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  1. It doesn’t happen onscreen. But how else can one explain Elias’s behavior when he’s in the Castle as Radomus’s butler? And honestly, what was the point of doing that anyway? Radomus could already get the Amethyst Pendant the regular way (taking it off Elias’s hypnotized body in the Citae)… @Siv Murder is still punishable by law, and Julia/Florinia would kill you if they decided that you killed Titania or Amaria. So if Titania’s death is a “stray” bullet, why not “suicide” Amaria? (In exchange for this previous advice, I would like you to spare someone else because “annoying” isn’t a reason to kill people… right?)
  2. I don’t really want to kill anyone… especially not any of our “allies” even if they are being murderous or simply evil at some point… killing is wrong, isn’t it? And it leads to some people hurting about it (not just the ones to end up dead). This does not include the wish to sic Saphira on Sirius or Connal, or the inhabitants of Ametrine on Blake – these [REDACTED] would totally have had it coming. Still, I think it acceptable to kill off Lin and Terra. It’s not that I hate them – it’s because without them, Team Meteor basically falls. And their most heinous members can then get their comeuppance. And after the Meteors are no longer a threat, we can: ground Bennett for his actions with them – he’ll resent that more than anything else come up with a suitable punishment for Fern jail Radomus for what he did to Elias (also for flaunting that he knew everything going on and we didn’t – thus endangering Luna and Cain) get Amaria some therapy (ECT might work for her, ironically) “discuss” the ethics of murdering Meteors with Saphira and Titania.
  3. O Muse, please sing a writer’s frightful woes:

    His mind and limb become his dreaded foes.

    His hand is limp before the empty sheet

    That stalls his thoughts and makes his drive retreat. 

    … okay, that wasn’t very good poetry. Perhaps it might not be too terrible an idea to actually read some before I attempt something like that again. 


    In everyday speak: chapter 55 isn’t out yet and I’m frustrated that it takes such a long time. And I worry about not getting the tone right. It’s not even like there’s going to be anything very important in it! 

    (there used to be, but then it would have been too long). 

    And of course, I have but the faintest notion of what happens next… 

  4. Are you sure about that? Gabriel just went above and beyond to rescue Charlotte from an awful place. Whereas each time he worked with Amaria, Gabriel got out in a far better state than she did. But I will be merciful… after all, no more Gabriel means no more story, right? That’s underestimating Saphira’s power. She’s going to Hyper Beam them to orbit instead. Yes, Noel doesn’t have it easy, does he? I think I can only answer all this comment by “Read the next chapters to find out!” Or, I assume, wait until I finally get back to 1) finishing that >@$!?#%*!< chapter 55 that I seem to be plain unable to write 2) having a little more certainty on the next plot points 3) growing back my now-inexistant buffer Sigh…
  5. Oh dear... I worry that it says something about me that I didn't even consider it to be a sad chapter. For Noel: I think he's supposed to be “on the spectrum”, which implies that he can tend to think or react differently. As he's (when he speaks) pretty pragmatic and unemotional, I thought it was in character for him to view this ordeal as a price to pay -- and, all things considered, one he would be willing to. That doesn't mean that he won't suffer emotional consequences from everything that happened... perhaps they'll just take longer to appear or be deeper. I'm not exactly sure how or when, though. I just hope I'm not getting him utterly wrong. As for Saphira: this is going to be so fine... there's absolutely no need to worry... This Sigmund is a little bit milder... I haven't settled on that yet. In canon, the children are rather well-adjusted: Saphira and Charlotte hate the guy and the others find him scary, which is rather superficial as far as psychology is concerned. So I think the Orphanage issues will be overshadowed by some more specific ones to each: Saphira and Charlotte have some sort of anger issues, Laura has something that may already be noticeable, and I'm not entirely sure about Heather (though canon is probably sound), Shelly (we'll see how this goes), Anna and Noel (I'm least sure about them tbf). Thank you! I don't know how much of this is true in the real world. I guess that corruption happens even in first-world big cities. But here, I thought that everything should be up to eleven: how many people actually believe Reborn City can be fixed rather than live on out of inertia or "base" hedonism (and unwillingness to lay down and die)? Everyone else is, on some level, a cynic. Some of them don't actually care (or don't realize deep-down what is on the verge of happening) and are in it for the money and the connections -- they're the greedy (or the corrupt for those who go to extra lengths). And of course, there has to be a good dose of incompetence because it's really unbelievable that Blacksteam could operate so long with a PULSE inside it. And yes, of course, the burden is on everyone else. But I don't see Ame snapping. She's far too aware of how important she is, has too much experience to lose her cool at important moments. And I guess she has people she can confide in (I suppose that voicing one's frustration at someone like Florinia, who will not react, can control it).
  6. My Reborn story has a new chapter! We're temporarily letting go of all the action, and come back to good old self-reflection... and a mystery character shows an unexpected side. 



