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    Loves (Likes the most) : Fire type Pokemons (Mostly Cinderace from Canon Game and Trishout from Fan Made Game), Holy Fire Field (Came formerly from Pokemon Ashen Frost), Pizza, Playing video games, Ice Cream(It's a food, of course. I'm not referring to someone.), Shiki Tohno and Arcueid Brunestud (Both heroes of Tsukihime series) shipping moments, Makoto Yuki (Main protagonist of Persona 3), Kabane Kusaka (Main protagonist of Kemono Jihen), How awesome Saitama is and a lot of things I can't tell...

    Likes : Traveling (My imagination), Being straight, Being a gentleman, Friends that I respect (and forgiving them), Electric type Pokemons, My mother, My younger brother, Chicken Burger, Club Sandwich, Admiting my fault in case of making a terrible mistake or many of them, Vero (MC Reborn), Aevis (MC Rejuvenation), Chad (MC Desolation), Saitama (Protagonist from One Punch Man), Mitsuru Kirijo (From Persona 3).

    Neutral : My younger sister, My father, Winning, Losing, Other types of pokemons, Inoffensive animals, Being popular or not, Love (It can hurt you sometimes)

    Dislikes : Number 4 being death, Being told what to do, Losing friends that I respect, Error programs, Deleting many important things in laptop, Multiverse theory, My name getting mispronounced by someone

    Hates (Dislikes the most) : My misfortunes, Free fall (I'm very scared of heights/falling down), Number 13 being unlucky, Misunderstandings, Eggs, Spicy foods, Ghosts, Insects, Aggresive animals, Living in a blackout, Being scolded by someone (Same as BETRAYAL) , My own act of sheer stupidity, Dying, Bad people/Criminals, The death of innocent people, Being abandonned by my friends, Seeing my trustworthy friends falling into depression, Horror Movies, My sister's act of defiance, My younger brother’s guts, Number 666, playing video game that has to do with football (like FIFA) and I can't tell you more things that I hate...

