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  1. Hey there. Just wanted to tell you that I just finished working on some improvements based on received feedback. First addition is a cutscene that takes place in MC home, her interaction with her mom and overal discussion between them. This should provide some backstory of MC and his connection to his family and home. Their interaction will also show MC main motivation, or rather goal she tries to achieve. The scene will involve how Emperor's advisor will invite MC to become a host for Royal Natarian and participate in the Ceremony of Birth. Their discussion should also introduce a bit of lore, like: Why is this ceremony so important and when Natarians were first discovered. Since rules doesn't allow to use pokemon and resources other than money, she'll tell farewell to her pokemon. The next scene afterwards will be just like in the demo where MC meets with Emperor. I didn't find the need to change it in any way. The next big change I implemented was that from now on MC name is Emily. When she meets Natarian, player will get option to pick name. This required me going through every single discussion/interaction, but I am finally done. Thanks to this it should be clear that Emily is the one speaking with everyone while you're the one who's guiding her. I also added a new character in front of the hotel. Kadabra will give you basic information about 6 key locations on the farm and will be able to teleport you to 4 of them. So once you reach specific location and you'll find Kadabra in there, just talk to him, and he'll allow you to teleport between hotel and other locations for 25 fee. This should make backtracking a lot faster and easier. (Kadabra will also mention that to many locations you can get only by going through breeder's homes, so hope it'll help). I also fixed two bugs and removed the script that caused captured pokemon to disapear. Finally, another big change is that I added a lot of lore into the school location. Inside the school there will be one more room that you can enter (trainer will stand in front of entrance and inform the player that he can take historical quiz inside). Once you enter, just talk to the teacher and you'll receive a quiz of sort. First the teacher will give a lot of information about past events, then ask easy question with two options to pick from. Quessing correctly will give rewards, and the answer shouldn't be hard to figure out as long as players won't skip the test. The lore will involve stuff like colonization of the continent, past wars that lead to creation of two regions, about legendary pokemon and their involvement in past wars. It will also give more information about when Natarians were discovered and how it lead to creation of Natarian Empire. The rewards will mostly involve plates like Fistplate, Splashplate, Dracoplate and Skyplate, as well as Quick Claw, 2 Focus Stash and 3 Air Ballons. (I think oran berries at this point no longer cut it while gems won't last for long.) Also, to one of existing rooms I added two more characters to talk with. One will recognize Emily as a skilled trainer and will have a little chat with her, just something to give little insight to Emily's past. The other one however will give information about 5 masters that Emily will meet during the jorney. He'll also give a little warning about the rematch where rule 6 vs 6 is thrown out of the window. (I'm not sure if this warning doesn't take away from the surprice though). Also, a little balance change. Yoshuji in the school will have higher level pokemon. (While previously I balanced him so that players wouldn't be overwhelmed by fighting 3 trainers in a row, you convinced me that he's a rival that shouldn't be taken lightly). This is all when it comes to changes to what's in the demo. Now I can focus on the journey ahead. I am considering to upload it as a Pokemon Empire Ep.1 one or two more masters will be avaible in the game. On a side note, have you came up with any improvements to existing pokemon that I can use? Like I mentioned before, it is what moves and on what level they should learn that takes longest to come up with.
