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  1. Take your time you all the time you need and Azery I'm sending my strength and energy to you.
  2. Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I have done a theory this It's a 3 in 1 and if you have any suggestion regarding today's theory don't hesitate to comment down below. We haven't heard much about the 'Champion of Aevium' So here we go. Why haven't they showed up to solve the current situation regarding the Petrification and Team Xen. They are considered to be the strongest and powerful trainer in Aevium and they is suppose to protect the citizens and their Pokémon. The second question is where have they been all this time? And why are they even bothered about what's going on to
  3. There are videos on YouTube to help with the pyramid puzzle it help me out.
  4. Hey Rejuv fans, I'm with another theory which involves the archetype For those who are new to this I'll remind you A being appeared and created the pokemon world. That being was called in today's world of pokemon Arceus. Arceus created Vitus and Nymeria. Vitus left Arceus' side an started the dark side and then Nymeria was left on the side of good and light. Arceus transformed into an item called the "The Archetype" Nymeria used the Archetype as a last resort to end the first pokemon war After the battle for the Jewel of Life at the Skyview on Eclysia Pyramid Meli
  5. Attack on Titan Final season, the God of Highshool and Doctor Stone
  6. I'm so excited for this release. Jan and the Dev team thank you all for your hardwork. Ariagato~
  7. Jan, You and the dev team have been working so hard. You guys deserve a break. Big up yourselves.
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