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  1. The shop inside Spinel museum sells some fossils but I don't remember Claw being one of them, or being available through puzzle games like many others. So you have 2 options: - save in front of a mining rock and soft reset till you get it, which can be tedious but is a sure-fire solution at any point in the game. - catch an Armaldo in Victory Road and breed it.
  2. Most events are one-time only (I believe the Blitzle one is), so you'll have to wait. Aside from legendaries and a few other exceptions, though, you will be able to catch multiples of almost any species in the wild later on, so don't worry if you screw up one of them. Still, it's best to save before static ones so you can retry, or soft-reset for better IVs, natures and abilities if you care about them.
  3. All berries should be available in the Department Store (if you can't get them yet, check on the above floors once you unlock them). You can buy a lot of them and they are pretty cheap, so farming isn't needed as you can simply restock, but if you still want to grow your own you can plant them in the spots inside the Woods on route 1 (pretty inconvenient though) or better yet later on in the ones inside the alleyways, after the City restoration.
  4. Yeah, those webs aren't related to Joltik, though you can catch Dewpider/Araquanid by fishing in the nearby pools. If you didn't get it in the blackout event, Joltik will be available post restoration (after 13th badge) in the grass in Peridot along with Galvantula. Adding to the above answer, for the lady to show up in 7th street you will need to have cleared Iolia Valley and gained the 9th badge already. As for Nyu, I am pretty sure he doesn't give away the megastones anymore, as they have both been moved in different places and can be found in the overworld.
  5. Hoothoot can be found in multiple places at night, like the grass right outside Grand Hall, inside Rhodochrine Jungle or even on the cliffs above Beryl Ward left of the gym. If you didn't get Espurr from the event, though, I am afraid it won't be available before North Obsidia Alleyway / Lapis Alleyway, both of which become accessible after beating the 3rd gym. If you are looking for a psychic type, I suggest you snag a Woobat (either in the Underground Railnet or in the Underroot) with the Simple ability. It's super good early game and can help a lot up to the 7th gym or so.
  6. Does anyone know if there's a way to get a second Type:Null in the postgame? Got the one from 7th street and evolved it already, but I'd like to grab a second one since I am going for a full living dex. Just OCD things, ya know.
  7. No problem! Fyi in my current run I also tried to get as many points as possible with everyone, but still gave priority to role-playing and staying in character... and that ended up fucking up my relationships with half the cast - including these two jerks - lmao. Still worth it if you ask me, though.
  8. Like Cobra mentioned in the spoiler, you have them mixed up: Zekrom route is triggered by battling him, Reshiram by choosing not to. I have yet to try out the Zekrom path in E19, but in previous ones you used to get a bit more lore about him, his family and Team Meteor in Reshiram's by talking to him in the desert if you let him come with you. He also gives additional lore about the places you visit with him in that section. Reshiram's route is also one of the many requirements for achieving the "secret" ending (which isn't inherently meant to be better or worse than the default one, it's just different). Also, while Reshiram route allowed you to just skip that battle in the past, now if you decline you will still have to fight someone else.
  9. You now get a +2 and an additional dialogue with Blake when rescuing the Smoochum in Citrine Mountain (think you have to do this before effectively meeting him in the main story). Then there's the one in Agate Circus mentioned by Jk, just speak to him after getting Surf. Don't know about the Obsidian Slums one though, I might have just missed it. For Elias, there's a possible point in one of Ace's dialogues (when asked in the Sanctum about family, pick "blood" for +1 with Elias and -1 with Ace, "loyalty" for the opposite result), and another one in the postgame (the first time you rematch him in a 2v1 battle, pick "I'm honored" for +1, "It's just a prank" for neutral and "Bow before me" for -1). Everything else should have stayed the same as in previous episodes.
  10. If you don't want to deal with the pickup RNG, I think you also get an additional one as a reward for the spirit hunting quest in Victory Road (along with a bunch of other good stuff), or you can straight up buy them from the Department Store Penthouse (40k a piece).
  11. They don't jump out of trees anymore apparently, now they are just regular encounters in the wasteland's grass.
  12. Go back to the Underroot in Rhodochrine Jungle once you have the Crystal Key from Luna's gym, there's a puzzle involving crystals, rock smash and cut in the upper right corner with the Axew egg as final prize.
  13. The north one if I recall right. It's definitely not in the Pyukumuku one, so you should look for the southern cave, which is accessed from a different area of the lake. It's smaller, you don't need blizzard to navigate it and it's basically a single room with 3/4 items lying around, including the readout.
  14. Still in Azurine Cave, maybe you are just checking the wrong one? There's one in the north and another in the south.
  15. They are available in the Nightclub in the postgame, you can trade BP for them. Not sure if there are other repeatable methods before the Elite 4, maybe the Obsidia Dept. Store sells them as well on higher floors? Haven't checked.
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