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  1. Greetings, sorry I took so long to reply, life happened and I was already feeling burned out from trying so hard before. Please note that I actually have no idea where all the items are so please give me a location with your item suggestion Also, i trained all of my pokemon a while back so it's very late to give throh wide gaurd but, nonetheless, heres the team i tried to roll up with ...aaaand i failed. hard. nothing changed, really. right now i only have three useful held items, being the scope lense, muscle band, and charcoal. so I tried mixing and matching with this team but it never worked. the closest I got was because of a few lucky misses or crits. It's also worth noting i also EV trained them. I'll post the "dream team" now: Arsene- Yuji- Pancha- Leodie- Throggo- Wolter- So yeah, i still have no idea what to do. If anyone has specific suggestions (i.e. go to this place and capture this) or some kind of synergy I could use that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help so far aswell. ALSO- A location of a good, reliable healing item that i can farm/buy would be instrumental to getting somewhere in this.
  2. (Warning, spoilers for Chapter 7 but I guess you all already knew that- Just being safe because I'm not sure what this forum's policies on spoilers are.) - Greetings, Pokemon Rejuvenation forum. I humbly request an audience with you today because the 7th Gym is currently, to put it politely, driving me up the damn wall. I've played through this game quite casually, and this is my first really difficult fight (This is on casual mode). No matter what I try, I wipe almost instantly- getting only the Beartic if I'm extremely lucky. I've decided that if I want a chance at beating it I need to get my team in shape. But sadly, I don't know the first thing about setting up a team of elites, so I'll try to start by telling you about my current team. Here they are As you can see right off the bat, they aren't exactly champion-grade, but this humble team brought me through the game up until now. I'll talk about them all individually if it's required Tedette- Renegade- Roast- Prince- Tails- Redwood- well that's my main team but I also have a lot of boxed pokemon i can try (like i was thinking of some kind of Flame Burst strategy with a magcargo I caught in the safari zone but it didn't really work yet)- Thank you for taking your time to read this, and please tell me any suggestions you have! I'll also post the stats of whatever pokemon that's asked.
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