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  1. Because I'm at the moment battling Adam and the roulette keeps rolling I can't get the full picture to see Adam and Amber.
  2. Yeah your right. But Nancy was a doll who is meant to have no emotion but somehow the MC caused to Nancy to have those emotion maybe when MC was born? And Crescent was to protect or guide the MC and the rings on Arceus are connected so Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice they are siblings
  3. You think the MC is born somewhere else than Aevium? Because I think that Arceus has a ring around it's body and four crosses on it so Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice are the four people from the Archetype. Four people four crosses.
  4. So since Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice are part of Archetype, they can understand what Arceus is saying. Does this mean that they can one day find Arceus?
  5. I had no idea about one but the part Arceus I just realised. That's highly possible.
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking. You sumed it up, Bro. But, Erin and Melia doesn't know it's Anthea.
  7. Hey guys, Aozora here. And I'm here with another theory relating to Melia and Erin's Mother. From V12 at GDC library. I found out that Erin and Melia are sisters and when they hugged a yellow light appeared and a voice appeared saying "My lovely children, how i adore you. No matter what, remember this feeling. Through your sadness, my warmth will bring you hope. Remember me , Remember me. Don't forget" And Melia and Erin both said " It's was out Mother!" in an orange coloured font. So who is there mother? A being or an observer like Crescent?
  8. So Freya and Kieran what's the connection between the two? You think their agent of Spacea and Tiempa. Think about it they both work for Madame X.
  9. Yeah alot of questions also Amanda thinks everything started since MC came to Aevium but it's not xe's first and also spoiler-both MC and Nancy used to live in GDC.
  10. Hey Reborn, what's up. I have a theory based on The Mysterious Individuals in White Suits and Red Glasses. After watching Rejuvenation version 12 I meet one of them in Where Love Lies the female killed Taelia and made their lives a living hell and also they both appeared at Route 7 and Crescent appeared and the male called her "Dahlia" meaning In the Victorian language of flowers, Dahlia denotes elegance and dignity and as a name and Dahlia is often referred to as the “valley flower” . could be Crescent's real name and Crescent said to him " That enough , Kieran. and he froze the guy's with the hoverboard is named Kieran. And the name means boy's name of Irish origin meaning "little dark one". But what is the connection between them and since they both work for madame X and Crescent's been watching them or maybe they fought before and Crescent defeated them and they killed them. So if Crescent was killed by them what would happen if the main character dies again and Crescent doesn't show up? I'll leave that question up to guys. Well that's it for today's theory so stay tuned. Aozora, over and out! NOTE- In the game the words in orange-yellow are hints for the characters including my main character Aero.
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