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  1. I don't get what you want to say. Do you think the only way is to redo everything? It's so painful... and lots of time behind.
  2. Hello all, Erin and Melia do not appear after I saved Aelita and changed Chapter. I found another thread on this forum but noone could give an answer, so I ask you some help... I tried to take a backup save and re-enter in chapter 13 but it's still the same. :(
  3. Nosepass While the author permits to say little things...: once when I was a child I invented a poke-chain which I still remember... like this: Lucarioluxionixatunownosepasstaraptorattatazelfearoweavileladybastiodonphanpyanmegarchompelipperaichumbreonuzleaf and I can't remember other Ah good times! :')
  4. Thanks of the answer, Bearer of good news ☻

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