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  1. My Game-Z keeps freezing/lagging when i'm walking. I have the 12.2 version, does anyone know why?
  2. I appreciate that I'm not sure about numbers of shards, but I know it was more then 50 of all colors Game_3.rxdata
  3. I noticed some itens, like shards and held itens, have disappeared from my bag after I bought about 1000 super repels. Does anyone know what happened?
  4. I've just arrived at Grand Dream City by train, but i wanna go back to Gearen City to use Strength at new places. How can i go back?
  5. Oh, thanks for the information. But i don't know how to do that. Is there any tutorial?
  6. I found Amber in Aquamarine Cave and she asked about her CD, that is in Venam's possession. So I went to Teila Resort, talked to everybody, but nothing. I went to Gaeren City too, talked to Venam's mother and nothing What should I do??
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