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  1. Thanks for your help, I actually try to use my favorites and Volcarona is not among them but I'll definitely look for one :D
  2. Ok thanks, it's very clear now, if I ever need advice on specific pokemons I'll write to you, for now I started EV training a Shroomish on Atk and Spd so that I can try the double battle with Breloom, thanks again for your help! :D
  3. Thanks that's really useful, I didn't know almost any of this stuff! So I'm guessing I should train only the two highest stats of every pokemon
  4. Thanks for your help guys, I'll try every advice you've given me, and yes I never EV trained anyone so I'm gonna learn how to do that too! :) Do you know If i can Start EV train now or do I have to decrease my pokemon's level before starting?
  5. Hi everyone! I need some help in the famous double battle at Glass Factory, I tried to follow all the advices I found here from other posts but I ended up losing everytime so I decided to make another post. I was able to get rid of Shelly's Ribombee with a combo of bullet punch and mach punch but after that it goes downhill and I get easily owned. Here's the team I tried using and the others I have on rotation, I thought of relying on speed but it didn't work so far: Team Speed: -Greninja lv89 Abilty: Torrent Water Pulse Hydro Pump Water Sh
  6. Hi everyone! I encountered a weird problem with the Pokedex just yesterday. So I was training a Torchic I obtained in Wonder Trade, as soon as he evolved into Combusken I went to check their Pokedex entries to read about them and I noticed that I don't have an entry for Torchic, even if he evolved just minutes before.
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