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  1. I can update this field whatever I’m missing something.
  2. Holy Flame Field "The field is engulfed by holy flames of the god!" General Effects - Fire, Fairy and Normal moves increase in base power x1.5. - Ghost and Dark types are now weak to Normal type attacks. - Psychic moves increase in base power x1.3. - Dragon moves increase in base power x1.2. - Ghost and Dark moves decrease in base power x0.5. - Water and Ice moves are negated. - Grounded non-Fire-types take type-scaling Fire damage at the end of each turn, similar to Stealth Rock. - Pokemon in an Aqua Ring are immune to the damage. - Extremely harsh sunlight increases Fire type moves' power by x2, instead of x1,5. - Curse, Torment, Taunt, Nightmare, Embargo and Perish Song effect are lifted in the end of the turn. - Pokémon can't be frozen. - Fire type Pokemon is immune to status condition (except volatile battle status). - Fire type Legendary/Mythical Pokemon's speed is doubled. Abilities Affected - Chlorophyll, Guts, Flash Fire, Blaze, and Flare Boost are activated. - Drought's effect lasts permanent instead for five or eight turns. - Drizzle, Sand Stream, Snow Warning, Cloud Nine, Air Lock, Primordial Sea and Delta Stream are negated. - Harvest always activates if user consumes berry. - Ripen berry effect is doubled. - Cursed Body, Damp, Merciless and Perish Body has no effect. - Magma Armor boosts Defense by one stage upon switch in. - Steam Engine raises speed at the end of every turn. - Ice Face melts upon being switched in. - Justified’s effect is doubled. - Power Spot has x1.5 damage boost for allies. - Pokemon with Solar Power has 1/8 of total HP restored instead, during harsh sunlight/extremely harsh sunlight. - Fairy Aura has x1.5 damage boost, instead of x1.33 and is immune to ability Aura Break. - Healer has 100% chance of curing ally's status condition. - Regenerator restores 2/3 of the Pokémon's maximum HP upon switching out. - Natural Cure also restores PP of the user's last move by 4 upon switching out. - Serene Grace will triple the chance of a move having an adittional effect. - Victory Star raises the user and its allies Attack and Sp. Attack stats by one stage upon entering the battle. - Damaging healing moves affected by Triage increase in base power by x2. - Mummy and Wandering Spirit makes the user faints in the end of the turn and their effects are negated. - Status moves affected by Pranskter become negated, inflicting confusion to the user who isn't Normal type or Fairy type. - Mimicry changes the user's type to Normal/Fire. - RKS System's type becomes Fire at all times. Abilities that make the user immune to the Holy Flame Field - Magma Armor - Flame Body - Flash Fire - Flare Boost - Water Veil - Water Bubble - Heatproof - Magic Guard - Solar Power Abilities that make the user take 2x damage from the Holy Flame Field - Fluffy - Leaf Guard - Grass Pelt - Ice Body Moves affected - Psystrike, Aeroblast, Sacred Fire, Precipice Blades, Dragon Ascent, Doom Desire, Mist Ball, Luster Purge, Psycho Boost, Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, Magma Storm, Crush Grip, Seed Flare, Judgement, Searing Shot, V-Create, Sacred Sword, Fusion Flare, Blue Flare, Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike, Secret Sword, Relic Song, Techno Blast, Diamond Storm, Hyperspace Hole, Land's Wrath, Thousand Waves, Core Enforcer, Sunsteel Strike, Prismatic Laser, Fleur Cannon, Plasma Fists, Double Iron Bash, Photon Geyser, Genesis Supernova, Searing Sunraze Smash, Light That Burns the Sky, Behemoth Blade, Behemoth Bash, Eternabeam, Dynamax Cannon, Thunder Cage and Dragon Energy will recieve x1.3 boost. ("Behold! The power of the gods!") - Mystical Fire, Magical Leaf, Judgment, Sacred Fire, Core Enforcer, Photon Geyser, Light That Burns the Sky, Ancient Power will recieve x1.5 boost. ("The god's power is supreme.") - Misty Explosion will receive x2 boost. ("The field amplifies this exploding pure hearted power.") - Steel Beam will receive x1.2 boost and user won't take damage after using it. ("Supercharged!") - Spirit Break deals super effective damage to Ghost-types. ("The malicious spirits! Go away!") - Cosmic Power, Smokescreen, Growth, Rototiller effect are doubled. - Miracle Eye will also boost Attack and Special Attack. - Wish will restore 75% of user's max HP. - Life Dew will restore 50% of the target's max HP. - Nature's Madness deals 75% HP damage. - Fire Blast, Inferno, Blue Flare, Sacred Fire, Will-O-Wisp base accuracy becomes always 100. ("The sacred flames never fails.") - Smack Down, Rock Slide and Thousand Arrows increase in base power by x1.5 and deal additional Fire damage. ("The move is melt by the field.") - Clear Smog and Smog increase in base power by x2 and deal additional Fire damage. ("Beware the poisonous air!") - Tar Shot increases field damage taken by x2. - Explosive moves will burn the target. - Restores Fire type each turn to Pokemon who have used Burn Up. ("But the flames are restored.") - Eruption and Dragon Energy always has 150 BP. ("The anger never fades.") - Solar Beam, Solar Blade, Meteor Beam and Geomancy activates on first turn. ("May the light helps you.") - Oblivion Wing’s power decreases in base power by 0.75. ("The field nerfs this move.") - The moves Curse, Destiny Bond, Torment, Taunt, Nightmare, Embargo and Perish Song fail. ("But the punishment is ignored.") - The moves Hail, Rain Dance and Sandstorm fail. ("But the law defies the weather.") - The moves Phantom Force and Shadow Force fail. ("But the field prevents the Pokemon from hiding.") - The recharging moves no longer needs to recharge in next turn after using it. - Nature Power becomes Judgement. - Camouflage changes the user’s type to Fire. - Secret Power may lower Special Attack and may burn. Transitions to other Field Effects There is no way to transition the field. Using the move/ability that creates terrain is negated and makes the user lose around 50% of total HP. ("But the god punishes the responsible that messes with law of the nature.") Seed - The Magical Seed boosts Atk, Sp. Atk and Speed and applies Magic Coat to the user.
  3. I wish by purifying Slakoth, it should have Skill Swap in its move slot in V13.5.
  4. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Reborn. Here's the dialogue with Gossip Gardevoir, for the third time :

    Gossip Gardevoir's interview intermission!

    Hello! Gossip Gardevoir here in Interview Intermission, bringing YOU the inside scoop on Reborn's celebrity figures!

    Today I'm meeting with one of Reborn's coolest trainers!

    Hi, Ari! It's nice to meet you!

    Ari : Me, too!

    Gardevoir : Thanks! I have something to know about what kind of your team do you have!

    Ari : Can't tell you!

    Gardevoir : Oh, come on!

    Ari : Ok! I'll let you find out what kind of my team specializes! But only 3 attempts! Got it?!

    Gardevoir : Got it!

    Um! Do you use the Glass Cannon team as Vero does?!

    Ari : Nope!

    Gardevoir : ...

    Um! Do you like using Stone Wall team as Alice does?!

    Ari : Close but no!

    Gardevoir : ...

    OK! Take your deep breath! Haaaaaaaah!

    Um! Do you specialize only on speed teams?

    Ari : Well, that was third attempt!

    But, NO!

