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  1. do you have the sprites for the blonde guy with the orange shirt? or for the guy with the oxygen tank? (tbh i look more like him) im looking for a sprite that resembles me a bit so i can immerse myself more in the game
  2. yuripuello4


    can you trade me one?
  3. Any Rockruff, as long as its ev's aren't bad will do. PS: if it can be low level better. tnxs
  4. if someone can tell me how to send someone that knows how to gen pokemon my save file, and can fulfill the role i need please help a man realize his dreams of playing with a lucario in rejuvenation
  5. hi, so I'm currently on GDC and i just received (SPOILER ALERT) keta's riolu, I'm trying to breed it because i want a non shiny male one but for some reason it won't produce any eggs with ditto nor other compatible pokemon like houndour... please help i really wanna use one but i can't even use rpgxmaker cause i use a mac...
  6. yuripuello4

    E19 Release

    hahahaha can you at least give us an estimate? june? july? august?
  7. If someone could give me an Axew I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.


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