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  1. Where is Jonathan located in Corey's gym? I can't for the life of me find him to activate Corey's Masters team. Also, who's the lady in the HQ with the machine that turns my mons to level 100? And what's her purpose? Last, can't seem to find the Department Store Sticker items in the Debug mod under "Add Item"
  2. Yeah I started a new game.. Thank you for trying anyways. Not sure what happened to my back ups but I fixed that problem.
  3. Hahaha. The dialogue or the battles? Because if you mean that last run through the void then I definitely agree but the battles were pretty cool the first time around. Kind of wish they were a bit harder nowadays :P
  4. So first off, this is the Redux version of Reborn. I just rescued Charlotte and then something weird happened. I got stuck. I can't move in any direction, I can't open my menu. The only thing I can do is save the game, which I accidentally did and so my last save file got overwritten - and something weird happened with my backup files so I'm kind of screwed. Is there any way to fix this? Any way at all or am I seriously forced to restart the game..? I've uploaded the save file in hopes someone knows a fix. Game.rxdata
  5. I don't care about his pronouns. That's his business. Life is short, if you get more out of it wanting/needing to go by different pronouns then fuck what other people say or think, go for it. I might have misremembered him getting snippy, it's been a while and I've run through the game enough times I don't read the dialogue anymore.. if I have misremembered then that's my bad!
  6. So what happens if you've accidentally saved in the spot where you're stuck? Am I shit out of luck?
  7. Hmm. Honestly doesn't sound too hard. Still a good amount of options available..
  8. All I'm hearing here is just 2 more people are going to have accidents. Haha. Shit, I just realized I might be a bit of a villain. On a serious note though - they couldn't kill me, it's against the law, remember? So if that's their motive then they wouldn't cross that line themselves. But also, given the state of Amaria I think I have a pretty decent case to argue for self defense. She's clearly got obssessive personality disorder, severe depression and she shows signs of a complete lack of empathy, she has no regard for other peoples health and feelings, plus she's tri
  9. Yeah it's kind of crazy how many of the characters I just don't like. I don't like Julia either. She just has a too big personality, ya know? Feels like it's quirky for the sake of being quirky, like a lesser version of Terra. Never played through Rejuvenation. So, I hear the characters are based on actual people - Elias and Luna, too. Did that genuinely happen in real life? Or was that last bit about her father hiring a woman to have her just in the game? Also where did you find that out?
  10. Mfw I want to kill off almost everyone, on both sides. I genuinely hate most characters in this game lol. Terra because anyone who talks like that should just be put down immediately. Fern because, obviously. Although admittedly I kind of regret it as it's always fun to beat someone who gets all butthurt about it afterwards. It's a great laugh. Sigmund, because, you know, the torturing kids. He doesn't even do ECT right!! Nevermind the fact that he's doing it to kids against their will: he's supposed to give them muscle relaxers and put them under anesthesia
  11. I voted Titania simply because she accused me of reading her silly diary when I bloody didn't. Arrogant brat, as if her diary would be of interest. In her defense on what you mentioned, she didn't lead Amaria on. Amaria manipulated the hell out of her, using her depression and threatening with suicide to keep her around. That's freaking nuts. All on Amaria, the manipulative, murderous horrible character.
  12. Taking advantage of field effects and changing the field to take their advantage away is just smart play.. only reason not to do it is to intentionally cripple yourself for a bigger challenge. Are you planning on debugging the mons from the start or are you picking them up as they become available to you? So with Mega-Cham not having the fastest base speed, I would try and build something around gaining speed control for yourself so you can sweep with Medicham as your main win condition, then find a backup win con. Arcanine / Intimidate @ Leftovers - Fl
  13. So thaaat's why Ferns a walk-over in this gauntlet.. I never could understand why he was this easy with his team, I never knew his EV/IV's were so poor outside of Roserade and Decidueye..
