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  1. Redid dimensional weavile from where love lies (with some other minor changes aside from color) & made an alternate back sprite for mega feraligatr (with the normal front sprite which is not made by me) from pokemon soulstones. & A "Mega haxorus"
  2. Redid a couple versions of shiny mega yanmega from pokemon soul stones.
  3. A couple Mega pinsir variations (with 2 back sprites for the purple one; I couldn't decide which one fit better)
  4. Hey I know that this might be the wrong place too post this but since I am not on any other pokemon sites (I don't like the main series games) I was wondering which mega is better overall; mega swampert (either with rain dance or power up punch & a drizzle team mate) or shell smash mega blastoise with the standard set. Also what ev spread & nature would you choose with your choice & what move set if you would alter it any.
  5. I made some back sprites for rift Aelita & dufaux from rejuvenation but they are kind of beta like (As in there is definitely room for improvement) But I did the best I could do if anyone wants to work on them & make them better feel free; I'm not the most talented sprite maker so.. I will add the front sprites with them upon anyone requesting them I just don't want to get in any trouble since I didn't make the front sprites
  6. Mega garchomp slight color change with the red on the tail & feet plus I now made the back sprite for it.
  7. Thanks very much. I'm glad we are still on good terms & I edited the original post too give you credit.
  8. Some of the shinnies I made on this list are just slight modifications (or edits) too ones made by others (like the garchomp; the beedrill; the rapidash & the bisharp which is from a game called daybreak "king's bisharp") the rest I just used an already existing sprite (original sprite I think they are called) & changed the colors. Anyways here is one I forgot in my original post; I'll share some more once I make them too.
  9. Thanks & I found the original shiny (like with the red & grey design) elsewheres but I added & colored the wings too it, Edit: Oh & I just clicked the link I saw that your the one who made the original rapidash; I just thought that since I added the wings it had somewhat my own touch; I promise i had no ill intent whatsoever when I posted it here if you'd like I can take it down or give you credit rights; I hope that there are no bad feelings. Thank you.
  10. Just a few notes;1.The last 2 (back sprites for shadow mewtwo & shadow mewtwo x were some of my 1st recolors so they aren't 100% pixel perfect; although I think the mega x one is a little better in that regard) 2.Some of the sprites I haven't yet made back sprites for 3.The gardevoir one is a back sprite I made for the "Angel of death gardevoir" from pokemon rejuvenation. 4. The rapidash shiny was originally made by Mr.Fahzy I just added & colored the wings too it so any credit would go to him since he did (by far) most of the work on it. Anyways I just wanted too share my work with an
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