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  1. Anyone who's finished the Mt. Valor storyline will know that the Geara and Zetta battle at the end is one of the hardest fights, if not THE hardest fight experienced up to that point in the story. Their teamwork is impeccable, what with dual screens, field-boosted moves (and even turn 1 tailwind in intense), top-tier mons that are all very threatening and counterplay can feel limited beyond heal spam or extremely good RNG. And that's ignoring Melia's horrendous AI. That being said, there are plenty of guides available for this battle. However, I feel like that most of them are either a bit vague, or require a full team of often hard-to-get mons. As such, I decided to upload my personal strat for this fight, which can be done with as few as 3 mons total. The Team: 1. Bounce & Tailwind: As this entire plan requires Sky field to work, this part is absolutely essential, with bounce changing the field, and tailwind ensuring you outspeed everything. Ideally, you want something that can fit both moves on its moveset (Jumpluff could work, and I personally used the shadow finneon from Golden woods Park). But if you don't have these, you can just split it between two mons. Just make sure they can outspeed Geara's Krookodile! 2. Sky attack: For those who didn't know, Sky field not only makes this a one-turn move, but also gives it a noticeable damage buff. This, combined with its heightened crit rate, make it ideal for sweeping. To max out damage, while straight up ignoring screens, we want to reach a 100% crit rate. Unfortunately, that leaves us with only 2 available pokemon that fit this criteria: Unfezant and Sirfetch'd. Pidoves can be found in the route before Akuwa Town, while G-Farfetch'd, while rare, can be found in Secret Shore. Unfezant will need Super Luck as an ability and Scope lens for an item (you can get in from a ranger in the terajuma poke mart I think), while Sirfetch'd will need a leek, which can you get from regular farfetchd on the snowy forest island off the coast of Akuma town (this will admittedly take a while). Personally, I prefer Sirfetchd over Unfezant, as you can farm leeks but can only get one scope lens. Moreover, sirfetchd gets brick break, which allows other mons to help more if needed. (To get Sky attack on sirfetchd, breed with an unfezant). You should get at least 2 of these in case one faints For the battle itself, lead with bounce, and try to remove the minior before tailwind, as it, along with the Dragonite, are the only mons that can tank a hit. Once you've get tailwind up, bring in the Sky attacker and sweep mons. If Melia gets her togekiss in while the dragonite is out, it can break multiscale for you. The only time you'd need to SR if I'd Sky attack starts missing too much, as it can basically ohko almost everything Additionally, you may want to bring an additional fast tailwind mon (like crobat) in case you run out of turns, although this is unlikely. As for intense players, I think snatch +decent SE move should deal with the aerodactyl that replaces Minior. Sirfetchd can also run moves like night slash and leaf blade to hit other mons for absurd damage in intense, like Zetta's gigalith. This strategy can also work against Amber and Souta, although for Souta you may need to outstall the skarmory and tailwind with smth like a golem And that's it! Let me know your suggestions and tips in the comments!
  2. I was looking through the v13 field effect guide and noticed details about the Infernal Field and the Colosseum field. The infernal field seems to be for a future Cera fight, but the colosseum field's possible use is a mystery to me. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi! A Seviper in my box holding a Seviper crest got replaced by a Primeape due to a cloning glitch, so I was wondering if someone could add the crest to my bag. (No need to add an extra Seviper tho). I'm aware this could be resolved by going back to a previous save file, but I have no clue which save file it is, and I'd rather not delete all the progress I made since then. Game - 1134 - Slate - 167h 21m - 14 badges.rxdata
  4. When V13 came out with more megas, it came with the gmax forms converted to custom mega evolutions. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any info available on the stats and abilities of the gmax-turned-megas, so thought I'd start a list. So far I've only got info on Mega Sandaconda: Mega Sandaconda: Attack: 127 Defense: 125 Sp.Attack: 105 Sp.Defense: 90 Speed: 91 Ability: Thick fat If anyone can provide info for the other new megas, it's be appreciated.
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