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  1. shinys are a 1/100 odds and yes you can find a shiny starter
  2. The last one is hidden behind a Tree right before the puzzle on the right side of the Mansion
  3. Got SpeedBreed to work for V13 since the older one crashes the game: thanks to Jolteon0 for the original files and scripts, if they w ould like me to remove this so they can upload i'd be happy to, just let me know Just add into Data then replace file when asked Map425.rxdata
  4. Not sure how it affects story yet but it's a Karma system, everytime you hear that giggle and eye icon after a side quest you gain +1 Karma
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  6. I absolutely love the character sprites it honestly looks amazing! Absolutely gonna give this one a try, can't wait
  7. Oh so game-z was like a little beta of what ep19 would have? also does that mean we won't have game-z in the ep19 update?
  8. Not gonna lie with all this optimizations it's kind of hard to play the normal game.exe as Game-z.exe is just too good to pass up
  9. Hey i've noticed it too but i've pretty much gotten used to it by now. But I gotta ask, what mod are you using to make your moves and hp bar look like that? it looks awesome tbh.
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