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  1. *sees everyone not-stabbing Aldo anymore *sees Fali approaching with a knife of suspicion [UNSTAB] ALDO [DUNKSSSS HIMMM OVERRR DIII DECKKKKK] FALI
  2. This island has New Horizons Vibes! Imma pitch my tent here
  3. *sees everyone stabbing aldo *unfortunately decides to join the stabbing party [STABS] Aldo Im sorry aldo… ;w;
  4. I have fulfilled half the requirements! I shall vote later when more people says something
  5. Okay idk who to vote *rolls dice [LE DICE SAYS WE FEED DIS GUY TO LE SHARKS] CHERRY
  6. Guys you can kill me now, I'm ready to die I know I'm an idiot for most of the time xD But anyways it's great fun mafia-ing with you guys
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