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  1. PredictRelationshipValues isn't showing Ace's value, which does in fact exist.
  2. What pokemon are you trying to make relearn a move?
  3. holy mother of necrobumping make your own thread
  4. don't click learn moves on ditto, unown, or other pokemon that don't have any moves availible to relearn the game crashes if you do
  5. It isn't at all. Any non-vanilla data will crash the game if attempted to be loaded, which is: Generation 8 Pokemon Generation 8 Moves Any of the added mod items.
  6. does this mean Aster and Eclipse's combined VS graphic has been added in again
  7. lol nice, ok also just something i've noticed, the starter eggs sidequest doesn't accept any of the gen 8 starters
  8. How do i get to the I've obtained the Ivory Key, and can get to the other 3 shrines, but can't get to the that one.
  9. How, exactly? Tried using it as an item, but didn't work. Tried levelling up while holding it, also didn't work. Tried using a Link Stone while holding the item, didn't work.
  10. Bugreport: Attempting to breed Mr. Rime, regardless of whether with incense or not, causes a Mr. Rime egg to be generated. Unsure if this also applies to Sirfetch'd or not.
  11. Thanks! One last question; how do i get a Hoennian Obstagoon? Didn't find anything about it on the wiki, and it hasn't been asked here before either.
  12. Couldn't find any info in the thread, so asking now. How do i evolve Galarian Slowpoke here? that and where do i find the alcremie sweets they aren't in the candy store
  13. Hey, got a question. I'm wondering if any of the alt form pokémon have data ingame for Wild Held Items? I'm really enjoying the mod so far though :3
  14. Just wondering if anyone can fix this for me. I've given the job applications to the 4 members, but can't give one to Archer. Game.rxdata
  15. Ok, i'm back after having school and stuff. Open to trade still?
  16. I'm rushing through the game rn, just trying to catch the lowest forms of each obtainable pokemon. However, i cannot seem to find a passimian. Can someone trade me for one?
  17. I might try and beat it with Corey's Nidoqueen. But for now yeah. I'm levelling Sharky.
  18. I'm stuck in belrose mansion. My last heal is in the bedroom and i can't beat sirius's team. (Well, his chandelure that is. No idea about the other 4.) Team: Chester (Chesnaught) LV51, grass pledge, rock smash, spiky shield, pin missle. Holds rose incense. Emboar LV44, Rollout, flamethrower, fire pledge, heat crash. Holds charcoal. (And the pledges were to beat a gym.) Noivern LV46 Air Slash, Tailwind, Shadow Claw, Super Fang. Cog (Klinklang) LV51 Bind, mirror shot, discharge, gear grind. Thor (Zebstrika) LV41 Spark, Flame Charge, Discharge, Thunder Wave. Archer's carvahna LV32. Swagger, Ice Fang, Poison Fang, Destiny Bond. Holds Exp. Share. That's my team if it helps.
  19. I'm ready now. I'll give you the random pokemon i got wondertraded.
  20. @Katernin : katernin (Lowercase first letter)
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