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Hey! Hello! Introduction? Someone wanted Battle Factory?

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Hey, Toothpastefairy here!


Now Toothpastefairy, while an awesome name of course, is a bit of a mouthful. So feel free to call me Berend (after my real name Brent) for easier use.

Some may know me through the Patreon Discord Server, or if you're one of the most vigilant status thread followers you might have also heard of me.

So it's high time I actually introduce myself. A bit of general info includes:

  • Age: 21
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Gender: Male
  • Studying: Applied Physics

My free time is mostly spend in a few ways: Reading fanfics, playing chess, the downwards spiral that is watching YouTude vids, a bit of reddit and recently

fixing/optimizing parts of the Pokémon Reborn scripts. All this while listening to music, ofc. Oh and watching anime, though I'm not a full weeb (yet).

I'm also starting to love cooking more and more! So if you know any good recipes and want to share please hit me up! I have a preference for vegetarian

recipes, because I know fewer of those. Though I am also all for recipes involving meat or fish.


On a bit more personal level, I'm not a social butterfly. Being alone is something I actually quite like, though I still have friends and love spending

time with them as well. Just don't expect me to come up to you and start talking. Overall I'm a happy, if sometimes pessimistic, person.


Recently, I've become a dev for Reborn, because the amount of bugs you guys have been able to find was a bit too much. One of the

things I've done since becoming a dev is go optimization hunting with Cass. The things you find in there are not pretty( but it does run). The worst

offender we found was so bad in fact, that it deserved a whole new update. It's called 18.4, please go download it. Before becoming a dev though I

also fixed up the battle factory, and fixed the screen border after the shift to 18.3. Whoever plays with screen border, if any poor souls are actually out

there, you're welcome. The battle factory was the first time I actually started coding something in Ruby. So whoever asked for it in a dev blog, thank you.

Without you asking I would most likely not have become a dev!


Now onto the actual real reason I'm making this introduction post. Right before starting as a dev I was witness to a convo where Cliff Hell was mentioned.

Cliff Hell generally means the boring but time consuming part of map making where cliffs are being placed around. I took it as a challenge up to myself

to see if this process could be automated. And had some success. So I wanted to share it with all the lovely map makers. Expect it to be releases tomorrow

or so. But it would be a bit weird if that was my first post, no? Plus it was probably a good idea to finally introduce myself after becoming a dev.


Thusly this introduction. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!  -Toothpastefairy

P.S. coming up with titles sucks.





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Posted (edited)

Well... Reactions are broken, again... Welcome to the community, and thank SO SO SO SO much for your hard work. 

Just now, VividGrey said:

My slow pc is ever in your favor.

Absolutely, I will finally be able to play Reborn on my samsung smart fridge without lag, and it's all thanks to you ^~^



Edit: Reactions are no longer broken, take one!


Edited by Gastronely

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thank you for all your hard work on Reborn! (and it's always nice to see another fellow physicist-to-be 🙂 )

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You're doing God's work out there brother, keep it up! 

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