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  1. We are also looking for scripters now! Feel free to postulate
  2. (This logo is susceptible to change and is, therefore, not final) NEEDS YOUR HELP Hi Pokéfans, we are looking for dedicated and talented people to help us produce the best fangame possible! Description of the game Pokémon Resilience would be a game made entirely on RPG Maker XP with the starter kit Pokémon Essentials and strongly inspired by Pokémon Black and White/Black 2 and White 2 with the gameplay updated to gen 7. I want to offer the world a fangame that is as universal as possible, an experience that would appeal to veterans and casual players alike. With th
  3. Weird, the pickupQo mod doesn't work for me… I tried since an hour and I never get any item notification with my pick up team
  4. Oof, that's a relief! Well played Aenaon I'm really enjoying the game so far, keep up the good work (even if I'm always lost because I forget where the dialogues told me to go lol) Is it possible someday to put a an app that tell you on the map where to go when you're doing the story?
  5. There is no Pokemon avalability list? Because I know that you will only find a little number of them so I wouldn't want to miss one of them
  6. You missunderstand me my friend I said that the departement lady didn't give me the famous stamp because I already the one from the hiker first. If you go take a stamp form the hand of another one instead of visiting the receptionist first, she don't give you your stamp. Because the game seems to think that the stamp you get on you is from her. Even if I talk to her again and again. So now I'm lock with 2 stamps. (Already done the sidequest with Ferrothorn btw)
  7. I see in a video that the lady at the floor 1 gives you a free stamp for your first visit in the store. However, I talk to her after the guy in the Rose theater reward me with his own stamps (kimono girls quest). So now, the lady refuses to give me this famous stamp and I can't get the acces to the fourth floor :/ Maybe because the game thinks that the stamp I received from the dude is the one from the lady? I'm with two stamps actually and the items at the 4th floor really interest me. Someone can help me? Sorry if my English is pure trash anyways... P.S: Yeah, I already download the patch
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