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  1. Here's the form of Mastered Ultra Instinct Typhlosion :



    Looks very menacing, isn't it?


    P. S. : I wonder about Dark Champion reaction.

  2. This day, I'm trying to modify Typhlosion design because I want to make Mastered (Level 10) Ultra Instinct Typhlosion design. I'm not good at creating by drawing. So I wanna try.

  3. I really saw the protagonist’s role as Interceptor. I thought that those protagonists’ names were real name but they were the name of their former self. Plus I never thought Ana as a protagonist until now, since V13 release. I don’t know how to feel about that. I was very naive to believe in my thoughts on protagonists.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Sorry to change the topic, but can we talk this better on Discord. It's a bit awkward dragging the whole topic here in my opinion. If you want

    3. RoySolare


      OK. And I'm sorry. And which topic?

    4. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      What we currently talking now, silly😂

  4. I don't care if it is annoying. Some people would want a well deserved true ending.
  5. Here's about pokedex entry I wrote for Riolyukhon (still just for fun or not) :

    Its body has become slimer and taller and its ears have become longer. Riolyukhon can hear the sound and foresee any moves of the target before creating sniper shaped aura. Not only it can move faster than speed of sound but can shoot with different types of bullets even faster than its shadow, simultaneously. Those bullets shall pierce through defenses.

  6. To be honest, I want to reach the true ending. So I won't try getting bad ending if I want to.
  7. I'm going to do the opposite : I will make sure the bad ending point must be 0 when I restart the game.
  8. Be strong, Evi Crystal. Be strong.

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      I'm fine. Just a bit overloaded with excitement and hope from finished my Rejuv marathon now and some old memories about this game. That's because Rejuvenation was my first Pokemon fangame around V9-V10, I played in 2017-2018, before starting Reborn.


      I barely finished it because that content scared me at first. It was so different than the canon games, that it startled me for awhile. Especially the Where Love Lies, I once played as well, before delete all Rejuv files bc of that. It was pretty different then the games. And I denied Rejuvenation for so long.


      And many months later, I took interest in Reborn; completing hating on Rejuvenation at first. It was not good, but maybe it's because it was completely different with the versions and it where themes, which first scared me. Bit since V13 release, I decided to give it a try and realized it was similar to Reborn. Just the lore was pretty different and how long it was (much longer than Reborn, but that's due to played it at EP18 unlike others starting it a few episodes ago, if you get that.)


      But after watching Icy's Rejuv playlist and see how fangames can be great (due to playing too much Reborn😅), I decided to give it a try, okay? Once my laptop is fully repaired



      Sorry for the long text and etc., but I hide this too 4 years now. Trying new things does help someone giving a better opinion and view on other things. That's how I see it

  9. I’m very sorry for that. I shouldn’t have been impatient for V13. Maybe things will be different for V13.5.
  10. Regional forms and evolutions caught me an interest a bit. Here's a new one I invented (I wish it existed. It's just for fun, though) :



    Sniper Pokemon


    Type : Dragon/Psychic


    Abilities :


    Mega Launcher

    Bullet Heaven (Hidden ability)


    Gender ratio :

    87.5% male, 12.5% female


    Catch rate :

    15 (5.2%)


    Egg Group :

    Field and Human-Like


    Hatch time :

    6425 - 6681 steps


    Height :

    2.0 m


    Weight :

    45.0 kg


    Base experience yield :



    Leveling rate :

    Medium Slow


    EV yield :

    1 Atk

    1 Sp. Atk

    1 Speed

    Total : 3


    Shape :

    Pokemon with bidepal, tailed form


    Footprint :

    Same as Lucario


    Pokedex Color :



    Base friendship :




    It evolves from regional Lucario by leveling up with the move Draco Meteor.


    Note : I don't want to tell about hidden spot because things will get complicated.

  11. "What if" music for Pokemon Desolation. And there will be one of any themes that occurs when Pokemon's HP is low but the rest is legendary. By the way, here :

    Pokemon's low HP :



    Arceus battle (Pokemon Desolation) :



    Legendary Kantonian Birds (Pokemon Desolation) :



    Legendary Pokemon battle :



    Note : That's all. Nothing to say all about that. See you next time.

  12. "What if" music for Pokemon Rejuvenation. And believe me. I was having thoughts on Rift Gardevoir battle theme since few months ago. That original soundtrack was dark at first battle and emotional at second battle. But if that music were to be sharpened a little, here’s this :

    Rift Gardevoir 1st battle theme :


    Rift Gardevoir 2nd battle theme :


    And here’s two more (for Saki) :

    Saki battle theme :


    Saki battle theme (Last Pokemon) :


    That’s all. See you tomorrow. I mean next day. My bad. 😅

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