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The Pokedex entry sounds like Machamp + Shedinja.

EDIT: So I was on mobile and can't take a screenshot, but another one I got had "Spoon Wielding Jerry Sienfeld" as the species XD

EDIT2: Fedora-Wearing Watermelon

EDIT3: Large Spaghetti

EDIT4: Juggalo Styrofoam Cup

EDIT5: "Professor Oak keeps one in his basement as a sex slave."

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I'm from mobile, so no screenshot :/


elevated beetle Pok¨¦mon1'4" ft75 lbs.

When seven of them gather, an orgy occurs. A secret society in Johto is dedicated to this Pok¨¦mon.

Yup! That's definately a pokemon I would use. Or 7 of them actualy... B)

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