  2. Two grass pokemon? Are you sure you can handle the game with two pokemon of the same type? Really? That's a pity. I specifically made the game so that you can affort to level up more than 6 pokemon, so if you wanted, you could affort to train all 8 pokemon. (During my testing, it came out that I could reach level cap with 7 pokemon on trainer battles alone, and with some minor grinding I could use 9 of them. Wow, those are some sneaky little bugs. I just checked it and confirmed thier existence. I will fix them as soon as I can. Thanks for pointing them out. That thing is actually on purpose. I set up two lights to move in the same direction Magmotar do, so if player would colide with him and make him unable to move, the lights would just leave the formation. I know I can set up event to follow the player, but I'm unsure if you can set up event to follow another event. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. It is ammount of attention the game gets that determine how much it is worth making. That would be cool. Just make sure to make those improvement in PBS -> Pokemon file, since it will be easiest way for me to implement the change. What is the most time-confuming are the moves and on which level pokemon learn them. Aside stats, type and ability, it is pokemon movepool that decide how versale and strong pokemon is in each stage of the game, and making a balanced move-pool is what takes the longest for me to come up with. As for Farfetch, if I remember correctly this pokemon don't have any pre-evolution or evolution, and it can use item stick that double it's attack power (similar to item that double power of Marowak). I think what Farfetch need is either pre-evolution (so that it is more justifable to buff it's stats), or evolution that would be much stronger than his current form. Sadly, I am not all that good with pokemon design (just look at my attempt to make Onix's pre-evolution, this one was a bit of a disaster). I have no idea how Fartetch pre-evelution or evolution should look like. It's ok, I'm not native English speaker so my English is far from perfect as well.
  3. Serperior is actually pure grass. He just learned a flying attack for better coverage. Decidueye didn't change, still Ghost/grass. Blastoise is water/steel (though his pre-evolution are just water) As for Fairy/Electric Pichu/Pikachu, you will get a choice. Either evolve into Fairy/Electric Raichu, or Psychic/Electric Alolan Raichu. Grovyle with "Toughtclaw" ability is grass/fighting, while Sceptile with this ability is "grass/dragon." Though I am not sure if this change didn't hurt it a lot more than it helped. Plenty of weaknesses. You got it right with Samorutt and Charizard though.
  4. Ah, now I get it. I'll work on that. Maybe I can add cut-scene that will play at one point during school-exploration to show what happened in the past and stuff. That's what I have in mind. At the start he'll ask you to explore the farm while giving you information what's there to find, and once you reach those location, you'll unlock fast-travel option. For a little fee ofcourse. Cool. I am looking forward to what you'll be able to cool out. As for me, I am not working on improving of some fishing pokemon, and Mareep. I was also wondering if I should make a post regarding Natarian Empire lore in here, just to give people an idea what my game will be about before I'll upload it.
  5. Really? I am happy to hear that. I was actually considering to add something into the main game and I can use your feedback on this. Is this a good idea to add a cutscene at the begining of the game where Natarians were first discovered, then do 20 years later jump where main character is saying goodbyu to her parents and neighbours before going into the train. Then it would go to the intro that you already saw and then start adventure in Sacret Sanctum? Or is it better just to keep the begining of the game as it is now where you start with intro and then jump into the action imidedly? What do you think? Well, the funny thing is, Oshawott reacts to Richard the most. Since Oshawott wants to build Richard's self-confidence, he will like or dislike you more depending if you lose or win against Richard. Other partners will also react to it, but not as strongly. Also, for those who picked Popplio or Oshawott, they will travel with Richard to another city, so it gives more opportunities to get closer to him. Also, Oshawott, neat choice. He's a brave and honorable little fellow. He evolve later than other starters, but his mid-evolution Dewott is also much stronger, so it works really well with Eviolite. Chikorita was one of underated starters that fell behind. I thought that giving her Prankster will help out a lot. She will later learn "Light Screen" as well. Roarithe, heh. You'll have quite a bulky fighting/fire pokemon on your side. I always found it odd that Arcanine underperform despite having strong stats, so instead of buffing his stats, I gave him fighting typing and a few little tricks. Lighting Rod Grovyle. I think this one is pure grass. The alternative would be Fighting/Grass Grovyle and Dragon/Grass Sceptile, though I am not sure if those combinations are benefitial or hurting. Alolan Kitsonune, you'll have a lot of fun with this one since ice pokemon got some