  7. Hey! I hope you're all doing well. This is the 128th post, an amazing number -- thank you to all of you who helped me keep making progress! I've had an idea for the story in the past few days, for a little difference in the plot... but I don't know if it's a good one, because it's, well, different, in ways I'm not sure I fully understand. Its climax isn't happening before 10 chapters at the very least, but I don't have a good idea of the specifics of what happens until then... and I have very little idea of whether it can have a noncontrived satisfactory resolution. I suppose it's better since it involves more "moving pieces", but, still... I wish I didn't have to decide on that soon, but I feel like I sort of do... Anyway. A new chapter is here, and we'll be taking a little rest from the action and the overall madness. So it's a little self-reflection, and there's another glimpse of a character we haven't heard of in some 20 chapters... To be fully honest, that's a chapter whose idea I stumbled upon as I was writing the former one (so 53), and... I didn't realize I wanted this written that badly. It may be one of the chapters I've managed to write the fastest. As usual, I appreciate any feedback that you may give -- a reaction here or on the Discord announcement, a comment (wait am I watching youtube too much these days) -- including if it's about an older chapter because that's what you're currently reading. Enjoy! I just remembered: the chapters contains spoilers for Prisoner of Azkaban and some background information from pre-1945 Potterverse history that I don't think is a real spoiler. But if you want to discover everything about Harry Potter by yourself, you should start reading after the first star. I just remembered bis: there is a mention of a "day of the week" information in this chapter. I thought I had included some in earlier chapters, but I can't see it at all. If you remember or can find one, please comment. If it contradicts the information given in this chapter, it's not too bad either (but I kind of like when everything is consistent so I would really like to know). Chapter 54: After Hours
  8. Thank you for the explanations! Testing is indeed very, very important and it being skipped would certainly damage the release in ways that could only be called original (or so I assume -- but I could very possibly be wrong). So if there is any energy, cheer or motivation that I can share, I'll be glad to. Testers, keep up with the good work! And remember (if it helps) that every time anything goes wrong, this means that you're improving the game.
  9. My Reborn story has been updated! 

    For better or for worse, the Yureyu sequence is over...


    how safe is everyone? Read it to find out!



  10. Hello! I hope you're doing well. It's been a busy ten days, and I think this isn't likely to change in the near future -- although hopefully I'll have less pressure. Because what's the point of summer vacation if not to have the time to properly study enough to acquire the knowledge you need? Wait... am I getting this backwards? Anyway, here's the last chapter of the Yureyu sequence, whose consequences on the characters I hadn't fully realized until I started thinking of what came next. I wish I had managed to get a bit more ahead in the planning, but it is what it is... Chapter 53: Encore Character rates: Death count: Player's note:
  11. I just realized that currently, the parts of my fanfiction that come easiest to write aren't the action parts, or the times when someone is having fun. It's more when everyone self-reflects (negatively) and when Breaking Speeches are delivered to my own protagonist (sometimes by himself). I know that happiness in stories is supposed to be boring, but I'm still pretty sure something isn't quite right.


    I mean, Gabriel was supposed to hate himself this much at some point, just some thirty chapters later

  12. Page changes is tricky so I can't quote that well. About the hug: I agree. In the text, it's sort of a blind spot (an issue of first-person narration, the blind spots are really blind) of the character, so it's never really mentioned because he doesn't even acknowledge that as a possibility. So Gabriel is probably not going to give them a hug. He's not really the hugging type. Or perhaps I'll rethink that. I don't know. It doesn't mean that he won't try to find some other ways, no less sincere but perhaps more... unusual, to help them. I'd say a little more but then that would spoil the next chapter. These dark scenes are overall difficult to write. I need to remember who's thinking of what, who's ready to go to what lengths. To find sensible plans for the bad guys, and why the good guys don't just all die because they thought it was going to be straightforward. Also, that negative emotions so intense leave dire consequences, otherwise it's just edge. Sigh... this is going to get depressing, isn't it? I really wanted it to take more time... A little note on Evi's comment about Sirius. I think it's important to keep in mind that it's a blessing that Sirius isn't there. Because Sirius, especially since he knows they're coming, isn't going to challenge them in a Pokemon fight. He's just going to spring a trap. I don't want to think of the specifics right now, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take much effort to find plausible courses of action for Sirius that would lead to a "total party kill".
  13. The Item Guide seems to say that there are Thunder Stones at Blacksteam Factory and on Azurine Island. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/41661-item-guide-v18-void-kissed/
  14. Remember how everything was going... not very well in the past few episodes? Your anxiety can recede – it finally gets better. Or does it? 

