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  1. I've noticed that CandyExcess from Aironfaar's Miscellaneous Modular Mods doesn't seem to be working for me. The only other mod I use aside from those you listed in Compatible mods that are common or favourably used (should work 99%) is the E-19 Battle Music Pack, but I tried playing without it (well, I replaced the trainertypes.dat with the one from the patch to look and see), so I don't think that's whats messing with it... I'm in the Glass Workstation, idk if that helps. - Oh, and I reused the Sunkern Switcher too, so I'm clueless. Anyone know if it's just a me thing?
  2. I looked everywhere in Apophyll Cave, couldn't even find a strength boulder so the Guide's 'Apophyll Cave (Strength)' must refer to something else...
  3. I see them, ty; guide said Apophyll Beach so I didn't even look in the Academy lol.
  4. I'm not seeing Mega Kick or Mega Punch at Apophyll Beach - It was in Apophyll Academy, the Guide said Apophyll Beach; is it something time related, like I beat Kiki a good bit ago and on a vanilla save... did I miss them and should just debug them in? Edit: Not seeing Retaliate in Apophyll Cave either. I might be blind. (Am I missing a ladder?) Edit2: Not seeing any in Azurine Island too. Edit3: I looked everywhere (I think, it's a very large place) in Aventurine Woods for Pollen Puff but couldn't find it either. Like, I wish it mentioned North or South in the Guide lol. I did this part fresh with the All Gen Reborn so idk why I'm missing out on some other than me missing you saying that they're missing or something? Found it (It's to the right of Grass Knot). Edit4: Having trouble with Avalanche too, would having already completed the cute baby Jinx event affect this? (Also, every time I try to edit a post with my mobile phone it increases the line spacing on all of my texts like crazy, so if anyone knows how to avoid that plz let me know ).
  5. I think cheat engine is incompatible and/or against forum rules (idk) the debug linked is old but may work.. Edit: Idk if it relates to Desolation, but this is why I thought it may be against rules:
  6. With BlueTowel effectively killing their account for health reasons, is there any change regarding the use of their assets for Radiation Reborn? I was wondering if they communicated any with you before they left... Sorry if it's not appropriate to ask, I just really love your mod and PoA isn't going to be updated, so I don't see why there was beef.
  7. I'm not seeing the Archive Key mentioned in the Episode 5 - Lapis Ward Orphanage section. I don't think I have any mods that would mess around with it, but maybe they did, so I'm just wondering if this is a me issue or an issue in the guide. Also, I noticed in my playthroughs that the kid you have to save from the Scolipede has only appeared when I talk to the mom and backtrack, it's been like that for three of my playthroughs so idk if it's a time of day thing, or what, thought to mention it...
  8. OHH Nuclear Steelix is in this update! (unless I was mistaken and he was in an older version- the last one I played was the experimental build) Sweet. I had thought you forgot about that :) I noticed an Aevian Misdreavus when playing with the debug, has that always been there or is it related to the new thing you said you'd be working on?
  9. The new update looks great so far; it's funny, almost every time I get used to the vast selection of pokemon you go ahead and add a hundred (actually, way more). I appreciate the effort.
  10. Idk, I think I can go all the way as a strength boulder - I notice that rolling around is far more enjoyable than running and that I'm like 500% more comfortable around Cain now. This mod is hilarious, I really appreciate it, like I had rolled a Trainer ID I was really happy with, and was 5+hours in a new playthrough before I realized that I wasn't compatible with trainer I had chosen. This mod was the perfect solution.
  11. Okay, I had no idea that was a thing? I'll look for it, it sounds like something I'd want. Thank you.
  12. Idk if anyone else would want it, but I edited "SWM - TypeBattleIcons.png" (from the SWM Modular Modpack) to replace Shadow with Nuclear. It looks good and functions properly as far as I can tell...
  13. I just got to the point in the story to see that huge badass Steelix for the first time, I really loved it's look (I went into debug just to see if it was an option), I can live without one, but it sure is a beauty, is there any plan on making it an obtainable nuclear mon? Edit: like I'm seeing a way for it to be used by changing form, is there an item for it?
  14. I'm really attached to my Meganium with her Crest so I'll probably keep playing the older version until I get modded skyrim levels of crashing. Looking forward to future updates, really love what you have - Samson having a that fkn Machamp was a 'nice' suprise. Edit: I didn't make it too long... the second pair of Grunts, that you fight with Cal when heading to the top of Amertine, their team couldn't load. Was really fun while it lasted :) Gonna miss that Meganium, she was really OP (not really, Charlotte kicked her ass), plz don't nurf.
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