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  1. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a great day πŸ™‚πŸ°

  2. I would personally love to play the theme for Angie's Manor on an instrument, so I was wondering if there was sheet music available to the public. Granted I could just continuously go through multiple reps to get every pitch, but for times sake I'd like to get something to read off of.
  3. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a fun day πŸ˜‰πŸ°

  4. The AI goes for kills more than field changes so flame bursting first and then going into both rapidash and houndoom should easily secure a win. But if you really want to kill her you can go catch a torkoal with drought.
  5. Cradily- great wall, water pivot, and sustain Leafeon- chlorophyll, high attack stat, crest, swords dance Ludicolo- a given Breloom- spore spam Amoongus- tangrowth but better Whimsicott- prankster set up misty terr (not as useful in v13), sunny day, tailwind, and suicide memento
  6. You can always use flame charge on A Marowak in order to set up for a sweep
  7. Try using storm drain Gastrodon. Also you should consider teaching your roserade natural power. Unless you plan on using Gardevoir as a mega I would think of faster psychic type pokemon such as Alakazam, Espeon, or A-Raichu.
  8. Mega Blastoise is a more adaptable choice. Seeing how once you get your first shell smash in you're pretty set against most mons without priority. Blastoise @ Blastoisinite Ability: Rain Dish(Mega Launcher) EVs: 252 Spa / 252 HP/ 4 Spe Modest Nature -Water Pulse/Hydro Pump -Ice Beam -Dark Pulse/Aura Sphere/Rapid Spin -Shell Smash
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