    Gardevoir : Then I lose the game! So that means...

    Ari : I use only team of many powerful Pokemons but...

    ...with their lack of speed and mobility!

    Gardevoir : So that's what you are good in! Don't you like when they attack faster than your team?!

    Ari : Basically, I wanted to have Class Cannon team. But Vero took this style.

    And yet, in worst case, the damage they take can be fatal.

    Gardevoir : Oh! I see you're having issues with defenses.

    Ari : I wanted to try Stone Wall team but they weren't useful.

    Somehow, Alice knows better how to stall an entire team.

    But my Pokemons aren't really good at using better strategy at stalling.

    Gardevoir : That considers as a harsh reality! 

    Ari : When I mega evolved my Blastoise, that's why I realized my mistake.

    Relying on Pokemon's speed is what that gets me the worst.

    Gardevoir : And then you created a team capable of power and shield who are really useless only to speed.

    Ari : That's why I call this : Mighty Glacier team! Powerful but slow!

    Gardevoir : Mighty Glacier team?! That's really something!

    The way to make the team very strong! To be honest, I'm impressed on that, too!

    Ari : Thank you!


    Gardevoir : What was that?!

    Ari : I see someone who's making all that noises! Hey, get back here!

    Gardevoir : ...That's all for today!


    The interview ended.


    Note : See you next time! Bye!

  5. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejvenation. This time, it's Ana time. Here's the dialogue in route 9 :

    Ana (AC) : Then Dylan, I challenge you to a fight to the death!

    Dylan : Wh- A What now?!

    Ana (HC) : You can't be serious!

    Aevis : Aw! Oh, my god!

    Ana (AC) : That's what two trainers do when their eyes lock on to each other, right?

    Ana (HC) : That's not what that means, the other me!

    Ana (AC) : But that's what I overheard two people saying the other day...

    Dylan : The term you're looking for is "Battle" and there's no way I'd battle you.

    It wouldn't be fair. I'm experienced.

    Ana (HC) : Then I'll go do it.

    Aevis : Are you sure about this?

    Ana (HC) : Both you and Dylan have many experiences ahead of me.

    But I have trained my Pokemons to reach the peak of their level.

    Dylan : Well, then. As you wish.

    Ana (AC) : Okay! Then I want to battle you, my human self!

    I wanna see what little Maggy here can do!

    Ana (HC) : You bet it!


    Ana (AC) moves to the platform for battle.


    Ana (AC) : I'm ready! This is how you start it, right?

    Ana (HC) : Yes. Then, I'll stand to the opposite of you.

    Dylan : Hold on. I want to talk to the human one for a sec.

    Listen... Just hold yourself back during the battle. Right?

    Ana (HC) : But why?!

    Dylan : Even if you are below us, I know you still have the upper hand.

    I saw your training skills against Team Bladestar Grunt.

    You know what you're doing, and I respect that, but...

    It's not like I gave your android counterpart a Pseudo that's capable of 1v6ing an entire team.

    I gave her a Magnemite. So...

    Ana (HC) : After all, I'm going to use only my Magnezone.

    If Magnezone is out, that means I'm defeated.

    Don't worry. I'm kind of a kid who gives the opponent a fair battle.

    Dylan : But still...

    Your Magnezone is Magnemite's final form.

    However, you could just trash her. Could be a lesson of harsh reality. I won't fault you either way.

    Ana (HC) : It's like I'm the master and my android self is the student. Or like I'm older twin and she's the younger twin.

    Dylan : Yeah. You can say that, too.

    Ana (AC) : Is everything okay?

    Dylan Yeah, we're just about done talking. You better be ready, Ana.


    HC Ana is about to prepare.


    Dylan : Aevis. Do you know the outcome of the match?

    Aevis : We'll never know until then.

    Dylan : I understand.



    Aevis : Yes, Dylan?

    Dylan : I was imagining what kind of father you will become.

    Aevis : ...


    It's not what it looks like and I don't want to tell you about the future.

    Dylan : Sorry. It's just a hypothetical thought.


    Both Anas have started to battle.


    Note : Did you see about starter's signature moves? Kinda impressive! See you tomorrow!

  6. That’s… That’s impossible. I can’t believe it at what I’m seeing. Hisuian Forms aren’t some joke. Many people have proven their point.

  7. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Reborn. Here's the dialogue with Gossip Gardevoir, again :

    Gossip Gardevoir's interview intermission!

    Hello! Gossip Gardevoir here in Interview Intermission, bringing YOU the inside scoop on Reborn's celebrity figures!

    Today I'm meeting with one of Reborn's most skillful trainers!

    Come forth, Alice! Say hello to everyone!

    Alice : Hello! Nice to see you! And you too, Gardevoir!

