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  1. so after taelia death i went back to Kenneth and lost the battle and it bugged my game out to where i respawned back in amethesis cave at the last heal center which is before u fight the red hair woman as taelia but im kenneth but when i talk to ppl in the village it says im taelia where clear my character and pokemon are lv50 kenneths. This the 2nd time i played through where i got bugged out after dying somewhere and auto save made it to where i couldnt do nun. idk what to do or how to trigger any event cause it seems im before the part where she feel in the hole because nora is still alive i need help fixing this cause i dont want to play through it AGAIN. i just want to beat the game. NOTE: this is after taelia death and aelita is born literally right have i walk to the day care not realizing all my pokemon on kenneth was dead from the last fight which was a while ago cause you switch to play as taelia so im just stunk as both basically. help plz
  2. *SPOILERS* There A Bug In The Game If you lose to the regigigas in the amethest cave in respawns u out the door stuck and unable to move in the water if u want to see for your watch the vod and go to the 15 minute marker PLEASE HELP this happened in a middle of a stream
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