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  1. Hello, I am writing this in order to report a bug that I found, wich currently I have only tested it in the E18.2 version. Issue: Dance Ability not working properly in certain occasions. Priority and Severity: Medium Priority and Low Severity When does it happen: always. Bug description: The ability Dancer seems to not behave properly when triggered with certain types of moves. As an example, let's take a pair of two Pokémons in a double battle: Lilligant and Oricorio. For the first three turns, Lilligant will use only Quiver Dance, while Oricorio is free to use any moves, even RevelationDance. Thanks to the Dancer ability, Oricorio will mimic Quiver Dance, then attack with the chosen move. When Lilligant uses Petal Dance in the other turns, the bug happens: the Dancer Ability will make Oricorio mimic Lilligant's Petal Dance: after attacking with Petal Dance, Oricorio won't use the chosen move but will instead proceed to use Petal Dance again, ending its turn and entering the confusion state (due to not having anti-confusion ability). Not only this, but if Petal Dance is (and will be) re-used, the same thing happens, but this time: the first usage of Petal Dance from Oricorio (mimicked by the Dancer Ability) will also skip any Confusion debuff checks. Steps to reproduce: Use Oricorio and any other Pokémon with Petal Dance in a double battle. Make sure the other Pokémon is able to attack first. Even if you select any move for Oricorio, he will use Petal Dance twice in the same turn (confusing itself). Further usage of Petal Dance mimicked by the Dancer Ability will skip confuse checks. Bug tested in following versions: 18.2 Extra Notes: Nothing remarkable, this bug is not game breaking but can definitely annoy some players due to changes in strategies.
  2. I haven't bred a Pikachu yet unfortunately, but I guess I can still give you a shiny!
  3. I'm ready for trading, is there something in particular you're interested in? I don't mind for the shiny one actually, just one that has 5 IVs in the good stats if possible
  4. I would gladly take one, Female if possible. Nature isn't a problem
  5. Thanks a lot for redirecting me to her!
  6. Most of those are actually cool looking, thank you for sharing! I will, instead, start working on some of the ones that didn't receive a shiny yet and/or might come sooner than we expect (for instance: legendaries). I don't know if Arceus is planned to have different Shiny styles, or if it can have more (for each element) but I'll make sure to find a compromise in the case it's possible to get different forms. I'll give a look around in there and see where I have to submit them. Thanks a lot!
  7. Give me the Discord you guys were speaking about or any sort of contact. I might know someone that would gladly help me with some shinies, and I actually think that there're some peeps debating whether to make their custom shinies or not. This means that they could actually send their ones too. My buddy did a Zangoose one, for example. He said there was the original shiny, so he felt to change it. I too would like to change some shinies, and I got some ideas with the lore too. Let's say that this is kinda our little way of supporting Reborn and Ame's work and the full team work through all thess years
  8. That's a beautiful Volcarona Shiny actually! I would've honestly preferred Ame letting us submit cool shinies for the game to have, I wouldn't feel it really right to make my own shinies and replace the current ones, but I'll see if I'll want to do that. One thing for sure, I would like that Volcarona now!
  9. Hello! I'm making this in order to ask if it's possible to consider newer Shiny palettes for some Pokémons (Ditto and Unnown still have their standard ones) and, if possible, different ones for existing forms already (for instance, Flygon can be taken as an example). Either this, or if it's possible to submit some of them. I know that the next episode might be the last one, and I think some people might want to contribute a little where possible, if possible For instance, I would definitely like to submit a different artwork for Shiny Ditto. The usual palette is plain boring to me.
  10. In the past hours I was trying to get some extra infos on this problem, but unfortunately I was unable to find anything about it. Although only a little time has passed, I would like to note that my game is not modded and I have not been able to find anything yet. Is it possible to know if this is a known bug or if there is anything to for solving it? Does @Amethyst already know about it?
  11. I don't know if this is a joke, but I still was able to get my shiny Budew.
  12. Hello, new user here! I'm currently suffering of a PermaRain bug in specific sections of the game. For instance, when exiting the underground railnet (like I'm heading to Tanzan Cove or Spinel Town) the weather was and is always Rain. Even if in other parts of the game there's no rain, that portion of the map is in raining weather, wich locks me out from getting the sticker in Spinel Town. An excellent example is the following one: after exiting the Underground Railnet the weather starts to rain. When I arrive at route 1 and stay there for some minutes (battling Tauros or trying to complete the Pinsir/Heracross puzzle) the weather becomes clear. If I try to go to Spinel Town with clear weather, the rain suddenly re-appears. This bug is bothering me enough to file a bug report
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