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OK this has been slowly consuming my mind ever since it showed up in the devblog sidebar and it has gotten to the point that if I do not find the answers I seek I shall rapidly descend into madness


What the FUCK does cuanjanito mean


When I saw the meme I assumed it was just a normal Spanish word. I don't speak Spanish so I had no way of knowing. I thought the face-down Pikachu was a funny enough image on its own, so I initially didn't see any need to look it up.


Then I kept checking the devblog once or twice a week. And I saw that FUCKING Pikachu every day. And my curiosity grew. And grew. Until it became unbearable.


I went to Google Translate. It offered no answers. Cuanjanito does not appear to be a word in either Spanish or Portugese.


I checked a few other online Spanish translators to be sure. They helpfully informed me that cuanjanito means "little cuanjan." Thanks.


(Actually I went back to Google Translate just before writing this post, and apparently "cuanjan" means "money" in Sudanese? Is THAT the joke? Some weird tri-lingual bit where a face-down Pikachu says "yay, little money?" IS THAT IT??????????)


I searched for the word cuanjanito on Google in general. It got exactly ONE result: Ceri's Twitter account. I scrolled down for several minutes on said page, and did not find any instance of the word cuanjanito, not even with ctrl+f.


Based on one of Rejuv's artists being literally the only result on the whole internet, I think it's safe to say that this is some kind of dev inside joke. Which makes sense, that's what the devblog memes usually are, just... What does this one mean. I have to know. I can't see that god damn electric rodent lying prone in a poorly-lit flower field on the right-hand corner of my screen twice a week anymore without FUCKING answers, okay?


Ceri, if you're listening, please... Please. If it's a 13.5 spoiler or something you don't have to tell me, but otherwise, I. I need. To know. please

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To me it sounds like "cuan juanito" (How, little john), which still doen't makes sense. Or "Cuaja nito" (Nito, curdle/set/settle), which is way worse. It also sounds like "Guanajuato".

Maybe it's not even in Spanish; something about a janitor?


Perhaps it be the nonsensical name of a poor pokemon used for debug purposes?



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