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2 hours ago, Eclipse 01 said:

Umm.. after saving in the pokemon center, its just frozen after ?!!! Here the file 

Game.exe 608 kB · 3 downloads

Hi, so the file we need here for "unstucking" is a file named game.rxdata
File location is in C:>[Computer'sName]>SavedGames>Pokemon Rejuvenation

Or if your going back a save or 2, In the Saved games for Rejuv [Same process as above]

  1. Locate the game.rxdata and delete it
  2. rename one of the previous game files to game.rxdata

i have game.rxdata and game - 470 - Marisa - 156h 46m - 17 Badges.rxdata
i delete game.rxdata and rename that long one ^ to game.rxdata, the game will load from previous point from there

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