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  1. Complicated! Most people used the vanillite in the quest cause If I remember rightly the reward is something that nobody would like to miss. I think you should consider to use debug mod and add the reward.
  2. I battled the totems in the new areas and went to the golden key collector at undernet digsite but he still wants more, so greedy. Is there any guide with the key fragments locations?
  3. I passed this part but I don't know what to do after the password I already had the group talking in the classrooms but I have no idea what I should do to access the left door or open the colored door. It's hard to play this game cause there's a severe lack of guidance and you have to search the stuff all the time or just give up cause you can't proceed.
  4. So the cook off is the last available part of the quest or there are some more?
  5. Is there any similar mod to rejuvenation V13? I'm stuck for weeks cause I can't solve a puzzle.
  6. I can use the menu and change the direction but can't walk. I'll look for this mods, I never used any but I'll try now, thanks!
  7. After I pick my starter in the table and click 'yes' my avatar appears in a point with no connection and I can't move. I'm playing the altform version E18 and maybe this happened cause I'm using a galarian starter, I dunno what to do. Have I lost my progress? After tiring 16 badges... The image shows where I'm frozen.
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