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  1. Wait, I've actually been helpful? o.o Hihi, thank you for your efforts, we all really appreciate it. ^^
  2. So, I downloaded the mod, deleted the files I didn't want (EXPShare, TypeBattleIcons, SetWeather and UnrealTime) and moved 6 Pokémon I wanted to transfer to my next file into the Shared Box - Box 50. However, when I tried to start a new Savefile, this popped up: And after I tried to open the "Scripts" Folder, this happened: (It's saying that the Archive either has an unknown format or is damaged). Do you know what might be up with that? Yours sincerely, Luna
  3. I'm in the Onyx Water Grid. Shortly after Taka trapped Titania on an island for the second time, I left the water grid in order to exchange some Team Members at the nearest PC (being the one in the Fiore Mansion). When I came back to this room, I noticed the water level had risen again, even though you are supposed to cross the water surface. Game.rxdata
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