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  1. Agree with Mega and Disagree with Golden Items although I doubt both of them would be changed. It would be nice to obtain mega a bit earlier but Rejuvenation still has somewhat long way to go and even though it feels like we obtained mega late now, it might not feel like that during the final version. As for golden items you dont really need them in early game. The only HM before 5th gym is Rock Smash and Cut. Both these can be learned by most Pokemon and you can forget them without going to move deleter as well. Not to mention both are rarely needed for story progression. By 5th gym you will have enough AP to spend unless you are doing a very specific no item nuzzlocke or something like that challenge run.
  2. I dont think it is mentioned that Madame X is blonde and Yveltal was not symbolic since we see one during Taelias and Noras death as well. That being said I myself dont believe that it was Madame X. Mainly cause as far as we know it seems Madame X cant take off her suit and Wispy tower incident implies that the woman wasnt wearing any suits. Not to mention killers motive was to turn Taelia to stop to stop reincarnation. The fact that Madame X know Aelita is Taelias reincarnation and still doesnt seem to be worried about it also seems to prove her innocence here(unless the one wanting Taelia and burner of Wispy Tower is different people)
  3. Turbo mode is from "M" button. Similarly most key binds can be adjusted by pressing "F1".
  4. Resetting might not be the best thing for getting different IV's/abilities as once you get the egg everything is fixed. So if your hatched egg is something you arent satisfied with you will need to go back to save before getting the egg and hatch it completely again.
  5. I am surpirsed nobody has mentioned Nancy here. The game has hinted that she was(or maybe still is) a real human being at one point. She has mono fairy team and is fairly strong. I think Creasent may have known Nancy was Elite 8 so that is why she chose Nancy to take care of MC. Another speculation is Creasent. I know that Celine wouldnt choose someone as crazy as her but lets not forget Creasent can time travel as well. She might have been selected before she went rogue. Another possibility is that she could have just manipulated Celine into thinking she was a "good person" to join Elite 8. Also she has a mono psychic team as far as I know.
  6. While I agree with you about IV's I do think Rejuvenation has got the best EV training system. They give EV training from the very beginning and it takes less than 2 minutes to fully EV train a single mon if you have access to rooms. Early game you really dont need to EV train at all. Using weaker fully evolved Pokemon is kinda enough till 4th gym imo. From 5th gym onwards EV training seems more important as I feel gym leaders start using Pokemon with higher stats from here on. By this point you will have AP to spare even if you didnt grind for it. Most HM items are not that necessary as those HM are avaialble late game(fly, waterfall, strength, dive) or are only used once or twice to really explore properly(cut, magma drift). Not to mention you can forget those HM moves without going to move deleter. Not to mention if EV training is available from the very start without any sort of grinding then the early game needs to be balanced around for fully EV trained mons. Which would push back casual fans away from playing the game.
  7. Here is the invite. https://discord.gg/rebornevo
  8. To be honest that one might make sense since Clear is not from our world and is implied to a clone/android. She did say she can see every living beings of this world.
  9. What do you guys think of Kai'ya? She seems important but I dont think we know anything about her. I thought she was the Champion at first but with the whole Celine thing that theory is thrown out of bus. We only know that her family died and she has the ability the see every being in the world. Does that mean she knows about Madame X and Team Xen as well.
  10. I feel like Risa being Team Xen was just a make people of GDC feel more secure. I mean if there is someone who actively fighting Team Xen then nobody would really suspect the mayor being Team Xen Executive. It could also be that real Risa was actively against Team Xen at one point and her actions made her famous not Clear's one. As for why Clear tries to help us was probably to learn more about the Pyramid herself. Remember even Madame X doesnt know the secrets about the Pyramid.
  11. Link stone can bought in Gearen City after 5th gym(pretty sure this one is time sensitive so grab it quick) and prism scale by giving a NPC in Kristalline town Aquamarine ore. Aquamarine ore can be found in Aquamarine cave. You need blast powder to get it as a mining rock will be blocking your path.
  12. For the Kimono girls one you actually get a stamp from a Hiker who is the room where you battle those Kimono girls. Dunno about others though.
  13. There is subreddit for both Reborn and Rejuvenation as well. Good place for posting memes I guess but if you want any help/guide then you most likely will get better help here especially for Rejuvenation.
  14. I wonder how this works for players who went for bad ending route. Since on that route player is secretly working for Team Xen so our "friends" should be different as well. Unless there are 3 people in Team Xen who also match the description of the "friends" here or even when working for Team Xen on our final battle we side with Melia and friends this prophecy wouldnt make much sense.
  15. This is something that is bugging me from v10. We battle with Venam to chose a Ribbon color. This time I chose Red ribbon and while Melia does usally wear Red ribbon sometimes she wears blue on as well. I would just think this as a bug but seeing how this bug hasnt been fixed since v10 I feel like there might be some story significance on it. Vivian also mentions that there are actually 5 people who time travelled so maybe the 5th one was Melia who actually got a blue ribbon. What do you guys think about this?
  16. Playing with in the slide is probably the fastest way. Give it ice cream to hold and play with it in slide a lot while taking it to walk occasionally.
  17. I thought Spotlight city was in Miera region. I mean you have a valid point even if Spotlight city since the black box is in Aevium region. Creasent could have fled from Aevium region to another region for protection from Team Xen or something or maybe she didnt know how to use it before and she went to another region to learn how to use it and was returninf Aevium. It would have been if we knew where SS Oceana was coming from. I think in previous versions it said it was coming from Unova but I may just be remembering wrong.
  18. Because of Covid. You know about all the conspiracy theories of how Covid Vaccines are made to track us all and stuff. Putting that scene would have caused people to think Rejuvenation supports Anti-vax propoganda which I dont think anyone wanted to happen. So the best bet was probably to remove the vaccine scene entirely since the story of v13 was going through many changes anyways.
  19. That most likely was gonna be the case. It is unfortunate that plot point had to be removed but well it is understandable.
  20. I feel like Nancy was a real person who died but doesnt exactly have all her memories. Or maybe she does have her memory but was someone who died protecting her child so when she got a chance to be a mother again she accepted without much question. Basically she was like Tesla willing to help others. The main reason for this theory is that she has a full team of Fairy types. One of them being level 70. Not to mention Agustus said that the Mawile we get is offspring of her own Mawile which shouldn't be possible knowing she wouldnt have any time to breed it. She most likely was fairy gym leader/elite 8 who died and was revived along with her old team of Pokemon. It makes sense for Creasent to give our responsibility to someone who had good experience in battling and could protect us.
  21. Similar thing happens with Lost Camp sidequest where Isha appears even though he is supposed to be in jail. Personally though I think its intentional rather then oversight. Since those quests are time sensitive and there is not much time(not to mention pretty long) to complete these quests unlike those in Gearen city.
  22. V13 declared that our mom was created by black box just a day before the whole incident in SS Oceana. But that doesnt make much sense because she claims Agustus to be her old friend. Not to mention even Agustus acts like he knew her for years. Maybe like MC she was also a real person who died and was brought back to life or maybe Agustus was working with Creasent from start and was just ppaying along. What do you guys think about this?
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