resistances. This one is not as strong as regular Kitsonune, but a lot faster. Static Pikachu? Nice taste. He will get plenty of cool moves to hit hard on physical side. He also have a little bit more hp and defense than Lighting Rod Pikachu (who have more sp.def instead). Once you evolve him into Raichu, he'll become one fast powerhouse. (You can also just use Light Ball instead, but I nerfed it from 100% to 50% atk/sp.atk bonus. Not a fan of celebrity threatement Pikachu received and Raichu deserve to get out from its shadow). Overal nice team. Meritocrapic Empire is a nice way to put it and is very accurate. Though I would add in the fact that efforts are as important as abilities. While those with great skills are given higher position, this Empire helps the weak to rise as long as they put efforts into it. They put a lot of efforts to help pokemon that are too weak to compete to gain power, learn new tricks and improve their fighting style. As long as one is willing to improve and work hard, the Empire will provide assistance. Well, the idea is that MC is a character from this world and you are the Natarian that starts to guide him, which is why at the start of the game you just watch the cutscene, and after he took in the Natarian, you start to controling it. I suppose I could make it more clear, I just wish I knew how to do it. In here you're not making your own character, but rather guiding someone else, which is why MC can talk and express herself. (Though I dunno if allowing the player to pick the name is a good idea. Giving a girl boyish or silly name may sounds awkward during discussions). Can you elaborate? Do you mean that trip to the school should happen ealier in the game? Or are you saying I should add more lore into the school. Or are you saying I should move some lore-related stuff to the school (and if that's case case, which ones). I am a bit confused by this statement. This is actually related to hatching eggs. If you got eggs from the daycare center, you can hatch them imidedly for a little fee. Once you used Furreet's services, he would go to sleep and Ninetales would wake up, hatching eggs for you. Originally it was meant to allow players to breed their pokemon with help of Darcare Center, but I think in the end catching pokemon repetivly for better IV is easier in the end. I can't shorten them since it would require massive changes in map structure, but I may use the alternative. How about a pokemon offering quick-travel services to key location of the farm? It would allow players to get to specific location faster without the need to walk all the way. This pokemon can also give some basic information about the farm, which would tell more than signposts. What do you think? My favorite pokemon is Raichu actually. In the anime Raichu's first apperance painted him in a very bad light (as a bully) just to give Pikachu reason not to evolve. Raichu has been under Pikachu's shadow ever since. Even in game Raichu's stats are weak and poorly balanced when compared to other fully evolved pokemon, while Pikahu got Light Ball, an exclusive item that allow Pikachu to be more useful in battle than a Raichu. (Though I do question why pokemon mascoth got so bad stats that they had to give super strong exclusive item to balance it). While I tried to keep my favoritism towards Raichu in check, it could have slipped here and there. In any case, for pokemon with such fragile stats, in the show Pikachu can sometimes be as durable as a Snorlax and it certainly have a lot of raw power. Being main character aside, I got the impression that the gap in power between Pikachu and Raichu in the show is far smaller than it is in the game. When I made Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu a starter, I balanced them together with other starters. Pichu's base stats may still be a bit smaller than base stats of other starters, but they are stronger than they used to and have many useful moves to make up for it. Pikachu's stats are now on pair with other mid-evolutions (I think he have around 405 base stats), while Raichu have 530 (same as other starters, though they are much better distributed). The idea behind this joke is that Pikachu improved his speed from 90 to 115, while Raichu from 110 to 130, so from all fully-evolved pokemon on the farm, Raichu have the greatest speed, so in terms of speed they became farm's rolemodels. hehe. The sad part about Raichu was that it have both high sp.atk and atk, but it can't take advantage of its attack due to recoil damage, so for pokemon with only 485 base stat, it is a large waste of points that could benefit them elsewhere. With my ability/base stat split idea, having "static" ability nulify recoil damage of Wild Charge and Volt Rush. In other words players can now make their Physical Raichu that wouldn't go down due to fragility after using Volt Tackle. Glad you like that idea. On a side note, electric pokemon that doesn't have Static ability will still get recoil damage... so yeah. I am in favor of players being able to use more than 6 pokemon. During testing, I learned that with some minor grinding, I could affort to use 9 pokemon and still hit level cap with them, so those who use only 6 don't even need to grind. I am making sure that hitting level cap is easy to players can focus on