    The Odd One Out has a new chapter. 




  15. I think the title speaks for itself. Chapter 52: The Show goes on Player's note:
  16. Sorry, but Sigmund and Sirius just left. For some reason, Sirius had the weirdest idea that he didn't have to systematically do all the dirty jobs. Also, please don't encourage Charlotte too much. The Earthquake may or may not collapse this derelict, damaged building. Rocks fall, everyone dies. Thank you! (although tbh I sort of need pressure to work. If I don't have enough, I tend to... take... myy... tiiimmmeeeee...) I'm realizing that I don't really buy canon!Connal who basically is a deluded lunatic thinking he's a doctor. So I tried to make him a little more sensible... except that sensible people don't associate with terrorists more than they have to. So Sirius had to coerce him. (And I liked the idea of him getting a little pwned because of his own choices, since he didn't realize that Sirius would pull off a Darth Vader ["I'm altering the deal. Pray that I do not alter it further."]) Cain is supposed to be the most impulsive of the three. He also had a recent, personal and very unpleasant experience at Team Meteor's hands, so it's not very surprising that he would snap. I think he wouldn't Earthquake in this situation -- it's not as if that would actually help him get revenge on the Meteors. Four days, not three, if I counted correctly... I'd love to comment a little more about this, but this may not be the best chapter for that. Maybe after chapters 53 or 54? As for the twins:
  17. As usual, depends on what one means by “worst”. Worst as written? The one I most dislike? The one I would kill if given the opportunity? ... More seriously: I’d say Blake, Sirius, Radomus, Zero and Bennett. I don’t think I have to explain about Sirius. I’ll detail Blake since it’s apparently not obvious: Blake is the type to lock up a ten-year-old in a freezing shack in winter. And starve an entire village – the place he lives – because... what again? He wants to be able to chill or something? Radomus – I can bear the smug act of always knowing what is going on and rubbing it in everyone else’s face. What I think is beyond the pale is what he did to Elias, without any reason whatsoever. Not that I like the priest, but there is no confirmation that he did anything this heinous – or that Luna left him of her own actual will. Similarly, Zero and Bennett are on this list of shame for their PULSE shenanigans – specifically the Hypno, but Zero deservea “credit” for threatening Eve with Lumi into working for Meteor. Bennett specifically because he ought to know better than use such a horrid weapon.
  18. After a little nap, the Yureyu rescue operation moves on! 

    The Odd One Out has a new chapter. 

    Someone you probably don't like very much gets a little comeuppance. One has to take one’s wins wherever one can.

  19. Good evening! So it's been quite a while. I'm a little busy at the moment, and rewriting the chapter took longer than I expected. That might not be unrelated to the fact that the new text is, for some reason, twice as long. I really hope this doesn't get erased in a random glitch, otherwise it'll probably end up being 40-ish pages long... (sorry, Candy) Warning: there are hints to some information spelled out in late game (E17-E18, I think). Not sure how explicit they are. Don't hesitate to comment on what you infer from the text! Chapter 51: Showtime That's all for today. I'll try to make the next chapters come faster. It shouldn't be too hard, as I have a few ideas for the immediate next steps following the Yureyu rescue.
  20. At this point, I think I'm just stupid. So I have this file somehow full of corrupt data that used to contain my chapter, right? 


    So, I overwrite the garbage incomprehensible data and start re-writing the chapter in this very file. Saving it several times, every couple of sentences. Perfect, right? Nothing can go wrong?  


    Well, turns out that the file was so broken that even saving the file with new data in it ended up corrupting that data.  


    What a shocking twist absolutely anybody could have predicted. 




    At least, little was lost this time. I made sure to delete that file and make a new one, and I ascertained that the save worked. 


    And tomorrow, I'll start again. 


    Hopefully I won’t merely fail better

    On a happier note, there are 40/65 legendaries done and Rejuv is 97 percent on dev blog. I know these figures are more like guidelines, but still – progress is helpful to see when one is lagging! 

    1. Candy


      Oof sorry to hear that. I'm always so bummed out when I lose data, especially when it's writing-related because I can't always find the best-fitting phrasing during the rewrite 😅

    2. Mindlack


      It's the first time I really lose so much writing-related data, but that is the feeling I have. Though I write a lot in a "whatever comes to mind" way, so my phrasing is probably pretty random each time. Since I hardly ever like it (although I don't usually know very well why), I guess it's a way to reroll the chapter.  

