Thank you!

considering the game can be made incredibly easy not only without megas at all but just in general, there isnt really any need for it and besides, even if it was possible it would throw any possible semblence of balance the game has right out the window

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On 8/9/2023 at 10:51 AM, Ultra Zero said:

Good morning all,


Any way to make Pokémon mega evolutions to remain permanent without reverting back to their original form?


Thank you!

WIthin the game? No.


But it is possible to do that by editing the game's scripts, you can make any pokemon that has mega change form by holding a specific item just like Zacian and Zamazenta, so they'll be permanently mega pokemon for as long as they are holding that item.


If you are interested I have a quick modding tutorial for you (or for any of the many individuals that will read this in the future):


You go to Scripts folder and open PokemonMultipleForms.rb on a code editor like VS Code or notepad++, I recommend notepad++

(also, make a backup of that file in case if you mess up something)

Hit CTRL+F and search for someone that has a mega, like gardevoir, it will leave you at gardevoir's code of multiple forms

Scroll until you find weight

And insert the following code just like how I'll show in the picture below it


      next 1  if isConst?(pokemon.item,PBItems,:LIFEORB)
      next 0


You can edit the LIFEORB with any item you want or just GARDEVOIRITE, the item in question needs to be all uppercase and without spaces, like ASSAULTVEST or something else you like to use (refer to the items.txt in the PBS folder)


And also, if the pokemon has multiple megas you'll have to change the number in "next 1" to the corresponding one of their mega, like mewtwo has two megas, X is 1 and Y is 2, or if their mega isn't numbered one in the code, but a quick glimpse to the code will tell you that.


Oh, and the picture of how the code should be, in right format:




After all of that you have to compile data, because every time you change the game's code you have to compile it, and that's only possible to do with debug, so you'll have to search for a mod that activates it, I recommend EvGym's V13 debug mode.

If you already have debug you just open the debug menu and scroll to Compile Data, hit it, wait for a while and when it's finished you close the game and open it again, it should work fine and not give you any errors in compiling if you didn't type something out of place.



Actually, in this specific case you don't need to compile data with debug, so you may skip this last part.

Just edit the script, save and play the game.

You may need to compile data for other things but not for this one,



Just like 'Haru,,' said: "Copy pasting is your friend."

Edited by Yuniheim
More important info for the sake of convenience and also a mistake of my part regarding the need to compile data for the method in my comment
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