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  1. wait a moment heres my theme (101) Waterflame - Electroman Adventures V2 - YouTube
  2. Ive done gyms and the elite 4. now we're doing a champion team. my team is simple: Incineroar (incinuim Z) Lucario (Lucarionite) Hydreigon Golisopod Togekiss Rillaboom (gigantamax) -------------------------------- for my elite 4 see my topic Build your own elite 4: Build Your Own Elite 4 -------------------------------- items: ill play fair no items :) ------------------------------ enjoy fighting this team!
  3. heres mine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZLMDkzz-HE
  4. This isnt as exciting as gyms. but still. its essential. my elite 4 would be this Glory (from Wings of Fire) type: dragon team: Altaria (mega) haxorus dragonite kommo-o tyrantrum ------------- Coral (based of of Queen Coral from Wings of Fire) type Water team: Gyarados (mega) blastoise Whiscash toxapex carracosta --------------- Noah type: Steel team: Steelix (shiny, mega) aggron alolan sandslash skarmory metagross ---------------- Austin
  5. my badge would be the Midnight badge and dark pulse as my TM forgot to mention that
  6. does anyone like drawing?
  7. if i was the first gym leader: Deino spiritomb Umbreon Galarian linoone
  8. YESSSSSSSS i will replace umbreon with drapion
  9. We all know ther have been those times where we made a gym for ourselves. i want to know YOU'RE team. Heres mine: Type: dark team: Tyranitar (mega, signature) lv.90, Umbreon (shiny) lv.88, Incineroar (intimidate abilty) lv.88, Obstagoon lv.88, Hydreigon lv.88, and Spiritomb lv.88 Items: 6 max revives, 6 full restores The challenge: for my gym challenge you have to make you're way through a pitch black maze with random trainers and random traps.
  10. i think the elite 4 will all be above level 100 (obviously) and ultra beast might appear
  11.  how do pronounce Saphira's name?

    1. z64


      since i'm pretty sure her name is a reference to eragon, it's probably pronounced saff-eerah

    2. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      i knew it was from Eragon, but thanks for the other part

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