other stuff, like expanding their teams so they can use more than 6 pokemon while making sure their pokemon have decend EV and IV. It doesn't mean that the game is walk in the park though. Once you beat the master to earn Symbol of Birth, she'll give you a trial where you need to fight all farm workers again, and after this she'll fight you again. Peperitina's gimik is that in her tiral, she'll use every single pokemon and its variant the farm has to offer. If you'll overcome this trial, the game will go up to 'Hard' difficulty, which means that some trainers will aknowledge that you're a big deal and will go harder on you. The game will go to 'Normal' difficulty if you won't win the trial against next master. This won't affect all fights, just some specific ones. Agreed. I never liked those so called "early nuke" pokemon. Some pokemon have no evolution so they start super strong, but become useless on high level, and some pokemon learn attacks early on that other pokemon learn on lv36-44. While I admit that my drawing skills failed me when I designed Sandix, I thought Auditiny looked good enough. By adding those pre-evolutions, I was able to boost Onix/Steelix and Audino without giving players access to OP pokemon from the get go. I know I could make it so that Onix and Audino would be avaible only at the school, but I am more in favor of making pokemon progress in balanced way. I also noticed it during testing. Since pokemon reborn V17 didn't have it, I searched for a bit to find script that would allow players to replace their current party member with newly caught pokemon. The downside of this script is that if you don't do it, it won't send captured pokemon into PC box. (I looked into that script and I'm not sure how to fix it). I'll remove this script from the main game (which means that if your party is full, captured pokemon will go to PC imidedly). I think the idea was so that if you pick up egg while your party is full, you can place this egg into your party without the need of one extra space. I believe some students are positioned to challenge you before you talk with the teacher, but not all. Not to mention that some of them walk around the room instead of standing in place. Anyway, I used your advice. Now it is impossible to take quiz before defeating student in the same room. Hehe, it is the point. This trial is intended to be extremely hard, but at the same time it is optional. I made it with "hard" mode in mind. You see, if you just get the badge, you'll progress forward with similar difficulty to the one you experienced thus far. If you however overcame Mastery of Birth, you'll not only get a really good reward, but also some trainers will react to you differently. (Some battles will be more difficult and challenging than they would normaly be. It is intendet mostly for those who wish to challenge themselves. (Also, Melinda bested this trial on her first try, how? Because she had two Kitsonune with move "recover" on her team. Hahaha. Also, this trial was meant to be symbolic. Peperitina used every single pokemon that this farm has to offer (including pokemon with different abilities). Originally it was 7 full waves and the last one would have 3 mons, but since I added Pidgey and Starly, it became full 8 waves. Also, I wish I could see your face when you found out that Mastery of Birth means 8 waves in a row. I don't think pokedex data allow enough space to write so much information at once, which is why when you start the game, you can read books about some moves that starters can learn now, as well as information that pokemon there provide. As for non-starters, each representating pokemon give you a rundown on what's new about this pokemon. I understand that it may be hard to keep track on, but how else I can provide all those information. Are you suggesting graphics similar to how Reborn provide information about terrain, or maybe Readme file that Rejuvenation used to provide information what each terrain do? I could add into the game a notepad file with additional information written down, but how it would be different to PBS file that I allowed acess too (everyone can go into PBS file and look into pokemon personally to get info what move they learn at which level and what are their stats). I suppose I could draw something that would show how types are strong/weak to each other with all those changes, but I am not sure how I can provide more data about new pokemon than I already did. I am not good with scripts, so even if I wanted, I would have no idea how to do it. I was actually hoping to make berries grow up depending on passing time (like when you go from day 1 to day 2), but I have no idea how to do it. My speciality lies in using scripts that I have in innovative way to changing the ones that are already done (some scripts are easier to manipulate than the others, and I certainly got no clue how to change how berries grow). Actually, what I did was take away "water" weakness from "Rock" and give it to "steel" instead. Ground is still weak to water, so ground/rock pokemon with weak special defense will go down to water attacks just fine. It is pure rock type pokemon that now no longer need to fear water. The reason behind it was to: buff Rock type pokemon that is very weak beacuse of its weaknesses. Buff grass