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  1. I'm glad for that, it seemed very out of place when no one brought it up afterwards
  2. So, I just was at the point where Amber was kidnapped by Xen. Madelis shows up and tells the MC to bring Melia to her, or else, immediately after just explaining that she had incapacitated the entire party with roofies or something. Can anyone figure out the rationale here, or am I crazy for thinking she could have just walked over and taken her? Maybe that's ludonarrative dissonance and there are more people at the resort pot luck than we can see, or something.
  3. Pyukumuku with curse, recover, pain split and counter can deal with seaking, dewgong and floatzel solo. If you have a cacnea with water absorb, that will be helpful at least to force her to swap sometimes.
  4. Dawn stone after the gym fight behind a wispy ruins treasure door, no clue on the moon stone
  5. Does the ditto quest start the same way in v13? I turned in the solrock quest, and I've progressed to Chapter 4 with no way to start or progress it thus far.
  6. I'm very pleased to hear that, andracass of Reborn-now-Rejuv-fame
  7. Am I reading this correctly in that Rejuv v13 will ship with a linux version like Reborn? Desolation's game-z has troubles launching on Manjaro, so I was contenting myself with the possibility of a lot of tinkering.
  8. Yeah reborn was probably hard enough in retrospect, so normal is probably good, especially when it's blind. I just didn't know how tuned/narratively consistent intense was in comparison to normal.
  9. So I'm waiting for the new version to start my first playthrough, what difficulty do you guys recommend? I've played through Reborn twice and found it pretty hard the first time, and reasonably difficult the second time. I'm less concerned with total difficulty and more concerned with potential immersion-breaking for Intense. The FAQ says it has legendaries for gym leaders, so is intense more of a second playthrough challenge difficulty?
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