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  1. until then... its a very nice flex ! :O
  2. Just note i dont think the jetpack has a use in the game yet so get that last!
  3. oh thats tru greninja has that ability B) Im leaning towards froakie rn!
  4. I was thinking froakie too just a bit concerned on greninja's health pool and how fragile it is but sounds like a good choice!!
  5. i forgot to mention theyre on the arcade floor of the hotel*
  6. if you go back to east gearen you can go to the Chrisola Hotel and use ur achievement points to buy tools (or even better the xp share) which replace hms
  7. Hey guys!! Just curious on what would be the best starter for a mono water run planning to do one for some content lol
  8. You need to transform the cave multiple times using the crystals! Just note theres a lot of Xen grunts so be ready for a crap ton of fights
  9. Tesla's house in Teila resort! Check Amber's bedroom and the game should continue on from there
  10. Apple Juice or Orange Juice ppl?! Asking the real questions here!

  11. Syrup or butter on waffles?


  12. SeiZMiC

    LOL random XD

    A randomizer would add an extra fun layer of difficulty to the game! Just imagine Julia's electrode becoming a Rayquaza... haha... we dead
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