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[Somewhat Spoilers]An older story-related error, and two more misc/obscure ones.

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So yeah you read the title let's get into it.


The most important is the Story one, while it is not a V13 story error, it was one part that quite largely reworked, so I'll spoiler it regardless.



In Western Gearen Sewers, after you try to go to the lower and get denied, and catch Garbodor's attention, when Volta comes out the door Garbodor was staring at the game just stops. And not as in the game freezes, as in the cutscene just does not continue. I managed to get through this by going into rpgmaker and removing the Wait for Move's completion right after Volta enters the scene, but this should be noted.


One that I'm assuming is a bug, A-Toxtricity just does not learn any TM moves at all. Not even the TM moves other Toxtricity get, and not even Attract. And I guess since I'm on this, might as well point out how the little screen in the TM bag menu that displays a TM's compatibility does not account for alternate forms it seems.


And last one, which is most likely the most obscure one. I open the Map on the Pokenav, press Q and W to scroll to the other maps, close the Pokenav. And then go try to open the Pokenav again, and this little sucker pops up and then the game closes





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5 hours ago, Rejuvenated said:

having the same issue with the cutscene freezing, wondering how easy it was for you fix it as I also can't progress atm haha

Sorry for being a bit late but uh, yeah.


If you have rpgmaker it is really easy to get past, but if you do not, you cannot do anything about i'm pretty sure.

Here's a file of the map that happens in. should fix the issue. just plop this in the Data Folder of the game, replacing the current one.


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