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  1. 97% Ahhhhhh....just what I needed for early summer :) Also hyped for getting to play all the previous content for the 3rd time
  2. I've got 2 issues to deal with, which I suspect might be somehow related so I'll make one post here Issue #1 : I am doing the Painting Sidequest in GDC. I'm after the thief who goes towards the underground market, but the entrance to the building is blocked by 2 people and I thus can't progress. Issue #2 : I have finished the entire main story as of V12. However, the GDC help plaza (left wing elevator, dream apartments) is not responding. Have I missed anything?
  3. I'm at the point where you have to swap between Ren, Aelita, and the player to fill the bridges' gaps. Pressing the special button to swap characters doesn't work though. Game.rxdata
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