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  1. I just have enough of it. I have tried to Fix POKEMON REJUVENATION from LAGGING but the there is no way. I have tried to fix this for hoursssss but it wont work not only this but my other games are slow and laggy. Please help meeeee I cant take it any longerrrr HEEELLLLPPPPPP
  2. Yo Its not gonna happen.......ok then. Oh and are there any legendaries catchable in the new version. I was really mad when the trainer of mewtwo was Madelis and the groudon belonged to maid of angie and we could not catch the kyogre and volcanion. I NEEEED LEGENDARIESSSS
  3. Okay I know where the story is going but it would have been awsome if we could join Team Xen. Soooooo this idea came to me tomorrow that does anybody has a crush on our character. I know Ren has a crush on Aelita but there can be someone who has a crush on our player i mean like Melia or Saki ( I dont know why am i saying saki but ok) and the one i really think that has a crush is Amber. Yeah Amber i mean how she was nice to us and wanted to give us something during the tournament
  4. HEY SOOO is there a posibility that our player can join forces with Team Xen. I mean like really join them and be evil, work for them. So, please tell me is there a posiblity. Oh and if your reading this jan then please in the version above 13 please add something like this. It will be really cool if this happens. I mean like siding with Team Xen. Coooooooooolllllllllll Thanks
  5. HEY! Do you know that what our character is capable of. I know that our character is the interceptor. There would be something that our player can do rather than just not dying. I mean melia has cool golden powers butI would like to know what our player can do. I
  6. I am super dooper excited for V13. Hope it comes out soonnnnn.
  7. Version 13 is going to be awsome. And scorbunny is tooo awsome. The best and strongest starter of all. With the power of Piro Ball i will be unstoppable.
  8. I just loveee Scorbunny. And i am going to choose it. That's 100% sure. It is so cute.
  9. Hey Sooo 100% complete huh. I am totally hyped. I can't wait for it.. I am soo hyped. Oh and are there any legendary pokemon catch able. If there are please tell me. Thankss
  10. Push Alt button if you want it faster when you play Pokemon Rejuvenation.

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    2. Rejuvenation


      I like you bro. You have been online.

    3. RoyChaos


      I know about Pokemon Rejuvenation a bit and don’t worry. Even if the game is slow, you can’t give up. It’s always like that.

    4. Rejuvenation



      You are giving me determination

  11. Thanks bro very Much But can you tell me the exact date when rejuvenation v 13 is coming out,
  12. Hey I have a problem. So, when I download Pokemon rejuvenation. It is successfully installed .But when I extract it and play the game it is slow and laggy. Please help me. Thanks
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