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  1. I'm just now getting back on. When I said I checked I was referring to 20 mins ago.
  2. It didn't show up. I might have to send one to you, I guess?
  3. Whichever level is the least strenuous for you to reach is fine. I have no problem raising it up myself. My Online Play name is Cyypher and I'm available at any time. I can probably catch you as soon as you reply to this, but if I miss you, I'll try to be here in about 2 hours.
  4. If you're willing to reach it thunderbolt and shadow ball, that'll be great. What do you want in return?
  5. Thank you, and you're welcome (If you wanted a female instead of a male btw I can trade the jangmo-o back to you and wait for someone else to come along)
  6. Cool ^-^ I'm back now. I'm gonna try sending the request to you cause I might be having problems on my end with waiting.
  7. If you're still around I'm online. Just give me a sec. I gotta back out and check something with my team to make sure I didn't accidentally release one of pokemon when I switched ralts in.
  8. I have the game open now and I'm waiting for the request. I'll keep refreshing this page to make sure I don't end up missing you.
  9. For this quest I think you need the exact Loudred that belonged to the original trainer. I think you might be able to get it back by using an old save file. For more on how to use old save files, check this thread out: While this post says to rename the file to "Game.rxdata", that didn't work for me, so I renamed it to "Game" and deleted the file that says "Game" (and then I also deleted the other white files immediately next to that one just in case) and that worked. Make sure to paste the files somewhere else before you delete them in case you mess up.
  10. I'm experiencing an error that someone experienced last year. Glad that I found their thread on google cause I don't have to write out the error text now. A quote from their thread: "I'm unable to connect online it says Script 'Socket' line 224: Errono::ECONNRESET occurred. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." In the original thread, the mod said that it was a problem caused by the secret restarting and then they fixed it. Hoping it's the same problem this time. The original thread:
  11. I think that's what it is since I googled it and found a thread where it happened to someone last year. If you get the error message that says "an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" then this thread explains what the problem might be: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/53349-server-error/
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