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  1. Oh man in the beginning I thought Amaria was the victim of the relationship
  2. I've completed the game this month and I've read every single line of conversation to learn about these characters and the plot. But I had no idea she is that young and I've been treating her like an adult all this time. Thanks
  3. Abort mission, we 'll all start soontm with the new version
  4. I'll tell you why I don't like Shelly, because the other characters are cool. I believe the majority likes her though so don't generalize my negative opinion towards her. Personality wise, she has no confidence, she needs confirmation from people that she is useful, this alone seems just miserable to me, kinda petty, she is even a gym leader and she has no nerve. An orphanage where kids get electrocuted runs in her area without her knowledge. Aqua and Magma work under her nose. 7th street passage exists right next to her gym. Is she even half competent? She does have some good v
  5. I agree with everything except Tara but yk whatever, we can't convince each other. This line of yours however intrigued me. It never crossed my mind to choose based on who would be the most useful vs Meteor because I believe we don't need any of those. (Imo Ame had to die, because Lin is technically the champion now and getting that title from an enemy is far more satisfying than getting it from a friend.) And the reason I say we don't need any of those is because all the stars are aligned for us. Radomus said "It might be providence" after we came back from the void, Anna has
  6. Let's make it look like an accident then Edit: Adrienn being a one-dimensional good character is bretty boring. Let's burn the witch
  7. Good morning man, you had me checking for Black Mirror's trailer a few minutes ago. I simply overlooked asking for a reasoning that's all, people would state their opinions more if they were asked to. To reply to some extent, I voted Julia because she is like "boom boom no one booms my city except me" and feels a bit on the crazy side to me. If she had made a single successful joke, or shown any trace of humor I would spare her. Idk about Serra, she isn't really likeable, she always shows insecurity, regretfulness and in general "positive" vibes surround her.
  8. It's a big list but I wanted to include everyone
  9. Didn't Tara die on a boat by a random attack of Saphira's Dragonite? If we bring her back she 'll be grateful for the rez, cut ties with Meteor and hide from them for the rest of her life because working for them got her killed. They wouldn't hunt her as she has nothing of value to them nor betrayed them. Also she wouldn't join us because our group killed her. She would be just as good as dead in the plot, what an irony. So I personally don't see a single reason to save her, other than a potential minor romance with Simon. Poll to kill someone? I trade Shelly for half a Kiki or les
  10. I don't see a choice at all actually. Saving Kiki would only be temporary and I personally dislike Corey to save him. Also I can't save Ame. With the champion dead the plot is more dramatic, the weight of saving reborn is more and now falls in the main character's hands. And between Tara and Eclipse, Simon's story of losing both women he loved was moving, but I don't think Tara has anything to offer in the story. Eclipse on the other hand died standing up to Meteor. She can easily play a role of importance if when she comes back to life. Could you make an
  11. I can wait years for this man. Quality over anything. Have fun whatever you do, motivation comes and goes. And take care or else i'll have this Arcanine send you to jail
  12. Melia has the same popularity as Texen. And I had to google his name to comment this sh*tpost. She is cringe man wtf
  13. I love this. When I lastly played this game I wanted to make positive decisions and the game had me wondering about the outcome of my choices in so many cases. There is a conflict going on in my mind about the freedom of my choices. If I can always know what my choices will bring this kinda undermines my freedom of choosing because I will "choose" based on what I want to get! But at the same time it enhances replayability of the game to get different outcomes! The other negative is that part of the mystery behind my choices is gone. But I will no longer wonder if freeing Giratina is what I
  14. rayquazaplz


    What about the mega stones? I always wanted a mega rayquaza
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