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  1. Requested pokemon: 6 IV Elgyem with nasty plot. Online ID: Temmy 12 pm to 3 am cmt I'm doing a run where I use only weird alien looking dudes. Thought Elgyem could cut it.
  2. Recently started playing again. It had been so long that my save was still in version 9. Downloaded the latest version and now my overworld sprite is the pink haired girl while my trainer card/ trainer is the some white dude in a sweater. Its really breaking my immersion, Could someone fix it so its the pink haired girl for both? Also it gave me a big long list of problems when I started it up and I'm not sure what that means. Game.rxdata
  3. sorry didn't know. where do I download the patch? I have trouble navigating the website.
  4. Hey, I'm Keta's house in Sheridan village. I think I'm supposed to talk to the hooded man in the middle of the room but he's not budging. Not sure what else to do as far as story goes. If it is a bug could someone help? Game.rxdata
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