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  1. sorry Anas is my game name and Reborner is my online name
  2. My username is Anas and i was born for trading
  3. Hey So i want to have the modular mod pack. Can anyone present it here so that i can download it. And is there a a walk through walls mod. And one more thing please, how can i on the mod i mean how to activate it. Please tell me these three things.
  4. okay so if we let karrina kill karen in the hidden library quest 3. Then karen will no longer be in existence. Then that will mean one of the ELITE 8 will be dead. So who will we face when we reach the elite 8 where karen will supposed to be be but she will be killed. The question really is who will we face 1. Karen will magically appear like in the most games happen 2. They will find a reserve ( how will they even find a suitable trainer for the elite 8) 3. It can be Lavender because we did not face her for the badge but we faced puppet master Karen : So who can be the Elite 8 member. Please tell me Little Doves
  5. yo So can anybody tell me how to start the bad ending where you get to choose between Our friends ooor THE OBLIVION. And you might have already guessed That I want to fight for THE OBLIVION. So can anybody tell me how to go through this because i would love to fight for madme x.
  6. yo I just want to know the locations of the starter pokemon which are in wild.
  7. The biggest theory i wanna know about is the identity of Madme X Like seriously what is under that mask. I have a hunch it might be Anathea
  8. Okay sooo I remember i did the anna quest one or two times. But that was a long time ago. And i dont remember where to start it and i have completely forgot where to start this. So please help me.
  9. Wellll now you that you talk about it. It doesn't make any sense. Her Mask is like Steel or whatever. I know her mask doesn't has an eye section.I know this because when i battled her at blacksteeple castle ( and i beated the hell out of her). Sooo yeah there are only two explanations which are 1. She has some power to see through it 2. She forgot to add an eye section to her mask when she was making it
  10. Okay and Hi So, a lot of people are and were talking about mystery egg events or something. Honestly i dont even know where to start this mystery egg event. I uploaded a post a few days ago in which i wanted to know where to get a togepi of togetik or togekiss. And the answer came which was saying ( You can get the togepi from the mystery egg line) and i was like ( what is even mystery egg line) but i was still thankful to that person. soooo please can any of you explain to me what this is and how to get it started because i really want to get a togepi orrrr a togetik oooooorrrr a togekiss. Thankyou
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  12. Hello So I just captured a type null and was wondering where could its disk be. If any of you know please tell me the location of the disks. And kindly tell me as well where can you catch a togepi or togetic or togekiss. thanks
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