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  1. So I've found a solution to the route 9 problem with Erin. So this will be step by step. First you need to get this: This essentially allows you to access the debug mode which in turn can access variables. 2. When in go into rose theatre for safety of your save 3. Drag your 4 main folders (Audio, Data, Fonts, graphics) into the "god mode" 4. Make sure your save works, idk sometimes it just wants you to redo it 5. Press f7 to activate debug mode, go into debug, go into variables and scroll down until you get to Post12th badge, it should be around 500 b
  2. accidently did the tournament bug, so Erin isn't showing up on route 9. Game.rxdata
  3. this happened to me too, you can head into the scholar district but nothing happens and you cant progress the story.
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