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  1. Sorry if I am a week late, didn't notice the topic before. If you still need a way to get it without needing to breed, one of the mods included in the mod package allows your mons to relearn egg moves at the move reminder! Just install that one by following the instructions on the main topic and you can get your DD for the measly price of a heart scale.
  2. Wimpy chicken is sad chicken :( Either way, until it gets fixed, you can work around by teaching it back via TM08, even though you have to progress all the way until you gain access to Tourmaline Desert to get it. Or go straight for Power-Up-Punch once you get that, instead. In any case, I guess both will be outclassed by Swords Dance when it becomes available in E19.
  3. Also had good ol' Ampharos on my team at the time, can't go wrong with it! Even better, if you got a Joltik from the blackout event way back in Peridot (50% chance between it and Grubbin) you can try Galvantula instead, which not only has access to T-Wave for the para strat, but can also apply further speed control during the fight with Electroweb and Sticky Web (which gives the opponent an insane -3 in this field). Didn't bother to train up one myself, but on paper it sound really awesome for this gym!
  4. Pretty cool picks, the overall team looks good albeit extremely tailored for singles. I can see the general idea with the classic Hippo lead -> hazards -> setup -> sweep. Personally not a huge fan, but if it works for you by all means you should keep rocking with it! Preferences aside, though, 5 out of 6 mons focused on setup seems a bit redundant and you could probably use more flexibility in the form of speed control or terrain interactions. As mentioned by @Siv, you could drop Heat Wave on Naga, Thunder Fang on Hippo and Hurricane on Volc. Instead you could try additional coverage as he suggested or go for some utility: Struggle Bug (Volc) or Snarl (Naga) for debuffs, Tailwind (Naga or Volc) for speed control, Roost (Volc) or Slack Off (Hippo) for recovery, Light Screen on Volc for durability, Sunny Day if you need to get rid of your own sand, even cheeky stuff like Double Team, Substitute or Gastro Acid to screw with your opponent's abilities. Experiment and see what works best! Fake Out on Kanga also looks very good (maybe drop Sucker Punch, even if it sounds like blasphemy?), it's free chip damage in singles and helps your setup strategy in doubles, plus if you change the ability to Scrappy you can even use it on ghost types before mega evolving! Other than that, Thunder Wave on Gyarados? Even post gen 6 para is still broken, so might as well try it. As for items, not sure. Razor Fang on Gyara to boost Waterfall flinches seems fun, but it's likely to be useless if you are planning to just sweep with it... At that point just keep your water boosting thingy, or switch to Muscle Band/Expert Belt if you wish to take advantage of the other moves as well. Or totally go the opposite way and slap a Waterium-Z on that bad boy, Hydrovortex your way to your first Moxie kill and start snowballing from there, what the heck. Hope I gave you some ideas! And if everything else fails don't worry, you always have an auto-win button on Aegislash, lmfao.
  5. Simple Swoobat can sweep half her team with Calm Mind + Psychic before being taken out, especially if you support it with Fake Out and/or screens. You could also try changing the terrain to nerf her (misty is the best one here as it also prevents you from getting poisoned, while grassy is kinda useless, since repeated Sludge Waves will change it back and she really likes to spam it). Steel types work amazingly against her, but by that point in the game I don't remeber having access to a lot of them (the Klink line and Forretress and maybe just a few other weak ones, I didn't bother to try them). I personally beat her with Gastrodon (you can get a Shellos in Azurine Island) and Camerupt (Numel is accessible near the lower Peridot station after beating the first gym): the latter has very early access to Earth Power - arguably the best special ground move in the game and one of the few strong ones that isn't affected by her field - while the former's Mud Bomb even gets a boost in her arena! Sidenote: Gastro gets overlooked but I really recommend it for the mid game, very bulky, water/ground is a sick typing and Storm Drain is busted, it carried me through the story all the way to Adrienn. Anyway don't get discouraged and keep trying, I definitely found her to be one of the hardest leaders but after clearing her it should be smooth sailing for a while - and as a plus, the story gets a lot more interesting. Have fun!
  6. Have you interacted with Kiki's grave in the wasteland? You can find it in the middle section where you first drop down coming from Reborn City, on the right just outside of the tall building with multiple sets of stairs. The boulder you are missing should appear after talking to that tombstone.