  21. My computer is getting old, I’m afraid. It has crashed a few times recently.
    But today, it apparently corrupted the entire text of a quite long chapter. 

    Fortunately, I remember what was there, but I won’t post chapter 51 (seemingly intact) until I’ve rewritten chapter 52 (which should be in a few days), and maybe 53 too, since I’m not sure exactly how the next plot events should happen. I can only ask for your patience. 

    Here’s hoping this isn’t going to happen again – but I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking. I will make backups, though. 

    I hope you’re doing well. 

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    2. RoySolare


      Don’t lose your hope, now. 😠

      Even if you have problems with that, you shouldn’t give up. I’m sure that everything will be OK. 🙂


    3. Mindlack


      Thank you @RoyChaos and @Evi Crystal for your kind words! 

      I’m ranting about this because I’m not too thrilled to write the chapter again (even though there’s advice somewhere on Writing.SE to write the second draft from memory only, as a way to at least sometimes improve on the first one). And because it will be somewhat long and a little stressful to replace this computer and set the new one up correctly. And because it’s related to how the story gets published. 

      But I’m not losing confidence (let alone hope) and I’m definitely not giving up because of this. One way or another, it will be sorted out. And there are still a few surprises I haven’t sprung on you yet^^


      It’s a funny thing about computer issues – you don’t realize how pervasive and annoying they are until you have some. Changing a saved file, wiping the data contained inside? No recovery possible? I know that if someone had told me a week ago that their computer did that, I would have been skeptical.

      Re writing and posting on smartphone: that’s a possibility I didn’t think of. But I’m not very comfortable with that, mostly because I don’t find it very convenient – how do you manage it, Evi? (also, I forgot – how are your computer issues now?) But it’s worth keeping in mind. 

    4. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      @Mindlack In my case that's the way around with yours. I'm more comfortable writing with my smartphone is because I could always do it in anytime, when I'm not at home and I'm used to this more than my computer. Also I'm using the Samsung Nots App for these drafts or writing them on paper for sure📝📲


      You can try this out; that's my recommendation for you🤗😁


      As for my issue with the latter, I have mentioned it before in a post: It still is functional, but I have to be more cautions now, because that's the 3 or 5 virus now (don't clearly remember sadly) and I have transferred most of my data in my USB stick. Looks like I have a sturdy one (pun here lol) due to still being functional for another 3-4 years.




  22. Well, here's one, I guess. I'm a little late, but perhaps other people would like a guide.
  23. I know it’s just a joke, and I know I should let it go, but I just can’t. Sorry for the little rant. I’m over 90 percent sure the guy was far, far above “looking cool”. He was thinking on an unprecedentedly abstract level, at which it was utterly irrelevant (and maybe even dangerous for comprehension) what prime number it could be (although, depending on the problem, small primes can exhibit funny behavior – I wish I could remember specific examples). Again, this story is more than dubious. But it makes 57 the “funny not-prime”, I guess.
  24. I don’t quite remember why I changed the knifepoint to something more explicit. I mean, I can justify it a posteriori or from a storytelling viewpoint, but (now that I’m thinking of it) I’m not sure any more why I wanted the change. Yes, the villains are darker, more ruthless here than canon. And they have psychotic, violent henchmen because of course there would be some, and they would end up in these circles. There are more normal Meteor grunts, of course. I’m not too sure how long I can sustain it without making everyone else edgy too, just to keep up. I seriously considered someone taking reverse hostages but it would be going too far for now... As for the others – well, you’ll see what happens. Take your time, Candy! I’m being slower these days so that should help you. And tbh I really hope to finish it someday but I’m still afraid to end up dropping it. I have to be patient anyway to keep going on and believe in the finish line, so of course you can read at your rhythm! There’s no problem in bringing up the older parts of the story too! Actually, (this isn’t said in the story itself and it’s rather clumsy, but it ends up brought up again so read at your own risk): (and now I’m realizing there’s someone else). I’m undecided for the cameo. He may intervene in Gabriel’s thoughts, but a real cameo would be harder – at least to justify in the story. I do have an idea, but I’m not sure I’m going to follow through with it. Finally, a little “numerology” explanation (I’m a math guy, of course I’d choose numbers to cheer on accordingly):
  25. My story, The Odd One Out, has a new chapter! 

    Cain and Gabriel team up to retrieve the children abducted by Team Meteor, but... there's a little twist. Can you guess it? 

    This little story arc took me ages to manage, so I hope you'll like it! 

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