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Zarc and Co. : professionals providers of pokemons


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As many of you know me , i am someone with no soul and no heart and i like this



25/10/17 edit :



Okay guys , so here is a big modification of the topic : Now i will not work alone anymore. Instead of having a lot of trades topics , we decided to keep just this one for the entire providing thing. I hope we will be able to give you what you will ask :) 



Here are peoples actually working on it :




@Hooligan  ( Mostly perfect IV beldums ) 


@Ainz Ooal Gown  ( Mostly perfect IV deinos and ralts )



@FairFamily ( Mostly eggs moves pokemons ) 



@Sayia ( mostly gen 7 mons ) 



And of course myself ( Any pokemons except gen 7 for now : shinies , natures , 5IV , pokerus , abilities ) 






I think we should be enough to work properly ! Hope this will continue ! :) 




ps : sometime on the first trading attempt , my game crash ( idk why ) . So if this happen , please do not panic and just re login , i will send you a request again and it will work. 

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you're lucky it's a male ! you don't have to give me a froakie , just give me the pokemon you want and it's fine.



What's your nickname for the trade ? 

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