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  1. do the reshiram/zekrom paths involve those to legendaries?

    1. mcpershing



      You will need to fight each in their path and get their entry in you Pokédex. But they not catchable now


  2. soo I just fought Solaris on pyrous Mountain and lost

    if I wouldve won would Kiki still be alive

    1. Mindlack



      No. You get different relationship points, and (in E18) some minor battle and dialog differences.

      It is speculated that you need (among others) to beat Solaris to reach the "true ending", but that isn't sure.


    2. RoyChaos


      Even if you win, you let Solaris' Garchomp kill Kiki. Her fate can't be changed.

    3. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      welp. rip kiki


  3. What do you think about a Lvl. 100 Zacian with Close Combat

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      oh ummm my Obstagoon would not win just because its a fairy type but it does no cross chop and thunder and lv 100 so i think it would be an even match

    3. Delcatty112


      Zacian Crowned Sword Forme and Hyper trained?

    4. Dark Champion
  4. thats all nice. except for that mimikyu. sacary stuff
  5. steel is a nice type mainly because it kills fairy types which lets me be happy
  6. i dont really care about reju so i dont pay attention thats why im still stuck at Venam's gym on intense im more focused on Reborn
  7. are Amethyst and GlitchXcity the same person?

    1. Raion


      no, they aren't

    2. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      ok just wondering since Ame uses her music

    3. Raion


      GlitchxCity allows anyone to use her music, as long as you credit her

  8. call me stupid but whose B-day is it?


  9. for me dark is closly followed by rock and then followed by fire
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