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  1. Okay, I had no idea that was a thing? I'll look for it, it sounds like something I'd want. Thank you.
  2. Idk if anyone else would want it, but I edited "SWM - TypeBattleIcons.png" (from the SWM Modular Modpack) to replace Shadow with Nuclear. It looks good and functions properly as far as I can tell...
  3. I just got to the point in the story to see that huge badass Steelix for the first time, I really loved it's look (I went into debug just to see if it was an option), I can live without one, but it sure is a beauty, is there any plan on making it an obtainable nuclear mon? Edit: like I'm seeing a way for it to be used by changing form, is there an item for it?
  4. I'm really attached to my Meganium with her Crest so I'll probably keep playing the older version until I get modded skyrim levels of crashing. Looking forward to future updates, really love what you have - Samson having a that fkn Machamp was a 'nice' suprise. Edit: I didn't make it too long... the second pair of Grunts, that you fight with Cal when heading to the top of Amertine, their team couldn't load. Was really fun while it lasted :) Gonna miss that Meganium, she was really OP (not really, Charlotte kicked her ass), plz don't nurf.
  5. I had a weird thing happened with Magcargo, I had set her ability to Simple (I saw it in the debug/thought it'd be cool, don't see it in your Pokemon changes so probably completely my fault) (moves: cotton guard, amnesia, baton pass, and flame burst) and was using the Crest - the game didn't crash but it wouldn't let me use her moves in battle. Edit: took off the crest, still an issue; took off simple, and kept crest on, still issues; no Crest no Simple, still issues... maybe it's the moves? Edit2: I reset her initial moves list and moves, still a problem - I'll just Box her for now. Edit3: Enemy at the circus, his Claydol's Psychic was doing absolutely nothing, like it caused a skip but I was able to move after and kill it easy, still something to bring to attention.
  6. I download the one from the drive (idk if it's any better this way, have to compress it to a zip before I download so..), it's giving me this error on opening : Script 'script yeetifier pro' line 272: Errno::ENOENT occurred. No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - Scripts/Reborn/Connect&Register&Login&New.rb I didn't try any mods or anything, I do play on an offline computer; do you think that's the reason? I tried a previous version yesterday, and it worked till I got into a battle - the fixes looked good so I wanted to give it another chance... Edit: I managed to get it running by pasting it over a fresh copy of reborn idk what was missing.
  7. Use at your own risk, if you fill all of your boxes then Box 27-30 will have some bad eggs that will crash your game if you touch them, the entries for those pokemon in the dex will crash too, but I found that it's easy to avoid the eggs - they fit perfectly in those boxes, and it's not tough to simply not scroll past Zeraora in the Dex.
  8. I'm having trouble with the Mining For Rich mod, I'm not seeing an option to enable it, but I see the option to set the Cost - is it toggled by a key, or what? Thanks. Edit: nevermind, i forgor to paste the SWM modular modpack folder when i started this game like 10h ago lol.
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