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  1. If we were to think about it, there is a chance that it is Huey. We don't know his origins, not really. The only thing we got at the moment is that both him and Rune (then Freya) were the only survivors of the Miera Powerplant incident and that Rune/Freya somehow knew that Huey is very important. Also, during the Melia/Erin scene in the Blakeory Atheneum we get to read, that the only survivors of said incident were an agent from the International Police, Freya (Rune), and Lord Xenadin, the leader of the first Team Xen. So, there's a chance that Huey is Lord Xenadin. How did he get de-aged and lost his memories is another thing and a possible hole in the theory. But, in conclusion, there's a chance that Huey is not born of man, he has lost a loved one (Rune) and is possibly a part of the Light Prophecy.
  2. There's also Polioethal Forest in the south-east part of the Badlands. It's blocked off atm and there's really no theories about that location, so I'm pretty curious what is in plans for that area...
  3. But, isn't Nastasia like 50? I think their relationship is totally platonic if anything. But I must agree that we don't really have a reason to not belive him when he tells us that his real body is stored at the Xen HQ. I think that making Ren the villain might be a little to obvious, since even from the beginning he was a double agent (though it was Crescent who manipulated him into being one for her) and Reina didn't really have any bigger character development.
  4. A quick doodle of Taka I drew while trying out new brushes in a program. (Dear Arceus... I just realized how inconsistent my drawing style is lmao)
  5. I'm pretty sure that one of the patches for V13 was supposed to remove Venoshock from Venam's Mareanie's moveset since people were complaining about the difficulty and the new level cap for the first gym (changed from 20 to 15, then to 18 in that one patch)?? The changelogs to the previous patches are unavailable now, so I might be wrong.
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