    Gardevoir : Tell me! You're more better skilled at defenses! In contrast to Vero!

    Alice : Oh, it's true! However, they aren't very useful for much offensive power!

    Gardevoir : That might be a pity! But don't you regret your decision?!

    Alice : Of course, no! I like Pokemon capable of tanking the opponents to the last act!

    To get to the point, the best offense is defense!

    Gardevoir : Some trainers don't like their Pokemon getting hurt!

    Alice : Yeah, I like my team to be more like stone walls. Hard but harmless.

    Gardevoir : I'm really surprised with your way to battle!

    To change the subject, someone told me about you! About acting like a bad girl!

    Alice : What?!

    Gardevoir : That person said you were a dangerous criminal!

    Alice : That's not true! Who said that?!

    Gardevoir : The non-binary with white hair! But trust me! That has nothing to do with Adrienn!

    Alice : Then who was-











    Gardevoir : And now, she's gone!

    Typical for a cute girl like Alice!


    Gardevoir : Hahahahaha! Kids can grow up so fast!

    ...That's all for today!


    The interview has ended.


    Note : To be honest, I'm in a stuggle to find a special vintage Pokemon. It has been weeks since I tried to encounter it but I didn't and now, I'm angry! See you next time. Bye.

    Awww! Just my luck!

  8. Did you know that Intense difficulty won’t be available here?
  9. I have a question. Will Yveltal have shields in Normal difficulty, for battle against ?
  10. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. During Bad Future timeline, in Valarie's ship, both Aevia and Melia met not only Madame X but Aevis, who has been revealed to be alive from his erasure. Both girls were happy about Aevis but beware of his supreme anger :

    Aevia : Aevis. Thank Arceus you're here. I was gonna cry when I thought you weren't here.

    Melia : Me, too. I thought all of our hope has been shattered.


    But when they feel about Aevis' reaction.


    Melia : ...

    Aevis?! Are you alright?!

    Aevia : S-Stop, M-Melia! You're making things worse than ruin the timeline!

    I can feel murderous intent coming from him!

    Madame X : Oh! I kinda prefer enjoy the moment!


    Now, Aevis is about to yell at Aevia and Melia.






    *pant* *pant* *pant*


    Everyone left out of shock about Aevis current behavior.


    Kenneth : Oh! Easy, Aevis! Don't yell that much! I understand your anger!

    Amber : I wish I was in his place!

    Mosely : And I wish I didn't want to make him my enemy! He's scarier than Melanie!

    Aevis : I don't know who's Melanie but silence! All of you!


    Everyone took silence around Aevis, except Madame X.


    Madame X : I never thought he would say that. Talk about reason. But he has a good point for this time.

    Not even I like agreeing with the enemy.

    Aevis : That's none of your bussiness.

    Madame X : Sure. It isn't.

    Aevia : 😓 I'm sorry!

    Melia 😓 I'm very sorry!

    Now, it's my turn to ask a question. How do you exist here?

    Aevis : I exist because of that Time Gear Amulet. When Heracross stole that Amulet that Aelita had, I took the opportunity to steal it with retaliation.

    Yet, Heracross belonged to Spacea, after all time. So I wanted to screw her.

    But, seriously, you ultimately screwed our timeline. And thanks to that, here we are and you have to take responsibilities from now on.

    That's why both me and Madame X made our temporary alliance until we fix the timeline that you destroyed so badly.

    You shouldn't have trusted Spacea and Tiempa. In the end, you now have done it.

    Melia : Wait! Madame X! You told him about Time Gear Amulet, did you?!

    Madame X : Both Spacea and Tiempa knew about what would happen there.

    Melia : How?! But why they didn't tell me?!


    Aevis : Don't *sigh* us like that. From now on, your apologies aren't accepted unless we return to the past to prevent that cause. You're grounded.

    Aevia : Yeah. We accept our punishment.

    Melia : But...


    Got it. You must have your reasons. You know everyone better than us.

    We listened to your warning and yet, we really messed up.

    But that's why you're...

    Aevis : ...

    Melia : On a second thought, we'll talk later.

    Aevis : ...

    Of course. It's better to find the time crystal.

    Aevia/Melia : You know about time crystal?!

    Aevis : Madame X will explain us later. She knows the chance to return back to the past.

    But we must stop Valarie. I never thought she's like this.

    Madame X : Now, come with me.


    Note : The dialogue was really a serious one for me. I have to be careful to memorize their story. See you tomorrow.

  11. I'm left speechless about the new ones. Feeling better.
  12. Are you sure you're gonna be Ok? What if you're lost? Then again, it's much better playing with new version since it's time for payback against Team Meteor.
  13. The party is the means to have fun, of course. Do you get it, YarnCat?
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