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  1. Thank you, I tried that but I didn'tfind anything to turn off the music there so I ended up disabling the audio from the app settings, I'll try that again though because I can't be the only one notseeing this option in the F1 menu, it's weird lol
  2. Hello everyone, I just updated my version of the game and I noticed that I can't turn the music off by settting the BGM volume to 0 if I play using Game-z.exe, I usually listen to other music while I play and Game-z is better for my pc than the usual .exe so I'd like to turn that off. Anyone can tell me how to do it? thank you so much and to the devs great game as always
  3. Hi everyone! I encountered a weird problem with the Pokedex just yesterday. So I was training a Torchic I obtained in Wonder Trade, as soon as he evolved into Combusken I went to check their Pokedex entries to read about them and I noticed that I don't have an entry for Torchic, even if he evolved just minutes before.
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