  14. You get Water stone regardless of which gang you join. The Fire Stone is available when you reach Apophyll Beach. Oh, and it would be a big waste to evolve Growlithe before you have access to Flare Blitz. Besides, against Shelly Flame Burst is there on Growlithe and if you have someone with Fake Out (Meowstic or maybe Pikachu) to take care of her Rain Dance on turn 1 you can really make good work by seeding your Growlithe. My eye sight is too bad to see which mons you have in those screens so I can't help you, sorry. But Fearow learns Aerial Ace early, Ampharos and Pers
  15. I whole-heartedly agree. That, to me, is what Pokemon is mostly about. My most recent playthrough I randomized 5 Pokemon and then as my 6th I used the mystery egg. I wound up with Lopunny(non-mega), Poliwrath, Midnight Lycanroc, Rotom (no form), Gengar and from mystery egg I got Rockruff lol, so I did Dusk Lycan. Going through the game start to finish with 6 mons is really cool and gives you a pretty close relationship with your team and having the devise strategies and odd ways to use your mons made it a lot of fun. Also play on Set-mode as well as not allowing myself any Items du
  16. You could look for a bulky support with access to Tailwind or Sticky Web for some speed control, teach it Sunny Day and add Typhlosion to your roster, it's Eruption under Sunny Day does insane damage and with Tailwind/Sticky Web you can do some crazy sweeps. And since Charizard is Flying it's your only big weakness to Ground, that just means you need to cover Electric and Rock weakness. Togekiss could be an option with your Garchomp to take care of Electric types. Wish, Sunny Day, Tailwind, Dazzling Gleam move-set for pure utility could be interesting. Teach Sunny Day t
  17. It's a good strategy but unreliable, Mareanie is part of mystery egg so you don't always get it.
  18. Common candies aren't cheating :D Would classify debugging EVs as cheating though, at least before friendship berries and power items. What's permadeath mean in this context?
  19. It's definitely doable with 6 mons. You already have the makings of a Sunny Day team. Solar Power Charizard and Chlorophyll Venusaur would definitely be strong, so add in a good Drought user to activate them. Ninetails or Torkoal. On second thought, I would probably find a strong bulky support and teach it Sunny Day instead is what I would do. Then I would look into your Electric weakness and either get a Lightning Rod user or a solid Ground-type.
  20. Make use of the elemental seed when she uses Dive. Changes your typing to Water. Just looking at your team I feel like Raichu, Snorlax and Blastoise looks like your weakest links. Imo, even Primarina I think is too slow to keep up. Also too fragile on Amaria's field. Get some Grass types, Mega Venusaur is available to you. Tangela is very strong. Where exactly is it the fight is going wrong for you? Which of her members is causing you problem and which of your members isn't pulling it's weight? Swift Swim users are also very strong. Poliwrath is
  21. Whichever Nature fits the battle you're about to go into is recommended. If you know you need the extra speed the that's what you do. But in any case, if speed is the issue then it's really just about who sends out their Excadrill last. Whoever does that, wins the match-up because of Magical Seed Shield effect. +1 is most definitely going to OHKO the other Exca.
  22. Go farm the repeatable trainer(s) at the Grand Hall for some easy cash and experience.
  23. Don't see why it wouldn't work. But honestly outside of Excadrill you don't really need Sandstorm being active.. Hippowdon, Excadrill, Krook (intimidate), Swampert, Quagsire are all good picks to use against her. You could grab a Fire-type against her Scizor because of it's 4x weakness, Fire-type moves are the most effective option against it. Would recommend Seeded Arcanine as the Intimidate + Morning Sun allows for a pretty clean switch-in. Flare Blitz / Morning Sun / Extreme Speed / Close Combat is what I would recommend. Would also serve as a solid starter against her Sandslash
  24. I don't think it's possible with only one pokemon without either trading/debugging moves and items onto it before they become available (which is kind of cheating..) or changing pokemon along the way (which isn't the same thing) so I don't think it's possible to do unless you allow yourself to take a few liberties. It's definitely a very cool idea.
  25. You have a plethora of options against Shelly. Fake Out the Rain Dance turn 1 and you have super effective Fire moves for a good while. Then swap it out and keep it alive to Fake Out Anorith later on to give you a turn to deal with it. Persian learns Power Gem. Dugtrio, Sandslash are both available. Fearow is available, too. Growlithe will do good work. Emolga is brilliant, too. It has access to Acrobatics and Encore already, you should Encore the Rain Dance turn 1 and then Fake Out the Anorith when it comes out with a Meowstic or, if you get Male Meowstic s
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