pokemon that will now more important role at taking down rock pokemon (and grass is immune to water) I took away "Steel" weakness to ground because the move "Earthquake" has become the most important offensive move in the game. (Ground was just too strong offensivly). Because of that, "Steel" type needed another weakness, and since steel pokemon have stronger defense than special defense, replacing ground weakness to water is a nerf to them. Water wasn't nerfed much since it is just super effective against steel instead of rock. Ground pokemon gained resistance to dragon that Steel lost, but in return their immunity to electricity is repalced by resistance (let's be honest, in the show, ground pokemon still get hurt by electric attacks more often than not). I know it may be hard to get around, but I just wanted Steel to be less OP and rock to not have so many weaknesses. Ground/Rock pokemon will still be weak to water (X2 weakness) and will now only resist electric attacks (x0.5 resistance). Long story short: I wanted grass type to become important rock/water buster. Rock type to not have so many cripling weaknesses. Steel to be a bit nerfed and ground to not be so great offensivly. So yeah... sorry if I went too far with it. I can only do something like this as an in-game event. Having caught Zorua do it would be too hard for me. I will consider some of your suggestion, but I need to make something clear. There's limited ammount I can do. (Even when I made changes to some abilities, those had scripts that were easy enough to rewrite. ) If you have a better movepool and stats in mind, the best way you can help me out is to enter game folder, go into PBS folder (other games hide it, but I let PBS folder stay in the game for players to use or check). Once you enter PBS folder, press on "Pokemon" and you'll get a full list of all pokemon, their stats, what moves they learn on which level, on what level they evolve and so on. It usually takes me one full day to change one evolution-line in a balanced way. When I want to do ability/base stat split, I simply copy one pokemon, then paste it somewhere on the bottom. Then change its pokedex number to be above 1000 (I think currently I reached 1100, so next one would be 1101 and so on.) I change InternalName= from for example "Pichu" to "Pichu2" and then start working on its abilities, stats and moves. I usually make sure that both version have the same or similar base stat, just allocated in a way to best fit their ability. Same goes with moves. For me weak moves should be under lv10, lv11-21 are average moves. Lv22-35 are good moves, while lv36-62 are best moves. (Though unevolved pokemon learn those moves ealier, while fully evolved pokemon will learn some moves that unevolved can't.) If you feel like improving a pokemon personally, this is best place to do it. You can then paste your improved pokemon here and I can alter him a bit (to make sure it is well balanced) and add into the game. I know I am asking a lot, but to be honest, it is allocating moves that takes tons of my time. (Changing pokemon base stat, type and ability isn't all that hard, but then searching wiki through thousands of moves and deciding on which level and on which evolution-stage this pokemon should learn them, yeah, this takes hours). I will ofcourse take into consideration your advices, but if you feel like improving pokemon directly, you're welcome to try. In any case, I am very grateful for your feedback and long response. I was actually starting to fear that no one cares about lore and changes that I added into the demo. Thanks a lot. Also, I'll await your response since I asked a few questions in this long reply. Cheers.
  6. You mean ceremony where you and your rivals pick up partner? The goal of this ceremony is to show what starters are capaible off. It is meant to allow players to use each starter before they decide who to pick (since each starter gained a trick or two into their arsenal). This trial is not randomized. Your rivals will always pick up the same partner in the end, while you are given an option to choose your partner out of nine pokemon. In this game there will be different events depending on what choices you make during the game, how you interact with your rivals, and which parter you pick. Also, different partner will respond differently to specific situations. If your partner is water pokemon, it will open an option to do some water-related puzzles and allow early access to areas that are separated by water. Grass partner is more into plant-related puzzles. Fire partner will be able to get rid of some flameable obstacles that block your way, while Pichu partner are more into puzzles that require agility. Your partner quotes will also be different. The reason why I stick with 9 parnters to pick from is not to overwhelm myself, since each of them will have their own individual events. In any case, at the moment I need someone who played the demo to give me some feedback. What I did good, what I did wrong, what can be improved? Is there number of pokemon to pick form on the farm good enough, or what pokemon would be a welcomed addition to the farm? I was also thinking if I should add scene that expand on this region's lore or family members giving their farewells before the ceremony starts?
