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Mothim and Headbutt Trees



According to the wiki, Aventurine Woods contains both high encounter headbutt trees and low encounter headbutt trees, which appear to have identical encounter tables aside from the high encounter headbutt trees having a 4% Wormadam encounter rate and the low encounter headbutt trees having a 4% Mothim encounter rate.


Because Flygon is a pretty cool Pokemon and there's a guy who'll give you a Trapinch of equal level to a Mothim you give him, I decided to catch one of the high level Mothim from these low encounter headbutt trees. I headbutted every headbutt tree in Aventurine Woods (including the ones locked behind the Heracross/Pinsir puzzles) until each of them yielded either a 4% Wormadam encounter or a 4% Mothim encounter. This took multiple hours of real time (with speed up enabled) to do, and my efforts yielded me 0 Mothim(s?) or low encounter headbutt trees. Every single damn headbutt tree in those woods is a high encounter headbutt tree, as far as I can tell, which has understandably made me a bit peeved.


Did I just get incredibly unlucky with the distribution of headbutt tree types in my save file, or is the wiki just outdated and/or wrong about this? I've seen the wiki be wrong before- it currently claims that the single matching digit prize of the daily lottery is an ultra ball instead of a full restore, for example.

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1 hour ago, Gastronely said:

You're better off just headbutting the trees inside of Seacrest'd Garden at Peridot Ward. Burmy is the most common encounter, and it doesn't take much long until it evolves

I know I can find them there- I actually already dug one from there out of my PC and evolved it into a Mothim before I ever set foot in Route 1. The problem is that the Trapinch guy's Trapinch's level will match the level of the Mothim that you trade to him, and a fresh Seacrest Garden Burmy will be like 30 levels behind the rest of your party by that point in the game. The question I have here isn't about that, though- it's about whether or not it's even possible to catch a Mothim from any of the headbutt trees in Aventurine Forest (and about whether or not the wiki is currently displaying outdated/incorrect encounter information that could trip up other people like me).

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