  7. Well, it's just a personal assumption, but sooner or later all missing TMs will have to be available and since e19 will be the last one, TM26 Earthquake will definitely be somewhere. TM02 Dragon Claw will most likely be the reward from Saphira's gym, which leaves: TM04 Calm Mind TM13 Ice Beam TM14 Blizzard TM25 Thunder TM26 Earthquake TM36 Sludge Bomb TM38 Fire Blast TM53 Energy Ball TM72 Volt Switch TM75 Swords Dance TM89 U-Turn Imo too many to be laying around in Charous Mountain and the remaining part of the map, so I can see a couple of them being rewards for optional quests and most of them being purchasable for a steep price from some special shop, especially since most of them can be thematically grouped together (e.g. the "OG super moves" TM14, 25 and 38 - and possibly EQ -, or the "competitive flavored" ones like 04, 72, 75 and 89). But in the end it's all speculation, we can only wait and see :P
  8. Well it's not like being slower is inherently bad, especially if it's compensated by good typing, abilities, stats and movepool. No wonder Incineroar has been dominating the competitive scene (especially in doubles) since its HA release, and Magnezone - which has the same speed stat - is equally busted in storymode. We'll eventually get Earthquake and the other missing TMs in e19 (I myself am running Venusaur despite not having access to Sludgebomb yet). Anyway for your other picks, Blaziken destroys the game on its own - even more so if you run Protect to get a free turn of speed boost in - Krookodile and Serperior/Roserade are all very good offensive options. Abomasnow is super fun but very slow and full of weaknesses and in a game like Reborn where every opponent has crazy coverage I feel like it would be deadweight most of the time, so it's the only one I wouldn't recommend. Again, ultimately it's up to your playstyle, if you like hyper offense go for it!
  9. I'd just keep it simple and go for a 252 hp, 252 atk, 4 anything else. With Intimidate and an Assault Vest on it's gonna be bulky as hell on both sides and hit hard as a truck. If you want to outspeed some things you can drop some from atk and put them on speed, but consider that you'll need at least 84 EVs with 31 IVs to be faster than uninvested base 70 mons.
  10. Looks solid, although I personally wouldn't bother with speed EVs on Magne and Inci since they both come off a 60 speed BST and they likely won't outspeed many threats... You'd probably be better off increasing their bulk instead. I'm using Magnezone and Mega Garde on my main team and I can confirm they are both very good. As for Chesnaught vs Breloom, I think Breloom is far superior - again, Spore - but ultimately you should just go with your favorite and the one you think will be a better fit.
  11. Malamar with Contrary and Superpower could do well against normal types. If you want to switch it out instead - since it shares types with both Raichu and Incineroar - Breloom might be an interesting pick: it's always been one of the most busted mons in singles thanks to the infamous spore + focus punch combo and would complete the classic fire/water/grass core for you along with Incineroar and Primarina. It also helps by resisting ground, which 3 of your mons are weak against. Otherwise Heracross is another fun option and provides you with a different mega if you want. Overall, aside from Raichu and Garchomp - the latter of which gets a speed decrease if you use the mega - the team seems pretty balanced but kinda slow. I am not sure if you are planning to EV train or not, but either way my advice would be to try and get multiple forms of speed control - Trick Room especially. Have fun training!
  12. Just caught up all the way to the end of E18 in my second playthrough - in the first one, a couple years ago, I stopped right after Noel - and I must say I am super glad I gave Reborn another chance. Huge props to Ame and the whole team for this gem of a game, it definitely climbed its way up my ranks and is now without a shred of a doubt one of my all-time favourites. The difficulty curve I felt was very nice, always keeping up a fair degree of challenge without falling into straight-up cheap territory - except for a couple of fights/gauntlets, which only required a little adjustment - and the field mechanics kept the fighting varied and interesting all the way through. Gameplay aside though, what stood out the most to me were the plot and the cast of characters: each and everyone of them was great in its own way and I can't wait to see how each of their own personal tale will reach its conclusion in the next chapter. Expectations are sky-high right now, but I am 100% sure the finale will manage to deliver. Until then, thanks again for the amazing ride! Much love to y'all :)
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