  7. Participate in an important ceremony. Explore the Sacret Sanctum and play with newborn pokemon. Meet and face your rivals, but be prepared, In Natarian Empire, some trainers gain power that let them take a more personal approach to pokemon battles. Out of nine pokemon, only one can become your trusty partner that will accompany you during your long jorney. Choose carefully, because your partner will not only follow you wherever you go, but also have higher stats than wild pokemon. Explore the Farm of Hope. If you always wanted to make your dream team made of starter pokemon from the get go, here's your oportunity. Also, there's no need to search them in grass. All wild pokemon you'll encounter are visible in the overworld. Also, you can recognize which ability pokemon have by their color. While some humans in Natarian Empire gained power to fight in pokemon battles with their fists, many pokemon gained inteligence and ability to talk. Expect some pokemon to lead other pokemon, challenge you into battle or just simply chat with you in a civilised manner. How pokemon gained new moves and all those abilities? How humans can now fight directly in pokemon battles? What other secrets are there to discover in Natarian Empire? There's only one way to find out.
  8. Greetings everyone. Some time after finishing Pokemon Reborn V17, I started working on my own pokemon game. Since the "Field Effect" was excellent, I used Pokemon Reborn as foundation for my first game. While Reborn introduced many interesting concept and cool-dark story while sticking to canon as close as possible, I took approach to change/rebalance many concepts in pokemon. After intense testing and bug-searching, I finished the demo. Goggle Drive Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XDRfH55Inby8zHvHqmpEUuYWxrz4cx4w/view Megafire link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/bppnn6pcm2pedr9/Pokemon+Empire+-+Demo+V2.zip Megaupload Link - https://megaupload.nz/MdD0I2x7nb/Pokemon_Empire_-_Demo_V2_zip This game takes place in "Natarian Empire" which is located on different continent than other regions. It have its own goverment and introduce pokemon from all over the world (the closest one being Alola and Orange Islands). Together with five other trainers you'll participate in partner-choosing ceremony. You'll face masters, trials and dangers as you and your rivals will go for the top. This Empire is famous for its numerous attempt on training/improving weak pokemon, so on your journey you see old and underrated pokemon in a few light. Improved stats, new mid-evolutions and expanded move-pool. If you have a favorite pokemon which has been falling behind everyone else, you may find him better than ever in the Natarian Empire. Instead of evil team you'll face the rebellion forces who disagree with how the Empire is ruled and you just happened to be on the opposite side. Be warned, they won't hesitate to take your life if you let them. There are credits at the end of the demo, but I am currently working to make proper credits in Readme document that will be added into the game. Here is a list of features: Please give this demo a chance and give me your feedback. The success/failure of this demo will determine my motivation to turn it into a full game. Also, while I am trying to improve many weak pokemon (by buffing their base stats, rebalancing their movepool, maybe adding another type to them), it takes at least 1 day for me to come up with a well-balanced evolution line. If you have a favorite pokemon or just wish for specific pokemon to be reborn as a better pokemon, feel free to post them here, and if I'll find your suggestion to be well-balanced and fitting, I may add them