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  1. You can also use Mimikyu, I have one that has destiny bond, I can breed you one if you want.
  2. You could just use a Link Stone to evolve your Spritzee while it's hold the sachet
  3. We have not traded yet, so if you want Espeon, we can trade.
  4. Hey, I actually got Magikarp last night, if you want, I can breed you one if you have a Chespin so I can complete this starter egg quest that I'm currently on.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a Scyther to evolve into a Scizor. I'm trying to challenge Adrienn, but his Fairy Pokemon are really tough to beat. After doing research and looking at different Pokemon, I realized that Scizor might be the only Pokemon that can beat Adrienn. But unfortunately, I can't get a Scyther until I get Rock Climb, so I need help. I have an abundance of Pokemon I can offer. I have Aron, Mimikyu, Gible, Larvitar, Jangmo-o, Beldum, Larvesta, Deino, Heracross, Riolu, Tyrouge, Dewpider, Solosis, Rotom, Mudkip, Popplio, and a whole bunch more. Let me know which one you wa
  6. Hello, I am currently trying to have my shiny Gardevoir learn an egg move from a different Gardevoir, but for some reason, it won't learn it. I'm leaving them in the day care with my shiny having an empty slot and my normal one having the egg move, I tried using different genders, and I'm waiting and running around the wards like a mad man, but no matter how long I leave them in there, my shiny will not learn it. Plus, it shouldn't take this long for my shiny to learn it. Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong?
  7. Nah, I was going to breed this Ralts for a shiny one anyway.
  8. Ok, no problem. The Jangmo-o I'm giving you even has its hidden ability.
  9. That might be what happened, but now it looks like it's working again. if you are ready to trade, we can trade now.
  10. Alright sounds good, my name is Xander70, and I'll be waiting Edit: Strange, I seem to be having issues too, and my internet is 100% connected. it might be an issue with the game's online play.
  11. Hey, I have a Jangmo-o and an Eevee. (don't have a thunderstone). I can give you one of my spares if you give me your Ralts if that's ok.
  12. Vender name: @Starry Knight Requested Pokémon: Mimikyu and Deino Genders: Both Male Abilities: Disguise and Hustle Natures: Doesn't Matter IV Spreads: Doesn't Matter EV Spreads: 0,0,0,0,0 Pokerus: No on Both Shininess: No on Both Egg Moves: None Items: Both Blue Shards Offered Pokémon: Honedge and Archen Genders: Female and Male Abilities: Defeatist and No Guard Natures: Quirky and Quiet IV Spreads: 1,15,15,0,19,19/30,27,4,31,11,11 EV Spreads: 0,0,0,0,0 on Both Pokerus: No on Both Shininess:
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