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    Digital entertainment, outdoors and most things science.
    Grease monkey and tech nerd every other weekend.
    Drawing is my only artistic side.
    Gaming particulars: Final Fantasy VI all time favorite; open world RPGs; old school titles and classics; fan of the Halo series; SimCity expert builder.
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  1. I mean, it's not absolutely near impossible. I'm sure if played Reborn long enough and check what she sells daily you'd see BMIC more than once. I only check when I go to the Opal ward.
  2. I suppose its about time I get a Discord account then, huh?
  3. Almost 3 years here and I've never even noticed this dedicated Status Update module on the forums. Has it always been here? Oh well. Waz up? I'm just completing the Reborn Dex.

    1. Amethyst


      basically always, yeah. sup! 

    2. SHAGGYSmurf


      Huh. And I'm always so thorough. How oblivious of me.

  4. I'm blasting some Pokemon Lo-Fi while playing Reborn. With a 3 liter Coke. And tons of chips. We need some Reborn Lo-Fi mixes though.
  5. Oh heck no, I would never blame or put pressure on them. I'd wait decades for it. I love Reborn. It's an awesome game. And if you ever start this move checking task, look me up, I can help a bit.
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