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Authisode 8: Braving the Abyss

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LADLES, GENTLESPOONS and PEOPLE OF OTHERWISE UNDEFINED CUTLERY, allow me to introduce the latest installment of the GRIPPING Reborn Moderation Saga!


In the wake of the Post-apocalypse and the Scythe of hell severing the dimensions, our BRAVE ragtag crew must continue fighting onwards. But unknown in the depths, the ABYSS is stirring....  
That's right folks, Today our team has taken two small steps for Reborn and two slightly larger steps for Reborn-kind with the additions of @Kurohada Raiga (Brave) and @Abyssreaper99 (Abyss) to the Discord Moderation Team. They'll be watching...  
(Brave has emerged from retirement to return to the position after some time on vacation)


Also, this month is bringing EXCITING updates to the discor-verse such as;
 - #monster-hunter is being retired due to a lack of activity (all claims of connections to the monster conservation society will be swiftly denied)
 - Trialing of an emotional support channel will soon begin for people seeking advice or empathy for difficult things they're going through. Respect rules will be doubly important here and justice will be swift and painful for any who break them. It will also likely require a new role to access, tentatively being named "verified 2 - verifieder" at this time. More info will be forthcoming in the future, so keep your eyes open! (except when sleeping)
 - If you're verified, you can now choose between different flavors of name! You won't actually be able to taste them, but check out ?rank in the #bot-spot channel if you wanna look even prettier than you already do.
 - *ominous party noises rumble in the distance*

 Also also, remember Clubs? Because it seems like most people don't. Clubs that have been inactive for more than a year are by court decree getting officially *yeeted* (technical term) into the void. But on the other hand, remember those convoluted rules about needing at least 5 people and stuff to form a new club? Now you're free to forget them completely if you did because those have also been erased as part of operation yeet. And no we will not apologize for using this terminology. To clarify, this means you're now free to make any new clubs your heart desires and don't need no approval because mom can't tell you how to live your life!

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I like your Dragon ball reference 😆

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