into the game. (You get your favorite pokemon kick ass and I can finish the game faster, everyone wins). If you wish to suggest an improved pokemon, please submit them in this form: Name=Pichu InternalName=PICHU Type1=ELECTRIC BaseStats=45,45,25,80,25,40 (In here are pokemon base stats: Base Hp, Base Atk, Base Def, Base speed, Base Sp.Attack, Base Sp.Defense) GenderRate=Female50Percent (It can be "Alwaysmale, Alwaysfemale, Female75%Percent, Female25%Percent") GrowthRate=Erratic (Erratic level up extremely quickly, Fast is for pokemon like Charmander, Snivy, Litten and so on, Medium is for mid-evolutions, Parabolic, Slow for fully evolved pokemon) BaseEXP=70 (How much exp your pokemon gain by winning battle. Pichu is around 70, Mid-evolution would be around 140 while fully evolved pokemon would be around 230) EffortPoints=0,0,0,1,0,0 (Gain of EV after defeating this pokemon) Rareness=175 (How hard it is to catch it. The highest number, the easiest it is to catch this pokemon. Legendary pokemon have 5 value). Happiness=70 (Starting Happiness, not really important). Abilities=STATIC (Ability. Introducing different ability to specific pokemon is encouraged, as long as new ability is fitting). Moves=1,FAKEOUT,1,CHARM,1,NUZZLE,5,DOUBLESLAP,12,QUICKATTACK,13,SWEETKISS,15,AGILITY,16,SPARK,30,MQUICKATTACK,35,MEGAPUNCH,40,THUNDERPUNCH,50,WILDCHARGE EggMoves=BIDE,ENCORE,ENDURE,FLAIL,LUCKYCHANT,REVERSAL,THUNDERPUNCH,TICKLE,WISH (Level it learns this move, Name of move). Compatibility=Undiscovered StepsToHatch=2805 Height=0.3 (If you feel height is too small or too big for how pokemon look in the anime, it can be changed here). Weight=2.0 (If you feel weight is too small or too big for how heavy this pokemon is in the anime. it can be changed here). Color=Yellow Habitat=Forest Kind=Tiny Mouse Pokedex=Pichu's tiny appearance can be very misleading. Those who underestimate them often end up getting pushed back by their unexpected strength. FormNames=,Spiky-Eared WildItemCommon=ORANBERRY BattlerPlayerY=15 BattlerEnemyY=22 BattlerAltitude=0 Evolutions=PIKACHU,Level,18 (In which pokemon it evolve, what level it evolve) And if you wish to have two variants of the same pokemon, each having different ability. Name=Pichu InternalName=PICHU2 Type1=ELECTRIC Type2=FAIRY BaseStats=40,25,23,80,45,47 (As you can see, this pokemon have strong special attack and weak attack since this variant focus on specal attacks) GenderRate=Female50Percent GrowthRate=Erratic BaseEXP=70 EffortPoints=0,0,0,1,0,0 Rareness=175 Happiness=70 Abilities=LIGHTNINGROD Moves=1,THUNDERSHOCK,1,CHARM,1,DISARMINGVOICE,8,SWEETKISS,14,NASTYPLOT,15,DOUBLETEAM,16,THUNDERWAVE,17,DRAININGKISS,18,SHOCKWAVE,35,DISCHARGE,40,DAZZLINGGLEAM,50,VOLTSWITCH EggMoves=BESTOW,BIDE,CHARGE,DOUBLESLAP,ELECTRICTERRAIN,ENCORE,ENDURE,LUCKYCHANT,TICKLE,WISH Compatibility=Undiscovered StepsToHatch=2805 Height=0.3 Weight=2.0 Color=Yellow Habitat=Forest Kind=Tiny Mouse Pokedex=Pichu's tiny appearance can be very misleading. Those who underestimate them often end up getting pushed back by their electric attacks or Disarming Voice. FormNames=,Spiky-Eared WildItemCommon=ORANBERRY BattlerPlayerY=15 BattlerEnemyY=22 BattlerAltitude=0 Evolutions=PIKACHU2,Level,18 I'll try my best to introduce changes to as many pokemon as possible, but if you feel creative and feel like helping out, I promise to take your suggestion into consideration. Just keep in mind that Natarian Empire is a place where pokemon grow strong and learn new moves in balanced way. TM and HM are not included (There will be move tutors and move-relearning, but no TMs). I appologise for my flawed english as it is not my main language.
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