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  1. I spent some more time working on the mega garchomp sprite & finally made one I'm pretty happy with + Another one I made this morning.
  2. Happy Easter everyone. Here is a shiny I made for flapple & appletun + megas
  3. Alternate shiny back sprites for mega toxtricity & sandaconda (Same colors as rejuvenation shiny just different sprites) + Gigantamax ciderace with rejuvenation shiny cinderace colors front + back.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm considering trying it out. Would it be possible to fix things if it does somehow mess up my game? I reviewed the files in pokemonmultipleforms.rb & removed anything that isn't in 13.0.4. like mega garbodor; etc.. Edit: It works! Thanks!
  5. Will this work with version 13.0.4.? I can't update mine cause my computer can't run 13.0.5.
  6. A couple mega aggron edits I didn't make most of them just edited them a bit & a shiny base form + mega corviknight recolor. Edit: Made a few touch ups on shiny corviknight + mega.
  7. I made a back sprite for a custom shiny mega gallade originally created by the user Bazaro in a thread called Reborn mega sprites; I was scrolling through the thread & thought the custom shiny they made was so cool that I had to do my best at making a back sprite for it. I will post the front sprite too but just know that it isn't made by me & anyone who wants to use it would have to ask Bazaro; If they ok it you can use the back sprite I made along with it if you'd like.
  8. Mega Sandaconda shiny recolor + alternate pose rejuvenation v13 shiny mega lapras back sprite.
  9. Mega Granbull regular + shiny; font + back (the regular colored front sprite was only slightly altered by me; I don't own most of the design).
  10. Mega Zoroark from Pokemon floral tempus but with rejuvenation shiny colors front + back sprite & mega Dusknoir from the same game back sprites & slightly altered front sprites (I had to alter the front sprites a little bit so I could efficiently make the back sprites) & mega Cofagrigus from Pokemon soulstones but with rejuvenation shiny colors front + back sprites.
  11. Np mate & I haven't found a way to fix the lag yet mine is like that too but if I find anything I'll definitely post it here.
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